How did I do on pricing for cabinets - KM, BH, shiloh???

julie1973July 25, 2014

I will have about 42 linear feet of cabs, plus a 6 ft center island. Kitchen is about 21x15. All quotes are for all plywood construction, painted, shaker style, furniture ends, molding, some base drawers, pantry with roll out trays, panel for DW, glass cabs above bar. The Kraftmaid and brookhaven are for full overlay, and the shiloh is inset. I started at HD with KM. It was 19k, not including installation. Next I went to a KD with BH. That came to 28k - not including installation. She quoted 5900 for installation with would bring the total job to about 34k (gulp!). Finally I went to a shiloh dealer and the estimate was 27.5 - including installation, but not including the glass inserts for the cabinets. The shiloh estimate didn't break out the cab cost from the installation so i can't compare exactly apples to apples but I think the shiloh quote seems really good, especially considering they are inset and they include installation. Having never purchased cabinets before, I'd love to hear what others think. Also, what would a reasonable installation price be? Thanks so much!

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Oh, and by the way the HD estimate included the HD 10% off! plus a KM discount of 2k.

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when i was looking shiloh was about 3k more than km so i would say that is a good price. i have heard on this board that shiloh is considered a nicer cabinet than km but i have never personally experienced them.
if you like the shiloh kd then that should factor in too as hd can be great or awful depending on your location.

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Bumping this up in hopes of getting more input..

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It's really hard to say whether it was a deal or not because there are so many variables. Drawers add expense. Other inner do-dads add expense, etc. etc. Your room is slightly larger than mine (17 x 13) I could tell you how many linear feet (though no one ever talked to me in those terms) I had, but the fact that I had many modified depth items, a custom cabinet, all drawer bases except the sink (including the pantry), you just can't compare apples to apples.

My biggest piece of advice is to compare pricing with ALL molding and other bits. I got a rough quote from Lowe's for KM. DH and I were a bit over them by the time we got the quote so we didn't pay close enough attention, so I don't know if it included molding or not. We ended up going with Innermost from HD. The KD initially quoted us just on the same boxes we'd been quoted by Lowe's. HD/Innermost was much lower, but didn't include any of the molding. She made come comment about it not including that but it being a few hundred dollars. Nope. It was MUCH more than that. So would it have end up being higher or lower than KM/Lowe's? Don't know. What matters is I got the cabinets that I liked most. And, despite a few little things, I liked my KD.

Today is day 2 of my install. Yes, there are already things I wish I'd done slightly differently. Nothing that I truly regret.

But the best thing is that I can still just stare at my Natural Cherry and marvel at its beauty. And i can play with my soft close doors and drawers and remember back to my rickety old cabinets. And I can dream about what I can put into all these spacious drawers. And I will always seek out my KD when I'm at HD and say hi and thanks.

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My Shiloh cabinets have been installed. While I have not used them yet, rebuild is not done, I am happy with the quality.

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mdln, any pictures of your Shiloh Cabinets? Which wood species did you go with? If painted, which white? Inset or Full Overlay?

Thank you!

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Hi Lynn, Kitchen (& house) still not finished. Will post when done, hopefully soon!

Did polar white, inset and am happy with that choice. Love the beaded inset! When the carrera marble counter top was installed, the cabs looked a little more creamy than I wanted - and was afraid I should have picked the arctic white. Changed light bulbs to a higher K bulb and it was fine.

Thanks for asking.

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mdln, which temperature of your bulbs did you change to? I am thinking of changing all my reveal halogens Par 38 bulbs in my kitchen that were installed over 2.5 years ago (still have not died) to TCP LED 3,000K temperature.

I am still considering the Shiloh beaded inset since I love it so much. Will now want to see a Polar White door in my kitchen since I installed my tiles. I do not want too creamy but I also do not want stark white. Wish there was a white in between the Polar and the Artic White.

I can't wait to see your kitchen! The counter you chose is one of my favorites. I love Carrera marble counters! What floor did you do? Do you have an island?

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