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7jx7July 2, 2013

So I'm remodeling the kitchen. The cabinets are coming way sooner than I anticipated, so I have to get rolling on the floors I'll be putting down. I'm installing white cabinets with a cocoa-like glaze to them.
Now, I can't decide on the floors. I've always had tile, but they're tough on my feet and they get crazy cold on them as well.

1. Does anyone have experience with traditional hard wood vs. engineered floors? I'd probably run either under the appliances (or not?)

2. I had the LR and DR red oak floors refinished. I don't know that I want to try and match them and have them come out slightly off. I'm thinking of doing a wide plank and in a darker color. Anyone have experience with "different floors" in same house like this?

3. If I went with wide plank and darker, would you run the floors the same direction as the LR, DR or run it the opposite direction?

Your thoughts/advice would be MUCH appreciated. I recently discovered these forums and you guys have been a big help already. I'll see if I can post of few pics to help give an idea.

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We had tile in our old kitchen, and like You found, not the easiest thing on feet and legs, or cleaning either, especially the grout.

Since we have a slab house, We installed Engineered wood.
It's been in 7 years now sand still looks as new!

Well really like it.


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Holly- Kay

I have white oak floors stained cinnamon in my library and chestnut sapele wide planks in the living ,dining area, EIK, and BR hallways. I left it to my floor professionals to do what they thought was best in the direction they ran the flooring and they ran them in the same direction as the library. I was worried that it would look akward but it looks fine. I can't post pictures because my floors are wall to wall mover's quilts right now.

The floors run under my appliances. It remains to be seen if that was a wise move or not but it seemed to be at the time.

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Aside from the very small incremental cost, I don't see why you wouldn't run floors under the appliances. The issues around floors vs. cabinets first doesn't apply when talking about appliances.

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The direction to run the planks will depend in large part on your base floor. If it is wood, you should run the planks the opposite direction from the joists. If concrete, that is not an issue.

We have the same wood through-out, but had to turn it in part of the house due to change in floor joists. I thought it would look terrible, but it actually adds some interest to the floor and looks nice. We have solid wood throughout and I couldn't be happier with that, but it is a matter of preference. Engineered wood has more consistency throughout the grain while natural wood can vary quite a bit. We installed wide plank that looks like it came from 1850, but we like that style.

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