Miele dishwasher: clean steel vs. wood panel

Amy8888July 18, 2014

We're replacing our Miele dishwasher--the motor was broken:-( Our current one has a wood panel and we're trying to decide whether to try to reuse the wood panel or go with the stainless steel (I think it's called clean steel). To those who own a Miele stainless steel dishwasher, how easy is it to keep outside clean? Is it easy to get water streaks? Thanks!

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My SS Miele hardly ever needs to be cleaned. If it does, I just wipe with a wet microfiber cloth and all fixed. I don't think I have ever noticed a fingerprint - just drips from the counter. The worst was egg custard - (don't ask) and it cleaned up just fine - took a few rinses plus a lot of paper towels to clean up the disaster
We don't have rug rats around to handprint everything.
My elux fingerprints easily.

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I don't have Miele d/w, I have Bosch, with stainless steel door. (I purchased Bosch on my sister's recommendation; later she said Miele was a better product). I've had no problems with keeping the d/w door clean. The Bosch stainless is a satiny finish; I don't know how it compares to Miele.

I use a cleaning spray product, called "Miracle Steel," and soft cleaning pads, "Miracle Shine," for getting a nice shine on all my stainless steel kitchen appliances. I've found these items at plumbing stores,

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Thanks for the responses. We went with the SS:)

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I am impressed by how clean my SS Miele looks. I didn't clean it for many months after install. Then I was leaning down one day to pick up some thing from the floor and saw a water drip line. When I bent in front of the DW to wipe that drip with a wet microfiber on a sunny day, I was shocked to see more streaks and some gunky places. These could not be seen at standing height or sitting-at-barstool-height in regular light. The DW always looked clean. And, the spots were easy to wipe clean. My KA fridge is a whole different story. Ugh. I wish it were made with Miele's SS.

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My inlaws took my old Samsung DW and fridge. They were not fun to keep clean. But kind of like Breezy, Evidently there was a streak down the DW that I never noticed in my dark, old kitchen. Now that it's in MIL's kitchen, it's much more noticeable.

Looking forward to the Miele SS :)

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Cal_quail--my kitchen has three windows with lots of natural light. I still don't notice that the Miele is dirty unless i squat down in front of it and cock my head just so. The SS is great. No fingerprints either. Enjoy your DW!

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