granite re-do?

belladomJuly 10, 2013

I have lived with this granite in my new kitchen 1 1/2 years and am still not happy as it is too busy for my taste.... can I rip it out? I know it's crazy and I may never have the money or time to do it, but I can fantasize. Then there's the replacement issue? What would work? Calcutta gold marble, or is that too fancy, more for a bathroom? Some of the Cambria type stuff? The floor is light maple.. and it's an open floor plan so you see it everywhere, and there's a lot of it, about 3 slabs and it wraps around into the back door/laundry area too. Thanks

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Getting it out without damaging your backsplash might be an issue.

I can understand when you say it's not to your taste, but it is still a lovely kitchen. I could live with it easily!

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I appreciate that you don't like it, but your cabs and BS are plain, so the space needs some punch. I don't think it's too busy or overwhelming at all. That being said, if you really want to rip it out, I would contact a trusted fabricator, have them come out and see what they say about the pros/cons, get an estimate and go from there. You might be able to sell it on CL.

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I really like the granite, Mother Nature at her best!

No comment on your desire to remove it, other than you could paint it gray, like most of the cars nowadays and unfortunately gray is also working it's way inside homes, (Especially Kitchens).

Sure glad even at 70 years old I still have not lost my color vision!


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I tore out brand new granite and replaced it with marble. No damage to backsplash, but the SS sink was ruined (which wasn't a problem since I was replacing that, too).

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I like it, for what it's worth. But if you really don't, please find a way to donate it or sell it. It would be a shame for that lovely stone to go to a landfill. It took a long time to form.

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I agree with Ginny20. But don't get rid of the granite; I think it looks great in your kitchen. And remember, marble does etch, and I'll bet your granite is bullet-proof. Given the starkness of your kitchen, I am betting the marble's etching would bother you.

I also agree with Joaniepoanie, that you need the punch of that granite. Anymore white in there, the whole kitchen will just disappear into a blank slate of whiteness. Cabinets, backsplash, pendants, even your floors look white in the pic. The granite adds pattern and gives something for the eye to look at.

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I like that granite a lot, with your cabinets, but what if you only changed part of it. Would that help your vision?

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I like the granite too but then it looks like bianco antico which was on top of my list until I picked azul aran.

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For what it is worth, I think it is truly beautiful. It ties everything together so well.

I understand that if it doesn't make your heart sing, the fact that everyone else likes it probably doesn't help. But still, I think that is a beautiful granite and agree that if you replace it with something calmer, your whole kitchen runs the danger of looking sort-of nondescript. All of the various elements are very pretty, but that granite takes it to another level.

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Holly- Kay

I won't be any help because I think the granite is stunning. I have to agree that it's what makes your kitchen a stand out. Your kitchen runs the risk of being plain Jane without it.

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Sophie Wheeler

I'd think about changing that backsplash or painting the island before I'd kick that granite to the curb. It's the standout star of the kitchen and is what pulls everything else together. Without it, or something with an equal ability to be the focal point, the kitchen loses it's personality.

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Thanks all for the kind words... I guess as a stand alone it works, my problem is the kitchen is tied to living, family and dining and entry rooms so I feel like they all have to be toned down to accept the granite. It steals the show, when paintings, carpets, etc. should have more say.... plus I heard Martha Stewart talk about her marble counter tops and makes me crazy as I wanted marble but was practical... she btw says to hone granite... to prevent scratching... that could tone it down a bit too

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I know that not busy granite has become more popular, and even granite bashing, but your granite doesn't really seem busy to me, as it is absorbed by all that neutral white cabinetry and flooring. To me, marble would fall flat in that kitchen.

I like your black accents.

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Stop looking at other kitchens and listening to people "rhapsodize" about their marble!! Seriously, you are just torturing yourself by adopting other people's snooty mindsets of "sniff...sniff...granite is too busy". I can work myself into a total lather by looking at other kitchens and wishing they were mine and dreaming of ripping out my e.n.t.i.r.e kitchen. But it would be a total waste.

(ETA: I forgot to say that I think your kitchen is beautiful! Did you design it originally? It really is lovely!)

Here is a link that might be useful: Stop-Regretting-Decisions article

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Thanks for the article.. I will study it, as kitchens it seems are a metaphor for life, and yes I agonized over every bit of the kitchen, which I would do all differently today. The cabinet designer helped me, though I had to go by myself to the granite yards, and tile shops for backsplash, etc. which I did repeatedly Looking back I realize there is no perfect granite and should have just done something else, only I still don't know what that would be. At the end the kitchen guy did meet at the granite site because I was holding everything up so I just picked it... but realize sometimes maybe you just have to keep everyone waiting...

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Your granite might be stealing the show but thats because it has no competition. I agree that marble or some other toned down surface would look blah. From what little I can see you granite looks great. Work with it. Is it delicatus? I have white diamond/bianco antico which is related. Look for photos on houzz and gardenweb of kitchens with those granites. I think you will get ideas to work with.

Forget Martha. Hone granite to prevent scratching? Who has scratched their granite? Yes I know one person here did with a diamond ring.

Personally I would add some color to your kitchen but thats just me.

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That stone sure is beautiful, as is your kitchen. Too bad it isn't quite you. It could be really pretty honed too. It would look softer and the colors would lighten, so maybe that would look less busy to you, with less pattern contrast. On the other hand, you might hate it more. Ask to see a sample piece of the stone in a honed finish.

Looks like you prefer something light but do you like brown? Something like Labrador Antique Brown granite or an Emperador marble might look pretty with your kitchen and read more like a quiet solid.

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Holly- Kay

My granite has only been in for several weeks and oh my how I love looking at it. Last night I told DH I just keep focusing on something new in the granite. He thought I meant it in a bad way. What I meant was that every day I find something new, and IMO, spectacular to look at. There are so many gradations of color and movement that I love.

When DH and I went granite shopping I kept looking at things with a tight pattern. He observed that if we are going with granite we should be looking at something that looks like stone not something that is contained. That opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking at it and he was so right. Because of his suggestion I have a counter top that I love and brings me joy every day.

Really look closely at your granite and think of all the forces of nature that went into making your stone the way it is. I am so honored and in awe of the beautiful piece of nature that I have right in my own home. I wish the same joy to you!

Best Wishes,


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I think your granite is neutral and tame enough that surrounding furnishings/artwork will not compete with it or look awkward.

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I have to laugh as my kitchen looks exactly like yours and I love it. Maybe you should consider only changing the counter where the bar stools are, a dark brown like snookums suggested might look nice. Or how about some light fixtures with more pizzazz or color to draw your eye up and away from the granite? (maybe you could just change out the glass shades)

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Your Kitchen looks great-Honing to a uniform matte finish may work for you-
Consider an antiqued finish as well.
You may be surprised.
Have a stone refinisher or fabricator do some samples for you and place them in the kitchen for a week or two.
You may like one of them.
Tough Job wouldn't be cheap to do but may be better than replacing.

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