Can You Please Recommend a Seller of Silgranit Sinks?

catkinJuly 8, 2013

Some are so much less than others it makes you wonder. Any recs for a reputable site?

I'm looking at a full size drop in in anthracite, thanks!

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qualitybath dot com.

They are excellent. Might not be the rock-bottom price, but pretty low. Sometimes if you are seeking the rock-bottom price, you get what you pay for.

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Thanks, Mrs.! I know exactly what you mean--are they selling seconds or what?

:off to check out quality bath:

Anyone else have good results at certain sites?

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I got my sink elsewhere, but ordered other stuff (Hangrohe) from qualitybath. Good service, good prices, standard defect-free products.

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When you say "full size drop in in anthracite" I am assuming you mean the BlancoDiamond Super Single with the fabulous offset drain. I'll link it. It's the sink I've had before, and what I am getting again in my new kitchen. Once you have an offset drain, you don't know how you lived without it LOL. The sink can be undermounted or drop-in-mounted.

P.S. I opted not to get the sink grid with the sink. I've had one before, and it's just not my thing. I think sink grids are necessary in a stainless sink to prevent scratches, but I find them unnecessary in a Silgranit sink. Other people love sink grids. There are threads on the Kitchens Forum on the topic. Just mentioning it, cause it's good to order a grid at the same time as the sink if you want the grid.

BlancoDiamond Super Single at Quality Bath

BlancoDiamond Super Single Spec Sheet

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Don't forget your local retailer. I checked the online prices of blanco authorized "e-tailers" and the prices of others which were lower (but not enough lower for me to take the warranty risk). I called a local salesman I'd talked with briefly about faucets expecting to hear msrp, and prepared to negotiate for the auth etailer price (even though it would be more with sales tax). I was pleasantly surprised and think I now have the best price, the satisfaction of being a good citizen, a solid warranty, and a local person to help if there is a problem.

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I had a great experience with Home and Stone, which I chose based on old GW threads. My 3 sinks arrived in perfect condition and were very well packaged. I would also consider amazon.

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I second laurajane02's recommendation of homeandstone. We had excellent experiences with them. Bought Silgranit Super Single sink from them, and it was packed unbelievably well, and came within 3 days. Homeandstone is an Authorized Dealer for Blanco.

I have to agree that it's important to buy a Silgranit sink from a reputable seller, rather than trying to save $40 or whatever. Also, try calling in your order over the phone, and saying something like, "can you do a little better on the price?". They may give you a few dollars discount.

Here is a link that might be useful: Blanco Silgranit Sinks at HomeandStone

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I bought mine from Amazon. It was a Warehouse deal so I saved another $75 off their usual low prices. The sink was perfect, but boy I did worry abut cracks until it was installed.

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I also bought both of my Silgranit sinks from Amazon. My super single was a warehouse deal for $200. No issues. I checked locally, but they were about $600 for the Super Single at our closest retailer.

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Amazon!! Low price, super quick shipment and packed exceptionally well.

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Amazon! Best price I found, and arrived in 3 days in perfect condition.

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Thanks everyone for weighing in!

Yes, Mrs. that's the one! Thanks for the link. I think I'm in love already! No need for the grid--maybe I'll get one for a double sink and just use it on the left...

Ferguson's price is over 200 more than Amazon...leaning toward Amazon will call around tomorrow.

Does one really need to use a Blanco drain or would a Kohler (or other) work just fine?

Thanks to all again.

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Anyone used Plumbing Depot?

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Catkin, you can use whatever standard drain you like. I have disposers in both my Silgranit sinks, with Kohler flanges.

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Last year when I bought ours Home Depot online had a good price for that same sink. I bought it there figuring it would be easier to return it if it came damaged. It arrived perfect though.

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Thanks everyone for all your thoughtful and prompt replies.

Attofarad that's good to know, I appreciate it.

I've decided to go with Quality Bath. Called them and they've assured me that there would be absolutely no problem with a return should there be an issue with cracking/breakage.

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