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Super45sonicJuly 5, 2013

Hello Bluestar Range owners:

After much consideration, I am planning to replace my current gas range with a Bluestar. But I have a few questions that need your input:

1. I want to minimize fingerprint issues. The cabinets will be white and my other appliances will also be white (except the vent hood). For those who have a color range, do you have less fingerprints leaving on the color panel compared with stainless steel part?

2. If you have a white one, which color did you order? I looked at the color swatch and I think 9002 looks like white. Am I correct?

3. The range will go against a wall. So do I need an island trim? I just want it to be flushed with the wall.

Thank you!

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Here's a shot of our 36" Bluestar range.

As you can see, ours is black which will tend to show more fingerprints than if it was white.
I can tell you that fingerprints are not a problem on the painted surfaces or on the SS parts
After using, I just give it a quick wipe with a towel.
Not to clean up fingerprints, but just as part of a general cleaning regimen.
You should know that we have no kids, so the opportunity for fingerprints anywhere in our kitchen is somewhat reduced.
And yes, the island trim works well against a wall.
Incidentally, you will love your Bluestar.

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It is good to know that fingerprints are not an issue! I saw that there are different types of textures to choose from - silver vein, river and mini. Can you please tell me which one you have for your gorgeous black range?

As for the island trim, I guess my question is, is it necessary when I am installing it against a wall?

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Here's what the BlueStar installation manual says about the island trim:

"All ranges require a backguard. Most models have the option of using: an island trim; 7 inch standard; 17 inch hi-back; 24 inch high shelf. Heritage Classic models require a 24 inch high shelf for all installations.

If you are using an island trim, a six inch clearance between the back of the range and a combustible surface is required. If an island trim is to be used without this six inch clearance, the back wall must be non-combustible and heat resistant material that extends below the top surface of the range a minimum of six inches."

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When got our range there was no choice as to texture.
So ours is just plain old Jet Black glossy paint.
Perhaps their "mini" texture is equivalent, but I really don't know.
As for the trim, it is required in order to direct the heat exiting the oven to the back edge of the range and as "calumin" states, Bluestar requires some kind of trim.
If you're going for a less commercial look, as we were, then the island trim is your best choice.

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Here's our Bluestar with the island trim. Fingerprints are no more issue on the black, than on the stainless parts.
A quick wipe with a damp towel, and everything looks great. I would think white would be even easier to keep clean. Although I have not heard of different textures available? Ours, like willtv's is just smooth powder coat jet black RAL 9005. The 9002 you refer to is grey white, for pure white, I believe you want RAL 9010. ...and yes you will LOVE your range!

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I have a 48 inch range with 8 burners. I have the 7 inch trim piece behind mine even though we have matching soapstone from our counters behind the range all the way up to the hood. This is a heavy range and I did not want to risk having food splatters that might get wedged between the back of the range and wall, and not be able to be clean it easily. I also like the look of the 7 inch trim piece on my range.

I absolutely love this range. It is a joy to cook with it. Fingerprints are not a problem on the painted portions. The stainless portions will need wiping with a dry towel after washing normal cooking splatters, but is certainly not an issue at all. It only takes a few seconds.

I almost got white, but red is my favorite color , and I decided to be bold and follow my heart. It makes me happy every day. I don't mind that my fridge is white (I dislike stainless and have a vintage style kitchen anyway). I tie in the red color elsewhere.

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Is there a charge for the color White? Seems that I remember the saleslady telling me that there wasn't, but I'm not sure now?

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Yes I was told that any color (including white) other than stainless steel will result in an up charge

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Sometimes they run promotions and will give you the option to get a color for free. Check with BS directly to see if anything is coming up.

Or call your local retailer and ask them to check with their rep.

I remember when we went to see a live demo, that was the promo.

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Went to a dealer demo, enjoyed a stir fry lunch, and received a coupon for choice of a free color upgrade, or colored knobs

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Just a note - the RAL colors are industry standards, typically used in powder coating (which I'd expect is what Bluestar does as a finish).

You can search RAL 9010 for example online and see many photographs and color swatches of that color. They're like Pantone in many ways.

You might also find a local powder coating shop that has actual samples in stock of the different RAL whites for you to look at, or even bring home, provided they believe you might have something like a set of metal chairs or a table base you are potentially interested in having powder coated.

I just did some motorcycle rims in RAL 9001 or 9002 if I recall which is an antique white and it's quite creamy, much more so than our Benjamin Moore Cloud White cabinet finish.

Here is a link that might be useful: RAL Color Chart

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Tim is correct, Bluestar uses the RAL chart, with over 900 colors. I went to my local powdercoating shop, and they were nice enough to give me sample metal swatches of the colors I was interested in. Very helpful, since there were several blacks, and reds that I was considering.

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So I have a question...could you get your bluestar powder coated after the fact?
There is a floor model I am considering but it is stainless and I really wanted a color.

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