oil rubbed bronze hardware on darker cabinets?

ncdelJuly 29, 2012

My cabinets are not as dark as espresso but still a relatively dark brown color. Style is generally transitional, all door handles & kitchen fixtures are oil rubbed bronze, appliances are SS.

Would you do ORB pulls/knobs on cabinets or a satin nickel or something else? I'm having a lot of trouble finding any pictures of ORB hardware on anything but white kitchens when I look around online.

I'm thinking of doing the half moon/cup style pulls on drawers & some sort of knob on cabinets.

Any advice would be great!

Cabinet color is along the lines of the photo in the link that says Kitchen Studio by Glen Ellyn (14th photo down from top)

Here is a link that might be useful: Cabinet Color 14th photo down- Kitchen Studio by Glen Ellyn

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I used ORB pulls on all my cabinets. The island is a very dark brown Raisin. I think the ORB pulls look very rich and warm against the dark cabinets. Definitely doesn't provide contrast though, so it depends on the look that you want.

Kitchen isn't done yet (getting close!) but you can get the idea. Hope these help.

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It isn't commonly done, and I also had a really difficult time finding photos of examples. I think people usually contrast w/ nickel or something else. We chose to continue our ORB hardware, even on our dark cabinets.

I am attaching one photo. This isn't in our kitchen... it's a bathroom. Still, you can get a sense of how it would look all dark.

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I was gonna vote no, til I saw the pics. It looks lovely with the darker cabs... less 'busy' or something....

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Here's the photo you were referencing - it's easier for us to see it here than to click and count :)

Traditional Kitchen design by Chicago Kitchen And Bath The Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn

It really depends on the look you are trying to achieve. ORB is more traditional in styling and I normally think of a the dark kitchen cabinets as being more contemporary/transitional. That being said, I think ORB can work given the right pairings.

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I agree with deedles. In my mind it didn't look so great. Seeing the above pics it looks beautiful! Almost enough to make me rethink my choice! (Except I don't think ORB looks contemporary and my house will be very contemporary.) Given faucet and door handles are ORB, and it looks fab above, I'd go that way.

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WOW thank you all so much!!! You clearly surf houzz much better than I do :). My house is definitely not contemporary & we're more transitional so I think it would work for us... I was also finding a lot of really long sleek handles in all the photos I was finding online so it is great to see some other styles, now I feel way better.

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Here's mine :)

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I went with ORB also, on dark quartersawn oak. Picture isn't best to show off the pulls since that wasn't the point of taking it but you can see them anyway.

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I would have never thought to do dark on dark, but I love the look! I like things that are unique--there's so much of "following the formula" on GW. The next time I hear "creamy white", I think I'm gonna scream!

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I wouldn't hesitate.
Current "wisdom" or decorating style/choices dictate they contrast with the cabinets.

To me, this is far too often just more visual clutter. Particularly on white.

The subtle gleam of the hardware against dark wood is much more sophisticated to me. More classic, aged, and elegant.

This coming from a woman who still hasn't even built her cabinet door/drawer faces. But I know what I like! :)

Lovely kitchens. All of these!

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Wow. Never would I have guessed that I might seriously think about changing to ORB or something dark for my cabs - but I'm thinking about it seriously now. Those really are gorgeous!

The pulls are one thing I will do after completion of the house so I don't have to decide before I see the cabs in the kitchen. That may sway me one way or the other, but I surely won't be buying all my pulls ahead of time in BN now as I had planned. I will have to give darker pulls serious consideration!

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I did ORB on dark in my previous kitchen, where I was trying to go with a traditional Spanish-type look in the brick-floored/viga'd ceilinged adobe house.

This pic shows the cabs and ORB from when I was trying to figure out the backsplash (and installing a split-unit AC! and I can't find my completed pics!):

I like all ones posted here but then I like looking at pictures of kitchens in general :) .


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we did it and love it, if you email me, i can send you pics.

love not having the "visual clutter". (stealing CEFreeman quote) sorry christine - hope u don't mind!!

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I'm just glad you know what I mean.
... I'm not alone in the mental noise.

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I thought I'd want nickel, too, but when I held them up, I much preferred the ORB. My cabs are only medium, not dark, but I love ORB on wood.

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you are not alone :) lol!!!!

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