Expand kitchen cabinetry to entry hall? Too many doors!

PasselJuly 29, 2013

We are remodeling kitchen and laundry room and have flexibility (not unlimited funds however) to make changes to the entry hall from the garage. The new kitchen design will be greatly enhanced if we can get extra space to move the ovens down towards the door the the garage. It has also been suggested that we remove the wall next to the refrigerator and put cabinetry panels. The new cabinets will go to the ceiling.

A contractor look at the chase between the ovens and the food pantry, our only food pantry, and he move it for a reasonable cost. We don't know exactly how many inches will be gained but expect to get 8-12" to move ovens down. If we also used a double door cabinet on the food pantry we could put in rolling shelves and better utilize that space. I need some help.

1. Good idea to use cabinetry for pantry vs door if we move the pantry next to ovens and then have drywall to corner?
-or put cabinet paneling all the way to the corner including over the chase?

2. Replace laundry room door with something more attractive and remove most of the wall beside the refrigerator and replace with cabinet panels. Current wall is about 34 inches and the cavity for the refrigerator is only 29.5" and we cannot move the wall behind it so it would leave only few inches of drywall before Laundry room molding.

3. Make both walls cabinetry panels, doors into laundry room door being double doors? Current Laundry room door is 32" wide and having only one door would be more convenient for carrying laundry baskets, etc.

4. Any idea for making the entrance more appealing? Obviously the ceiling light needs to be changes.

Thanks for taking a look.

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I'm not sure I'd want that oven further down the hallway than it is. Do you have an overhead layout with proposed changes that you could post? That might help you get some more replies.

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I agree the area is choppy. Post a layout of the entire area. Just use graph paper to make it easy.

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Maggie Passel

I am getting a sketch soon that hopefully will give me an idea of what it might look like to have cabinets down the wall and I will post. I agree that it is choppy. Thanks for commenting.

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