Gas Range Installation Check List

BellsmomJuly 26, 2014

When an appliance is delivered, there is a lot to do and it is hard to remember everything.

Here is a compilation of suggestions from this forum and the Appliances Forum on what to have installers check when installing a gas range.

Before the installers leave, have them

1. dim lights, turn up the burners and check for flame color--nearly all blue and very little orange.

2. turn down the top burners and check for simmer and no click.

3. evaluate the burner & oven knobs. Do they turn to full on and off easily?

4. turn on all oven and broiler burners to be sure they ignite and also do not burn too orange.

5. check each burner grate and the overall range with a long level--front to back and side to side and diagonally.

6. make sure drip trays and oven shelves pull out easily.

7. carefully check oven door alignment and closure.

8. after turning on all top burners, turn them off, run the exhaust fan on high, and smell for gas.

Any additional suggestions or changes will be appreciated.

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This is the "Performance Checklist" in the Bluestar Manual online. It's meant for installers, but there may be something worthwhile in looking it over. Correlating the above list with this list.

Appearance and Aesthetics
ï¨Top section
ï¨Oven interior
ï¨Broiler pan set

ï¨Proximity to cabinets
ï¨Backguard in place
ï¨Ventilation system
ï¨Read User Manual
ï¨Review safety instructions

Electrical Connection
ï¨Correct voltage
ï¨Grounded outlet
ï¨Polarized outlet

Gas Connection
ï¨Verify fuel��"_____Nat _____LP
ï¨Gas shut-off present and accessible
ï¨Supply line properly sized
ï¨Supply pressure checked
ï¨Operating pressure checked
ï¨All connections checked for leaks

ï¨Top Burners
ï¨Char Broiler
ï¨Oven Burner
ï¨Infrared Broiler
ï¨Infrared Broiler

Air/Gas Mixture
ï¨Top Burners
ï¨Char Broiler
ï¨Oven Burner
ï¨Infrared Broiler

Oven Door
ï¨Door seal

Valve Operation
ï¨Top Burners
ï¨Char Broiler
ï¨Oven Burner
ï¨Infrared Broiler

Flame Adjustment
ï¨Top Burners
ï¨Char Broiler
ï¨Oven Burner

ï¨Burner knobs
ï¨Convection oven fan & switch
ï¨Oven light switch

Reading it over, it already prompted me to check (after I post this) the size of the gas supply line. They already located it in the wrong place once (same with fridge electical outlet). I will not be shocked if it's not the right size.

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Thank you for posting this. I will print it and use it on Monday and perhaps incorporate it into a generic list for GW.

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Cat Quail
I googled for Capital Culinarian installation guide and found the one for my range. I had no idea the darn things were available.
I have printed it and will use it as well as the lists above.
Thanks so much for alerting me to this.

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