Can't remove 4" granite backsplash. I give up!!!

sunsoleilJuly 20, 2013

I have been struggling to come up with a backsplash for my blue pearl granite. Four years ago when the countertop was installed, I decided to just put in the four inch splash and then take my time deciding on tile. I planned to remove it later on. At the time, we had purchased the house we were remodeling and had not sold our other house, so it made sense financially as well. Then I started paying tuition bills, etc. and the tile project got put on hold.
Now it seems the the 4 inch granite backsplash is covering a mis-cut that runs the length of the back of the wall. No tile will be thick enough to cover it up. I think it will look awkward to have tile on top of the backsplash, making it look like an afterthought. Should I just forget the tiles or is there some way that I could make it look well put together?

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You could float the wall.

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The granite is sliced the length of the wall. I think they cut it almost an inch too short and put a piece behind it. The 4 inch splash is thick and covers it.

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Can you post a photo of the problem?

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We have the 4 inch splash. If we can't remove it we will just tile the backsplash of our range and range hood. Here's a picture

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Sounds like an opportunity to get creative and find a good source for granite remnants. As long as they're the same thickness as your 4", you can vary the heights, even the widths and make your own mosaic. Or you could look for blue pearl tiles to lay above the 4". You can compensate for tiles that are thinner than your 4" but building up your wall before laying the tile.

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I know everyone says it's outdated but I like my 4" backsplash and chose to leave it in our new kitchen finished July 2013. I like the look and no concerns whatsoever about water leaking behind.

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Love Eam's idea of a granite could be stunning and very unique.

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Cutting the countertop a little short and then covering the gap with splash is normal procedure which facilitates installation. If a job is to get tile instead of splash the measure is done differently. A competent sheetrock guy can build up the wall to fill the gap prior to tile installation. Your problem is easily fixable.

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Thanks SO much for the suggestions!!! I have options:) If I decide to go with the over the stove option only, I could consider some of those "busy" tiles that I love.
Spb59, I have thought about the water problem also. Over the last four years, there have been many times when the stove has over boiled and flooded the backsplash! It has never been a problem with the 4 inch. Do you have paint or tiles above it?

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