Getting bids for custom cabinets

broston2July 21, 2014

We are building and I'm looking into custom cabinets. Trying to get together questions to ask along with pricing questions. I am mostly concerned about the type of finish that they will use. Are there any questions that I need to get from answers for? TIA for any advice?

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You only need to confirm your cabinetmaker's reputation, then depend on his expertise.

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I absolutely second the idea of carefully assessing the cabinetmaker's reputation, the length of time they've been in business, etc. Custom cabinets give you a lot of flexibility, but if the cabinetmaker is a small company, you're risking a lot of money - what happens if something goes wrong? Above all, be absolutely sure you withhold the final payment until everything is completely done. I made the mistake of paying before my project was complete, and I regret it dearly.

I'd also advise you to determine who will be installing the cabinets. Will it be the cabinetmaker himself? If not, insist on someone with ample experience. You can have the the most perfect cabinets in the world, but if the installation is botched (as in my case), it really won't matter now nice they are.

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Thank you for opinions!

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