Schuler drawer cutlery divider- need quick response

boone_2009July 29, 2013

We're having our cabinets installed as I write and to my dismay, the ( wood) cutlery dividers that I ordered for 4 drawers, don't extend the full depth of the drawer - they are removable and end about one and a half inches before the back of the drawer. They just slide back and forth!
I'd assumed they'd be the full depth of each drawer and fit snugly ( like the knife block drawer organizer which is fine).

I tried calling Schuler, reached Elkay and had to leave a msg. Due to time differences, I doubt they'll call back today.

These cutlery dividers look no different from good wooden ones available at stores like Bed, Bath and Beyond - yet we paid a far higher price for them

My installer suggested just attaching double-sided Velcro tape to the sides so they don't slide; but I feel that I should not have to 'make do' .

What do you all think/suggest? Should I return the dividers and get my own? Or if anyone has Schuler cabinetry, do you have the same type of cutlery dividers? It's really weird - I feel that a semi-custom line should have better organizers than something I can pull off the shelves at any store!


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I would not like the double-sided Velcro idea, either. And I agree that the inserts should fit the drawers, or at least be a bit larger so that they could be cut to fit. What about lengthening them with pieces of wood cut to fit the space and glued to the organizers?

If I thought I could make them work on my own with a simple modification, I'd be inclined to do so just to avoid the hassle of returning them. If not, I'd return them and order organizers from a place that makes them a bit over-sized so that I could cut them myself to fit.

Right now I have an organizer in my flatware drawer that is a bit too short, and it is a PITA the way it slides back and forth. I cut a piece of foam to fit behind it to stop the sliding and that works okay, but I wouldn't be happy with that solution if I'd paid for a custom fit.

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My Schuler cutlery divider is also smaller than the drawer (I only have one). I put a box of parchment paper behind it to keep it in place (and have baking supply within easy reach).

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Jellytoast and Majra - thank you so very much for your help. I was able to take a look at my computer only now.

Jellytoast: I could ask the installer to cut and glue some wood pieces but it makes me rather irate that Schuler sent such dividers; it isn't his fault so I feel he should not have to do their work, so to speak. I agree it's a hassle to return them but my KD is really great and probably would do so.

However, Majra says her Schuler divider is also smaller than her drawer so maybe Schuler makes them all that way and then there'd be no point in asking them to send another. The installer said that almost every cabinet brand he installs has the same issue and it makes no sense to him ( or me) when it's supposed to be a semi-custom drawer ( well, the price certainly makes no sense!!).

The installer said that this way I could take out the entire piece to clean - but wood dividers don't really get that dirty and I can always use my little vac to scoop up stray dirt.
Do you like the fact that you can remove them from the drawer?

Thanks so much again!

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If you think you overpaid for them, return them. It should be pretty easy to do when you're dealing with Lowe's. We returned special ordered trim molding to a Kraftmaid vanity to Home Depot, and all we had to do was go to the service desk. They treated it like any other return.

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may-flowers: Thank you! Yeah, *did* we overpay for them! I think we're going to do just what you suggested - return them. As you said, I don't anticipate any problem with Lowes and our KD who has been with us all the way.

Only thing is: now I'm feeling 'down', boohoo. I'd been looking forward to my dividers and it's kind of a let-down. Oh, I know, in the grand scheme of things, this is piffle :-) but still.... the thought of having/seeing nicely fitted dividers in my 4 drawers had me really excited, sigh. Why couldn't they have done them up like they did the knife drawer? double sigh.

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Check out Rev-a-Shelf. They have cut-to-fit wooden organizers for a custom fit. Pricey, but likely not as pricey as the one's that came with your cabinets.

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You could simply have a strip of 1/4" (or even 1/8") thick wood cut to size and place that at the back of the divider. That will keep it from sliding back.

If you can return those dividers, you may want to check out the custom ones from Wood Hollow Cabinets. We got one custom cutlery insert built by them for $35 plus shipping. We just sent them the inside measurements of the drawer. The dividers are mounted to a base and the base is cut to fit the drawer, so no sliding around. They make several other types of drawer organizers as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wood Hollow Cabinets

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Hi, Jellytoast - yes, I checked out Rev-a-Shelf, available at our local Lowes ( and also looked online ). Thanks!

And hello and thanks to Gpraceman, too, for that link - your cutlery insert looks lovely and both prices ( Rev and Wood H are way below what we paid for ours!).

I'm returning mine!!

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I have Schuler cabinets and I did not order the cutlery insert from them. I just bought a plastic one from Target :) thinking I would find a wooden one that looked nicer down the road. But I like that I can just take out the plastic one and easily wash it in the sink!

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marcy96: apologies for the late response; I saw your post only today after a 4 day break ( woohoo) from kitchen renovation.
I had white plastic dividers, too, in my old drawers - and yes, they were easy to take out and clean!
But since we ordered new semi-custom cabinetry, I thought it would be nice to have fitted wood dividers in the drawers, to complete the "look".
Interestingly, last night, my DH found a Rev-a-Shelf brochure inside one of the Schuler packing boxes in the garage!!
Hmmm... does Schuler use Rev-a-Shelf for its dividers?? I feel cheated!
DH said maybe the brochure was slipped in as an ad for RaS - he could be right but I'm not buying it!

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Our cabinet maker made no secret out of them using Rev-a-Shelf components. We probably should have bought our trash pullout from Rev-a-Shelf and installed it ourselves to save a bit of money. I'm sure the cabinet makers do it to save time and from having to make their own do dads. I'm sure that they also add in a markup.

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gpraceman, if I'd known before ordering, I'd have done that, too - just bought directly from Rev-a-Shelf. Ooooh, that makes me mad! *&^%$!!

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Is your cabinet maker going to take back those cutlery dividers? If so, I'd look into the Wood Hollow dividers, as those are truly custom and not too expensive IMO.

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I'm waiting to find that out, gpraceman. Will know tomorrow.
I'll definitely look into Wood Hollow - saw their work online thanks to your link. Thank you for your help :-).

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Quick update : The cabinet maker says the installer should nail the dividers in; is this normally done?? How do you clean the drawers or the dividers then, if they get dirty?

KD says I can return them if I wish, no problem.

What should I do?

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Return them and get what you want at a better price. There's no way I'd want my dividers nailed into my new cabinet drawers.

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Thanks, maire_cate, that's how I felt too, so I'm glad to have my opinion seconded :-). They told me today to just put some Velcro in to keep them in place inside the drawer.
I'm returning them. :-) ;-)

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I'll second the advice to check out Wood Hollow dividers. The fit, cost and quality are all very nice.

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It is good to hear that you can return them. Get ones that you will be happier with.

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bowyer123 and gpraceman: Yep,I'm glad I can return them - and I'll order new ones from Wood Hollow. Thanks for the recommendation. :-)

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I have the rev-a-shelf which I bought from Lee Valley. When it arrived, I discovered the lee valley one is RAS- so could have just gone and bought it locally.
In any case, GC cut it to fit the drawer perfectly.
I was originally going for a two layer drawer but just did the RAS

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Isn't that annoying, a2gemini? If I'd known beforehand that RAS provides Schuler with their organizers....*&^%$!
Since my problem is not just that it needs cutting to fit perfectly (as it is too small, depth-wise ) but also that two of them are divided in such a way that there is no space for long cooking utensils like turners and spoons and spatulas, I just *have* to return them.

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