Dishwasher on end of row of base cabinets--issues?

mweyandtJuly 21, 2014

Hi all,

I'd like to install a Bosch or Miele dishwasher on the end of a row of base cabinets, between the cabinets and the refrigerator. I've attached an Ikea sketch (dishwasher has a black front for whatever reason). I have a few questions and concerns:

1. Do countertops actually rest on the dishwasher, i.e. can the dishwasher bear some of the countertop weight?

2. Related to #1, is it necessary that I have some "end" panel on the opposite side of the dishwasher (between the DW and fridge in my sketch), framing the dishwasher on both sides, so that the "floating" end of the counter is anchored to something?

3. Any issues with adding a continuous side cover panel from the top of the above-fridge cabinet, down past the fridge, ending at the countertop?

Many thanks!

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The dishwasher doesn't need to be anchored, but the countertop above the dishwasher does need to be supported by something other than the dishwasher. in our kitchen, between the refrigerator and the dishwasher is a piece that extends from front to back to support the countertop. It's T-shaped as I recall (I may be wrong about that) so the front is 1-1/2" wide and the panel that goes front to back is 3/4".

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A panel on the side of the fridge will help support the cabinet above it, as well as the countertop over the DW.

Here's mine. The photo was meant to show the stencil, but it also shows the fridge panel.

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ankh, I'm a little confused by your post (not by the picture, just the words). you wrote "a panel...will help support the cabinet above it" ---- did you mean "the counter above it"? Your picture shows what I described in my post.

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This is very helpful--thanks everyone!

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SJ, I meant that a fridge panel - floor to ceiling - will add support to the cabinet above the fridge, since there aren't upper cabs above the DW in the OP's sketch.

An old 12" wall cabinet can hang out into space, but I'd like more support for a fridge-depth cabinet.

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Our dishwasher butts up to a pantry, which is essentially the same situation you're talking about

Underneath the floating end of the granite, we installed an L bracket screwed to the side of the pantry to support that end

The dishwasher doesn't support any of the weight. In your case, if you put a panel down on the outside of the uppers cabs over the 'fridge to the floor, that would be the place to install a bracket like the one we have. You definitely need something there.

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Sophie Wheeler

You also need a ledger at the rear on the wall.

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"The dishwasher doesn't need to be anchoredâ¦"

The manufacturer of every dishwasher I've ever seen requires the dishwasher to be anchored. It keeps them from tipping when opened. Anchoring to countertops is obsolete; modern dishwashers are secured though their sides into the adjacent cabinets and/or panels.

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1. No.
2. Yes.
3. Yes.

You want a continuous floor to top cabinet panel, not one the sets on the countertop.

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I meant it needn't be anchored to the counter. Of course, it should be anchored on the sides.

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