Blue kitchen NECRO with lamp shade update!

uroboros5July 3, 2012

I updated a year-old thread with new pictures but it's not showing up on the first page. I know you've all been biting your nails off in anticipation, I have the relief you need:

Thread is updated

It took me a year to finish off the stained glass lampshade to match my kitchen reno. Yeah I know, I'm not worthy ;-)

At last! I have completed the matching stained glass lampshade.

The chandelier piece is a little too low, I've ordered a lamp part so the light cluster will be 1 inch deeper into the shade.

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The shade looks awesome! Very impressive undertaking!

I agree with you re: the chandelier piece--you'll have to post more pics when the new part is installed.

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Very nice! Lotta work went into that...

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That looks absolutely wonderful, Uroboros, and what a special touch. A year isn't bad at all. I'm afraid all I still have from my brief flirtation with stained glass (swept up by a BIG wave in the...?1970s) is a scar on my left index finger. :) Good job!

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The lampshade fits in perfectly...size, colors, shape. Did you design the pattern yourself? Where did you order the lamp parts (hardware) from? Congratulations on creating such a beautiful one of a kind piece of artwork.

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That's great! What a lovely shade of blue too.

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I absolutely LOVE your shade. The three different patterned clears and whites are perfectly lovely. The pattern is simple and elegant. I prefer yours to the old family piece that hangs in my kitchen which I use because it has so many memories. My father rescued this more than 50 years ago from his uncle's barn loft where it was covered with hay and bird droppings. My parents used it in their kitchen, and, although it is too large for my space, I simply HAD to incorporate it.

I am going to include a picture of mine because I thought you might want to consider using a similar light fixture that is totally inside your exquisite shade. One that has perhaps three bulbs and a diffuser below. This would, I think, illuminate the band more brilliantly, which I think is desirable. I am not sure that would work with the shape of your shade, but it might be worth considering.

I hope you will smile at the thought that someday yours will hang in one of YOUR children's kitchen. And maybe your grandchild's. It really is that good. Is there a way you can put your name or initials and the date inside it? Maybe on the metal of the cap with a dremel? You really should sign and date this.


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Thank you everyone!

The shade was indeed my own design. The hardware is a standard 6-bulb chandelier for stained glass projects that I was using for the lamp that was there before. It's at least 16 years old - maybe that's why it looks unobtrusive to me, it's almost invisible by now.

I might change it eventually if I find something that strikes my fancy. Maybe with some crystals?

I have a bad habit of not signing things... only paintings!

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I received the piece to raise the chandelier into the lamp. It looks better now!

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