Scratch on blue pearl granite counter

joyce_6333July 21, 2014

I don't really have a question ... just thought I'd let everyone know what happened so perhaps they can avoid this happening to their granite.

I placed a large ceramic/pottery dish on my counter filled with fruit for my grandchildren when they were here for a visit. One of them slid the dish across the counter to be able to reach the fruit, and it left some pretty significant scratches on the blue pearl. I was surprised, because blue pearl is one of the harder granites. I've tried buffing it out with polish, but it's there for good I'm afraid. The dish is glazed except for the bottom. I took a picture of the scratches, and of course they are hard to see in a photo. This picture is really zoomed in, and there is a large area where the bowl was pulled across the counter that has a lot of scratches. Kind of bummed about it, but now I know to check the bottom of dishes I put on the counter.

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Here's a picture of the dish.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rachel Ray dish

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Wow - I thought only diamonds or an equally hard granite could scratch Blue Pearl. Maybe that Rachel Ray dish has diamonds on the bottom :-)

I don't usually slide dishes across my Blue Pearl granite but thanks for letting us know. You could probably have the scratches professionally removed but it may not be worth the trouble/expense.

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Blue Pearl is such a hard granite. Is there any chance that your countertops were sealed? If they were, maybe the scratch is through the sealer and not the actual granite.

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Is there a lot of mica in Blue Pearl? It's my understanding that granite with a lot of mica can be prone to scratches. Our Labrador Golden Flake counters have scratches. It has a lot of mica. Some of the scratches I was actually able to camouflage using a Sharpie marker.

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Some ceramics and glazes can have a hardness similar to granite, so it's not out of the question that this happened. (bummer though!)

I'd expect these to be shallow scratches which might be able to be polished out. It's also totally possible that the scratches are in the sealer.

Mica is prone to scratching but Blue Pearl doesn't have much of it, it's mostly feldspar.

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I have never sealed the granite, and I know that the fabricator didn't either. It is very, very highly polished though (which is one of the reasons I don't like it very well), and that probably makes the scratches show up a bit more. But, lesson learned. Hope it helps someone else.

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An experienced stone restoration professional could remove those scratches without too much trouble, probably for less than $400.00, depending on where you live. It is not a DIY project.

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From your image your granite looks more like what I've heard commonly called "Blue Eyes Granite" rather than "Blue Pearl Granite", it could just be the lighting or the angle of your picture. However I don't know that that would make it more prone to scratching.

Maybe the Rachel Ray dish was purposely designed to be as harsh and grating as Rachel Ray's voice. :-)

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Our designer/remodeler has warned us that stoneware can scratch granite. She recommends using those little felt sticky pads on anything stoneware that is going to sit out on the counter. We also have some stoneware dishes that we'll be using placemats for because of this.

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+2 for Jennlee2. Our counters are going in today and I'll be buying these so I have them when we move back in.

I think this is one of the most common ways to scratch any counter--pulling a ceramic, mortar and pestle, or a cast iron pot, etc across the countertop. I am surprised this dish scratched your granite, but it does lend validation to those of us with the view that this material is often not quite as "bullet proof" as some like to suggest.

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If you don't care for the high gloss, maybe look into having it honed down. There was a post recently on this being done with an acid wash. Maybe a poultice rub could also work. Of course make sure to see the finish first on scrap.

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I often wish I had gone with quartz instead of granite in this house. I had Silestone for 12 years in our previous home and never had a bit of trouble with it. I guess I got swept up in the "granite is real" versus "quartz is fake" controversy.

Recently, I had looked into getting the Blue Pearl replaced (it's on the island only), and the granite people would give me $500 for the Blue Pearl (1/5 of what I paid for it originally). So I will probably go ahead and replace it rather than spend money getting it honed or buffed out. And it will definitely be replaced with quartz.

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I think the Blue Pearl granite is stunning! Wow. If what Trebruchet said is true that $400 would fix the scratches, I would go for it.

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I had Titanium granite installed and when it was 2 weeks old, I did the same thing with a ceramic vase. I could have cried! It was hand made and glazed except for the bottom. I had always kept cooking utensils in it and kind of tipped it and slid it closer to get a tall item out of it. I thought Titanium was supposed to be one of the most durable granites too. But I used a black sharpie and then some granite polish as suggested by the fabricators and I can't even find the scratches now. However, I very quickly put felt bottoms on my porcelain canisters and now use a mat if using anything with a ceramic bottom.

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