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tboxer854July 14, 2013

Hey All!

I am trying to do a design on a small 1 bedroom apartment kitchen remodel myself. The plan is to use Viola Park, so most of the components in the mockup are based off what they offer.

Do you think a layout like this would work? The long wall is about 11'6".


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Here is the view from the other wall. Thanks!

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I would encourage you to do a "U" shaped kitchen, or a partial "U" and move the stove away from the sink to create a fuller work triangle. I would also create a wider bar area with cabinetry below or even a drawer microwave or plan for one in the future when your budget allows. I would put the oven beneath the cooktop/stove. Where does the side doorway lead? And what is above the sink? Finally, I'm guessing that you own the apartment and how many square feet is it in total? Thank you!

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Sophie Wheeler

Agreed totally. This isn't the space for a separate wall oven and cooktop. It's a kitchen for a range. The other issue is if that is a sidewall next to the fridge, depending on it's depth, many fridge models won't open wide enough against it.

I'm also not sure what that lone panel represents? If it's an adjacent wall, can it be removed entirely? If not, then I'd ditch the island setup in favor of taking the peninsula all the way to the wall with a galley setup. Simple galley kitchens are the most efficient.

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Thanks for the comments! The mockup is a little confusing, but you would walk in and the kitchen would be to the right. That one wall can't be taken down because it contains common elements.

The apartment is about 800 square feet. I am thinking a galley kitchen makes the most sense as well after reading your comments.

The thing above the sink is a 108 inch combination glass sliding door cabinet (16 inch tall) connected with an open shelf. There are also 2 z shelves inbetween the counter and the upper cabinet, may get rid of those.


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It may not be possible, but to save even more space I would do a microwave over the single stove/oven. Definitely storage on that bar/peninsula by making it wider....and yes, fridge clearance. I think I would move the sink down to give you a longer run of counter space.

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I think this kitchen looks great, I especially like how the eating area doubles as counter space.

Other posters are correct, though, when pointing out that the sink is uncomfortably close to the cooktop.

Can you move the small base cabinet that's currently to the left of the fridge so it's between the sink and the stove instead?

Love the fridge. Is it a Traulsen?

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