Dimmer switches and wall plates

moopieJuly 28, 2014

I have ordered Unilume undercabinet led lighting. We will have 4" led recessed lights in the ceiling, along with a few incandescent pendants and a chandelier. The electrician has installed a 6 gang wall plate to control it all. I would like everything to be dimmable.

I believe the the undercabinet lighting needs an extra low voltage dimmer switch. I am having a hard time finding the wall plate and various dimmer switches in anything other than basic colors. Does anyone know of other products?


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Marc Johnson

6-gang? Yeow, that's definitely going to be a hard one. You're likely only going to find white, ivory, or silver granite. I'd also suggest going "screwless" because that's a whole lot of "stuff" going on and having 12 screws staring at me would make me nuts :)

Smarthome and Amazon have the basics in stock --



I have a kitchen-full of the SIlver Granite and it looks lovely with grey paddles. Depending on the switches you're getting, you may be able to change the paddle colors to ivory or grey.

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You could combine a couple of the switches into these double-in-one switches, then you wouldn't need six-gang.

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The stack switch idea is a good one, or is there any way you can possibly split the locations, and go with two three gangs?
I try to limit all multiple switches to a maximum of three, and only four if absolutely necessary.
Five or more is just confusing, and not very attractive either.

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I have the same Unilumes for UCL, and also installed Cree CR4s for recessed lighting. I also had two different incandescent lights (so a total of four dimmers).

I used the Lutron Maestro series for all the dimmer switches. For the Unilume it said I could use their C-L dimmers (MACLâÂÂ153M) but it didn't work for my specific load. If you go with Lutron, I would try C-L first because it's much less expensive than the ELV dimmer, and it might work in your case.

For the Unilume I had to use their ELV dimmer (MAELV-600) to eliminate buzzing. The model I used has a gloss finish and is available in their seven gloss colors. There is another ELV model which I didn't use (MSCELVâÂÂ600M) which has a satin finish and is available in their 20 satin colors. I've never seen that model in a store but I think it is available on Amazon.

They also sell color-matched 6-gang wall plates to go with the switches.

These links might help:
Lutron Maestro Dimmer Switch Model Numbers
Lutron Maestro Dimmer Switch Overview

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