my kitchen plan, version 2.0

swfrJuly 21, 2013

Thanks so much for the feedback on my first draft of this kitchen plan. Now I've come up with the new and improved version of the plan and would love more feedback.

If you were with me for round one, you'll notice a few changes:
1) The breakfast nook is slightly wider. I moved the left wall 1' toward the pantry.
2) I moved the pantry door down about 18" to allow for a drink and snack center to the left of it and a family command center (calendar, chargers, phone books, etc) to the right of it.
3) The large rectangle island instead of the bow-shaped one.

I also kept two things the same for a reason:
1) The fridge and the stove can't switch places. Because I really want it recessed in and the other wall can't move.
2) I am not including the prep sink that everyone else swears by. My parents' house and best friend's house both have a second sink and I know that I don't want one.

The first round of feedback was ENORMOUSLY helpful. I'd love you all to take another look.


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I really liked Buehl's idea!

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to earlier thread

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Lavender lass, the one with the fridge and stove switched? I have to keep the fridge where I have it here because of wanting to recess it.
What specifically did you like about it? I'm happy to try to incorporate as many good ideas as possible.

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Have you considered switching the sink and dishwasher, or putting the dishwasher on the end and the "towel" cabinet on the prep side. You're adequate but snug in your main prep area, which is kind of a shame in a counter-gifted kitchen.

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The one problem I see is your DW is far from where you are storing dishes/silverware...that's a lot of trips back and forth.

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I like that idea, Rosie. You mean so that there is a wider expanse of counter in the prep zone? And that would also allow the stove and sink not to be back to back. Although it puts the sink further from the fridge. Is that a problem?

Also, as I play with it, I'm realizing another problem: The dish storage and the dishwasher would be far apart. And my husband is vocal about wanting those things as close together as possible! LOL. Can you tell who unloads the DW around here?

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Joaniepoanie, you and I got to the same conclusion at the same time-- and I hadn't seen your response when I posted. :)

But were you saying that problem exists with my current plan or with Rosie's recommendation?

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I like that the range is close to the pantry and that your work area is not in a traffic pattern. I also really like the clean up area next to the fridge. It gives you one space for 'helpers' and another space for you to cook.

Why do you have to recess the fridge? You need to have it bump out a little, in order to open the doors all the way for cleaning...I believe.

The other thing I really like...I think the range wall can be balanced and really stand out as a focal point (nice hood, great uppers or shelves, etc.) from the family room. The fridge is handy to the family room and still easy access from the dining area. Hope that helps :)

From Farmhouse plans

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Your proposed layout is very close to how my kitchen is laid out and I absolutely LOVE it!

I like that the pantry and fridge are on the same side wall separate from my water/range aisle. It keeps snackers on the perimeter and not cutting through my prep zone, which I guarantee you they would do if my prep zone was in between the fridge and pantry as above. And it drives me wild to have snackers interfering with my workflow in the prep and cooking zone when I'm in the final stages of getting dinner together, e.g. taking a pot of boiling water from the range to the sink. So personally I think you have the fridge in the right spot for workflow.

Couple of things I would change: I agree with putting the DW on the right end and moving the sink over beside it to give you more prep space. Just ask your DH to suck it up. :) Or you can offer to switch jobs with him -- maybe tell him you will empty the dishwasher instead of him, if he can do the laundry. He will probably agree to keep his dw-unloading job with the dishwasher wherever you want it, on the spot!

Second thing is that your island is too far away from the range run. I'd move it to 48" instead of 60" ... you want to encourage traffic to flow around the island by the kitchen table side, and not through your working aisle.

Good luck with your new kitchen!

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Put a second trash pullout in your coffee area. Also, agree that you should pull the island closer to the range top. I have 39" (CT edge to range edge) and it's been great, with 1 or multiple cooks. 4' would be good.

We have a triple trash pullout under our prep sink and it's a feature I love. 1 bin for trash, 1 for plastic recycling, 1 for paper. Do you compost? An inset composter is another very useful option.

I think your plan is looking good but I keep going back to Buehl's. I'm surprised you don't want two sinks. Love the cleanup zone in her drawing. You could pull the cabinets forward or have deeper cabinets and get your flush fridge look.

Here's a link to our kitchen, chock full of GW ideas!

Here is a link that might be useful: Oldbat2be's kitchen

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This is not my kitchen, not my family, not my business nor my expertise....but....I just can't help but make another pitch for a 2nd sink. SO easy to do during new construction, so hard later on. If I were building new I might plumb for 3: clean-up, prep, and beverage areas. Maybe add one of those cute sinks with a cutting board overlay so you can use it as counter space until you need it?
As those children grow, (I hope) you'll want them in the kitchen with you, learning to prep, cook, clean, load and empty the dishwasher. Set things up now so your house will work to support the relationships you'll want later. Right now you might value alone time in the kitchen, because young children don't give you much of it. But feeding a growing and busy family can get tiresome unless you make it a cooperative effort. Consider building a kitchen for the years your children are 6 - 16.

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While I do like Beuhl's plan better, your most recent plan is really not bad. And only you know what will work best for the way your family is in the kitchen.

As to the sink location in the island, if you don't want it back to back with the range, maybe move it down toward the fridge? IDK, it may be too tight, but if you did DW, sink, then all cabs/drawers you labeled trash, prep, towel it would get the DW near dish and glass storage while enlarging the room you have to prep. Just a thought.

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I just started a new thread with my latest design, but I thought I'd also put it here just in case anyone wanted to see it. Controlfreak, I was working on exactly what you mentioned when your message came through. I think it's a great idea.
I re-shaped the island and moved things around and put in that prep sink. Kksmama, what you said really spoke to me-- trying to see into the future is so hard.
In the new thread I outlined what I'm liking about the newest version.

Here is a link that might be useful: The thread I just created

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