I don't have my working kitchen but I can offer this!

deedlesJuly 31, 2012

How about instead of a picture of food, I give you a song about food?


Here is a link that might be useful: Fast Food Senegal

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Wonderfully joyful music! Thanks for sharing. :-)

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Deedles - DH is watching the Olympics, so will have to listen downstream.

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Now how amazing is it that I would log onto GW tonight and find a fellow member posting about a relatively obscure world music album that I happen to own myself? Well, it's tres amazing, Deedles! Amadou and Mariam are among my favorite musicians in the whole wide world. (But, before today, I had never thought about the KF whenever I heard this song.) LOL! Thanks!

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I am a huge fan of Baabal Maal, also from Senegal. Check him out!

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Right, 1929Spanish! Baaba Maal seriously rocks as well! :-)

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That's cool, Martha! Just found them on accuradio, world music channel. Told DH that they might be my new favorite group. Such wonderful music! Waiting for the cd from amazon, but the whole album is on youtube.

Have to check out Baaba Maal, too...

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