Drawers under sink. Who has them?

psyoheJuly 9, 2013

I remember that some GWers had done this, but I can't seem to find the posts.

I remembered that they had moved the sink drain and traps way to the back. My new sink has the drain in the back too.

What I don't remember is whether they had a garbage disposer or not. It seems like a GD would get in the way of the top drawer.

My cabinet guy knew I wanted drawers under the sink, but he made doors instead. I reminded him again yesterday that I did not want doors there. He argued with me that it can't be done.

So now I need pictures and other information to prove to him that it can be done.

Thanks, Peke

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I've seen that done for vanity cabinets but not for a kitchen sink cabinet. That would be interesting, but I wonder if just adding a pullout would be more practical and less expensive. After you make allowances for the plumbing and GD, I would think that you would have less room than a bottom pullout.

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Here's my pullout with disposal. Contractor had to notch out the back to go around disposal....

Here is a link that might be useful: Pullout

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I sent you my photos many months ago. Great spacious drawers but we do not have a disposal. I'm sure it could be done if you put a deep enough drawer on top, but the disposal would take up much of the drawer space.

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think I posted these before, but maybe not

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and these

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more drawers!

You can find these and more on Pinterest and Houzz

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Holly- Kay

Joanie your granite is gorgeous!

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My photos again..

The top drawer is a dummy drawer, the bottom 2 function fine. We don't have a disposal but I'm sure one could work, it would just mean a larger cut out. The middle drawer has scooped sides to fit under the sink.

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Holly- Kay

Peke, I believe Fishies has drawers under her sink as well.

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I don't have access to my pictures right now. Too complicated to post my pics on this site...

Mine looks nearly identical to the second picture of the first set by Beekeeperswife. The top is a dummy. Then I have a large single drawer below. The front of the drawer has a panel that is 36 inches wide and nearly 20 inches tall. The backs and the sides of the drawers are only 5 or so inches high. I do not have a scoop out for the plumbing. I made sure that the plumbing would work by making sure that the location of the trap would clear the back of the drawer.

I put taller things on the sides and shorter things in the middle. I do NOT have a garbage disposal but there is still plumbing in the middle.

If you have a straight back on the drawer and not a c-shaped drawer, then you need to make sure that the plumbing will clear the back of the drawer.

I store my compost bins, extra sponges, bottles of cleaners, tablets for DW etc. The drawer is deep and things are essentially stored at the bottom level of the cabinet box. I have no cabinet-doors on my lower cabinets. All of my lowers are drawers including the sink.

I have the trash/recycle left of the wink and DW to the right of the sink. I did not have enough room between the sink and the cabinet case to have a cut out drawer of the upper picture.

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Thank you all. I will print the pics out this time. I don't know why I couldn't find them on GW. Peke

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I meant to post something here, but was too disgusted and forgot about it.

If I, a self-teaching DIYer, can retrofit drawers under her 1) farmhouse sink, with 2) a GD? Then I'm sure a "professional" could figure it out.

Were you just just supposed to nod, smile, and say, "Ohhhhh...."? What did he think you were going to say when he just put doors on them, anyway? Like you wouldn't notice?

Now, how is he going to fix the face frame where he put hinges? If your cabinets are painted, that's one thing, but not? hmmm...

I love "can't be done". Let's be honest here. What these people mean is "I'm too stupid/lazy/unimaginative to figure it out."

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LOL. I am in a very small town. I wouldn't even call it a town by my standards. Maybe a lake community would fit. We have a post office, a Dollar General, a school, and a gas station.

He just knows what he has always built. I am driving him crazy with the amount of drawers I want. When we put the sink in maybe he will figure it out. I drew the U shaped box for him.


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