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a2geminiJuly 28, 2012

I will soon be out of the ABB!

I ordered the finishing touches for our kitchen.

Backsplash ordered- I will keep you in suspense for the final decision. Should arrive in about a week

Sun room table ordered! Custom Amish lift top coffee table- but will be awhile til it arrives.

Bench seat cushions should be complete this week!

No more pictures until the bench and backsplash are complete.

Hang in there! Not sure that I can :-)

DH finally got into the act- I think he just wants it done!

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So excited for you! Looking forward to the pics when done.

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Yeah! Glad to hear you're so close to being finished. Really looking forward to seeing pictures!

My BS was just grouted yesterday. Being caulked on Monday and sealed on Tuesday. Picking paint colors now and looking forward to having paint on the walls and being DONE! So close! Probably won't be able to get to the painting for 3 more weeks because of schedule. I think you're going to be done before me but it is close!

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Such a tease. Can't wait to see. Congrats on making a decision and getting it ordered!

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Williamson- you were so helpful along the way-thanks!

Pooh- we started together and I love your kitchen. I was sure you would be done first. What cold are you thinking for that gorgeous warm kitchen? We went with BM coastal path. Neutral but just the right tione ffor our kitchen. I thought about using the paint as a color accent but decided I will use accent pieces for color.

Beeps - LOL. Stay tuned. How us your project coming. I think u were debating in drawers but I may be suffering from mental fatigue after a 70 hour work week, dealing with DM long distance, dead bathroom fan and finishing touches on my kitchen.

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Great news!!! Can't wait to see it : )

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Hijack -> mine is coming along fine thanks for asking a2gemini. And thanks for your input. You remember correctly - I was debating drawers, and I went with them. =) I think the final decisions are all made now. So now they can wrap up the paperwork and pour the foundation! Get this show on the road. So hard to decide *everything* for a house before they even begin to build it. And I mean everything - toilets, sinks, faucets, countertops, floors, paint, floorplan issues, cabinet issues, lights, switches, exterior paint, roof, landscaping, number of hose bibs =) (no, not kidding!), and on and on. Fun but exhausting. Seems some people have builders who are a little more flexible. Now I just have to sit back and relax and hope it all comes together. Oh, I still have to pic grout color. Forgot about that. :(

Get some rest. Sounds like you deserve it after your week. Look forward to your big reveal!

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Awesome A2!!! Can't wait to see the finished kitchen!

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A2gemini, I'm thinking of going green on the walls. Right now I'm liking Devine Roast for the kitchen and Devine Olive for the family room and ceiling. Haven't made the final decision on paint. We're going through the standard phase of hubby freaking out because the "color is too dark" (i.e. it isn't white). I need to give him a little more time. We've been married for twenty years and go through this every single time I paint. Every. Single. Time. lol Explains why I gutted and painted the powder room while he was out of town. That way he just came home and decided that it looked nice and he liked the color. Funny thing is the paint in the powder room is WAY darker than the paint I want to use on the kitchen walls and there is barely any wall space to paint in my kitchen! I pick out colors, he panics, I paint and he ends up liking it. Did I mention we go through this every single time I paint? Every single time. *sigh*

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Glad to read that you finally ordered your tile. Sounds like you have been so busy with your job. I hope when the tile and any other final details are done that you take time to sit back, relax and enjoy your new kitchen.
Any new recipes to share? The yogurt muffins were great!

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It's such a good feeling when you pick your BS! Can't wait to see pictures.

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The feeling of anticipation is so much better than the stigma of procrastination. Can't wait to see it all come together for you (and me, LOL). I must get out of the procrastination stage. I still need backsplash, paint, bench, cushions, farmhouse table, etc.

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2fishies- thanks. Can't wait to see your yellow kitchen

Beeps- thanks- hoping this week isn't quite so bad- I posted on your appliance question Hoping for some rest...

CK- thanks! Your tile choice definitely influenced my decision- glad the grout is fixed. Uh oh- grout!

Badger- green would look awesome in your kitchen! Which paint deck? If I own multiple paint decks and have many large paint chips and zillions of samples- so I feel your pain-DH always says too dark but went dark on house exterior and I love it!
Checkerboard paint on the walls or poster board is great :-)
I will try to post a recipe-salmon de lexana or oatmeal de lexana?

Dilly- love that saying! I might add it to my training materials!

Badger- retire? Have to decide my future! Appreciated your support during my indecision making and always smile when your kitchen pops on GW

Ilene-can't wait either!

Usual cryptic and completion matching iPhone errors!

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Yeah! Good for you, looking forward to seeing :)

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A2gemini: you are working too much. You responded above telling me to paint my kitchen green. While I love green (and not just because I'm Irish), I won't be painting my kitchen anytime soon. I'm sure you meant to respond to poohpup. But I agree that dark colors can be great. I have hillcrest tan in my kitchen which is a dark tan. I have one bedroom that is purple,one that is a shade of dark red and another that is blue. One of these days, I will have to decide on a color for my master bedroom, it overdue for a makeover. Do you have any suggestions?

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Badgergal, why don't you go ahead and paint your kitchen green. Then I can see how it looks before I decide to go ahead and paint mine. :)

A2gemini, I have all the BM paint decks. One of the painters that I'm getting a bid from had samples from Divine and I really liked two of those colors. I may end up having them matched by BM. We'll have to see. Hubby is still in his "freaking out about my wife wanting to paint the whole house black" mode. I swear, whenever I want to use any color besides white (which, besides molding, is never), he does this. It would actually be kind of cute if it wasn't so darn annoying. lol

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Pooh- is DH an engineer?
I tried color match at BM and SW but took many attempts!
Hopin to be abt within 2 weeks!(all but table)

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A2, he's a video game programmer. Hmmm . . . . wonder if it would be best just to use Divine paint instead of trying to color match. We're going to be close! We could start paint as soon as a week from now!

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So exciting!
Love my text above from my nook! ouch!!
Give it a try and see how they do - maybe, the computers were just wacko!

Video Game Programmer/Engineer - probably from a similar mold! LOL!

Too dark, too dark, too dark!!!! Sound familiar.

Good news - he helped pick out the table and gave me the OK to get a desk and file credenzia from the same company to replace the card table we have been using for the computer for a couple of years. These will go into the great room/dining room area - and the printer will be in the drawer so won't look like a total office area.

Guess it is OK to hijack your own thread!

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I guess I am tired!
Badger - Green would not go with your kitchen - Pooh - the green would look awesome in yours!

OldBat - looking forward to your kitchen

BTW - I did post a recipe for this week - but no one found it. I did it as a separate posting.

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