Satin Nickel Bar pulls - moderately priced

Kristen HallockJuly 25, 2013

I need to buy hardware for my cabinets. What I would like to do it use 2 sizes depending on the cabinet door/drawer size.

I like the 128mm CC Bar pull size for my smaller drawers and upper cabinets. This measures about 7.25" in total length. Then I would like to use a larger size (like maybe 11 or 12") for my larger drawers and my lower pantry cabinet doors. So i'd like something that comes in both sizes.

I dont want to spend a fortune though if I dont have to. I have ALOT of cabinets. I need 30 of the smaller bars and 15 of the larger size.

I saw Hafele ones that look OK (online) but are those really cheap? They only come in Stainless steel too and I kind of like Satin Nickel better (my appliances are stainless though, so maybe I should stick with stainless?) I don't want to buy the bottom of the barrel, but I dont need to spend $20 per pull either.

I was looking at the Top Knobs Hopewell but i was hoping to get something slightly less expensive. But I will go with the Top Knobs if its worth it.


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I have several samples from Top Knobs and they are a good quality ... nice feel, smooth finish, etc. I have seen that "Hopewell" style at many different places. Home Depot has a version (though it may just be in stainless steel), as does Restoration Hardware. They come in a variety of sizes.

I recently ordered some samples from Berenson Hardware (ordered through Amazon) and I will likely go with that brand (Aspire collection). They have lots of styles that come in a variety of sizes, and their brushed nickel finish is very pretty and goes great with my stainless appliances. Samples arrived quickly in the mail.

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I just caught the Restoration Hardware 20% off sale last month and got Satin Nickel Bistro pulls, 4, 6 and 8" at very reasonable prices-$11 I think for the 8" (down from $15).

They are installed and the satin finish is perfect with our other appliances-not overboard but complementary. They have the right heft and look and if you can wait it out to their next sale it may be worth it.

I've never seen Cliffside Industries on sale, but they make a nice brass base Satin Nickel pull too. Look on Houzz for some of their pulls. I sampled one of the SS pulls but it wasn't right for my space. GL.

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I ordered my pulls from They had the best price for the ones I wanted. You might check on Hickory Hardware Greenwich. They have multiple sizes and multiple finishes. Decent prices too. Peke

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I have Hafele satin nickel pulls, although the style that I have in 128 mm center to center is overall only 6".

I like their overall appearance and feel; smooth and solid. I don't have them installed yet, though, and can't comment on durability over the long term.

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