Silestone lagoon pics

biffmdJuly 11, 2013

Hi all,
This site was so helpful to me during my kitchen remodel. Thankfully, a few people posted pics of silestone lagoon which were hard to find. I went with it and love it. I researched marble alternatives to death and am so happy with lagoon. I thought a few more pics of lagoon may help someone out there. Thanks again!

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Biffmd: Thank you for posting those pics.

I have white cabinets similar to yours ( not yet installed) and ordered Silestone Lagoon but am having problems getting the slab. Silestone Lyra and Helix were suggested to me as alternatives . Did you look at either of them as well and what made you choose Lagoon?

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Hi Boone,

Our counters were installed in April. It took about 3 wks after templating. My sister recently ordered it for her bathroom and it was delayed for about 4-5 wks. Not sure why.

I liked Lagoon because it is the most soft and subtle out of the marble-like quartz countertops. The "veining" is not as dramatic as the Lyra, I never looked at Helix. I thought Lagoon looked the most like marble which is what I wanted. It really depends what you are looking for. For me personally, the veining in Lyra looked too dark and artificial. I prefer marble that is almost white and with very limited veining, while some people may prefer heavier veining. I feel that Lagoon looks the most like natural stone. I also have it as a fireplace surround in the kitchen and really do like the look. How long are they saying the wait is? If you want more pics to help you decide, just let me know.

Hope this helps!

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Biffmd: Oh, I'd love it if you could post more pics of Lagoon! In the second picture, I can't make out if that's the edging for the Lagoon ( a peninsula with seats underneath?). If so, it's beautiful - what is it called?

Apparently Lagoon is unavailable temporarily in my area ( Southern CA) due to the fact that it's new and also because people have been buying it a lot. We have emailed Cosentino to find out what's going on.

We were initially told it would take 2-3 weeks after templating, but now it appears that we will have a longer wait to just get a slab ( anytime between Aug and end of September). Very frustrating.

Like you, I didn't care for Lyra and although I did look at Helix, it won't work for us. Lyra looks quite artificial ( lol, I just re-read your post and saw you had used the same word!!) whereas Lagoon has more of a natural marble look. And like you, I prefer less veining.

What kind of floor ( color) do you have and what are you doing for a backsplash against Lagoon?

Thanks for your help!

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We went w Lyra - here's a pic during construction. We weren't looking for marble look-like, but we did want the charcoal black to gray veining.

What sold us was my initial dislike for what looked like little bubbles in the quartz resin. I feared that would be all I see. The Lyra had the smoothest solid look to it, yet depth due to the various shades of the veins. I didn't have access to looking at larger slabs of either Lyra or lagoon to compare what both looked like from a typical distance - standing at the counter rather than inspecting little tiles up close.

Regardless of color, I imagine you will love your counters. Everyday I'm grateful for our choices.

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AnnaA: I appreciate your feedback, thank you! I am so glad your are well-pleased with your Lyra countertops - they do look wonderful in the pics ( thanks for taking the time to post them).
I was able to finally see Lagoon as an installed countertop and it confirmed my positive feelings about using it in my kitchen.
I guess as long as each of us is happy with our individual choices ..that's all that matters :-).
I especially liked you mentioning gratefulness in your post - that is what it's all about, isn't it? I am grateful that we have a new kitchen to look forward to, regardless of choices of cabinets or countertops or appliances ...just to be able to get a new kitchen is a luxury that I realize others cannot even dream I count my blessings every day.

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Hi Boone,
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you...did you end up getting your counter or still waiting?

We did white cabinets, plain white subway tile backsplash, and have teak floors. There are some amazing backsplashes out there...I considered white marble but it was special order and I needed something immediately. The counter edge style is called "small ogee." I think it adds a lot to the look of the counter and makes it seem more high end/less synthetic. I love my counters :) Let me know if you have other questions!

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biffmd: My turn to apologize..I did not see your reply until today. Sorry..and thanks for your response.

We got the Silestone about 2 weeks after I posted but now we are waiting for the fabricator - long, miserable story!

We have white cabinets too and we are also going with plain white subway tile!

We will have a half-bullnose counter edge...first we'd gone with an ogee but the fabricator's sample didn't look quite the way we had thought it would, so we switched.

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