Can these two colors live next to each other?

Lake_GirlJuly 24, 2013

I just posted this on Home Decorating forum, but thought there's a lot of gray kitchens here, so probably great advice here. Anyway, my living room is a gold, creamy tan color, almost yellowish (can't you just see it:). It's called Country Cream by Glidden. I want to paint my kitchen, which is right next to LR, a gray color. The rooms are only divided by a framed area painted with white trim. Will gray go basically right next to a creamy yellowish, goldish, tannish color? I like something like Revere Pewter, but not sure? I still like the LR color, and really didn't want to paint it at this time. Any suggestions or thoughts?

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Cream and gray are a classic match, one I've loved for a very long time, but which gray for your cream? None are pure. Various hues can look a perfect gray on their own but reveal their purplish, or pink, green, brown, or blue nature when combined with other colors.

A suddenly clashing mauve gray against a newly brownish tan isn't the only thing that could happen. I remember a beautifully sophisticated, elegant old dining room in very soft yellow and blue. I was very surprised when in the middle of my envious compliments the owner told me the wallpaper and old woodwork were actually cream and gray.

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Holly- Kay

I love the two colors together but like Rosie said "watch out for the undertones".

You may want to buy samples of the greys that you are considering and paint a large poster or paint board with the grey and prop it against the yellow so you can observe how the two play together with the light during the day and your lighting at night.

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I like that color combo too, but it really does depend.

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Has anyone worked with this color combo, able to give me some gray paint names?

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one of the two is better a more intense shade......the white trim is the balancing force.....but what is the rest of the trim besides the white area you mention? If the creamy tan is lightish, then I would think a little darker or more pigmented for the gray-veering to pewter. But if the tan is darker-like caramel-then a softer gray.....[what might the cabinets/counter be?isn't that where you want to focus on coordinating it all?].....unless the kitchen components are extremely neutral...

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The cabs are white, but they are across the room from the doorway to LR. Actually there's a large pine hutch near doorway. I see what you're saying with the intensity of the two colors. I think the two shades are almost equal in intensity, and that's what's bothering me. I also looked at the lighter gray owl, and it might work. Unfort., it seems a little two blue for my taste I think. I think a silver sage type color would work, just didn't wanna go that blue.

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