Rant re: our Electrolux undercounter icemaker

babs711July 10, 2012

We just had our local service people come out to look at our two week old ice maker because it's so darned loud upon fill or drain or whatever running /whirring sound it's making. It's so loud it startles me when it clicks on at night if I'm sitting in the living room ten feet away reading. We can hear it thirty feet in our bedroom with the door opened even though several walls are between the two. You can hear it from the guest room which is further away. It sounds like someone saying SHHHHHHHHH really loudly for a while.

I have been in dozens of houses with Kitchenaid and Whirlpool icemakers and have never noticed super loud noises other than the ice dumping. It turns out that Electrolux icemakers are loud. It was not his first service call for them. He said one lady ended up returning hers for another brand since hers was right off the living space like ours. She just couldn't take it.

The whole reason we went with Electrolux was because it seemed like since it was made by U-Line it might have less maintenance issues than Kitchenaid and Whirlpool. We wanted the crystal clear ice and the capacity. The price point was right for us. We didn't want to go over $2k. So now we don't know what to do...try to live with the noise and everyone who comes over asking what the noise is (because in the three weeks we've lived in the new house that's been a consistent question) or swap it out for Kitchenaid and deal with more maintenance issues.

Haha! I'm standing in my master bathroom and just heard it kick on and am listening to it run now! How appropriate!

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Sophie Wheeler

It's a common complaint with all icemakers. As is their energy hog status of flushing your money down the drain constantly. Is having clear ice that important to you? Or would you be better served by buying 1000 bags of $2 clear ice at the grocery store? Or a buying a sub 1K auxilliary refrigerator/freezer with icemaker? Or keep paying all of that money and putting it in it's own little sound dampened enclosure in a utility room?

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Well, since you've already purchased and installed the thing, I think you've already chosen to be an energy hog and to flush your money down the drain. I made the same decision and decided that yes, clear ice was that important to me. I have a GE Monogram ice machine and have had the exact same experience as you. I guess you just get used to it. I have wondered however if perhaps the type of plumbing connectors/thingymabobs that the plumber uses in installation might make a difference. We have friends on their third Whirlpool in five years. Theirs has never made the noise that ours has, but theirs keep dying. I went into this with eyes wide open. I had read horrible reviews on nearly every brand and finally chose mine because the handle matched my other appliances. Good Luck!

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hollysprings, It seems as though you feel strongly about icemakers. However, it's obvious we've already purchased and installed said appliance. Clear ice was important enough to my DH that it was a must-have in our build. It's in our bar already. I will say that having it behind the bar making ice is a lot more convenient than lugging in bags of ice constantly. We often do things using a lot of ice...parties, crawfish boils, tailgating, etc. We're aware it's a convenience. I'm sure many people here have things in their homes out of convenience that don't save money and that's just fine. And yes, they are loud. As I stated in my post, I've been in tons of houses with them. This one is much much louder than any I've ever heard in my life, as was confirmed by the repair man. Thus, the post...

Stayaloft, thank you for your helpful comments. The repair man did say that Kitchenaid and Whirlpool are quieter because of some kind of buffer the something-or-other is between that Electrolux/U-Line puts in a different spot with no buffer. So that's why it's louder. It IS, in fact, louder. It's nice to know its not just in our heads. Lol! I bet GE Monogram builds it similarly. Thanks!

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From someone who doesn't even have a working icemaker in the refrigerator (by choice), I say different strokes for different folks. Did the repair guy indicate that it's possible to retro-insulate the part of the icemaker that is so noisy? I suppose if that were possible he would have mentioned it, but you never know. Did you ask on the Appliance forum if there is a quieter option?

Given that you really use an icemaker and that the noise is a real issue (I've heard the ones in motels!), your best bet might be to bite the bullet and go with a more expensive model that is more peacefully-home-friendly. Personally, I'd have a hard time living with the racket.

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babs711 - I feel your pain regarding having something that you thought you had researched well turning out to not function the way you expect. Hopefully the Electrolux customer service agent above can help you.

Also, overall it isn't fair to jump on anyone regarding what they want and need in their kitchen/home. 90% of the time the response on GW are warm and helpful, but really is it necessary to tell someone that they are flushing their money down the drain?

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I know this post is pretty old, but babs711 did you ever get your ice maker to quiet down?? I came across your rant when googling how to shut mine up! The machine wasn't cheap so I'd prefer a modification to buying a new one...

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