Deep fissure on granite countertop

tanyadenJuly 19, 2013


I know that this question has been asked before, but I cannot put together all answers, sorry. Please help me!

3 days ago we finally had our kitchen countertop installed. We selected Giallo Ornamental, and it looks great!

But immediately after installers left I noticed long and pretty deep fissure. I don't think it's a crack (well, I hope it's not). But it is really big for the fissure - about 10" long, maybe even longer. You obviously can feel its sides when run your finger over, and it's quite deep.

Talked to installer today and asked what could be done to fill it somehow, because it already started to collect dirt. He told me that "fissures are natural to the stone", etc. I know all this, no need to tell me how granite was formed... All I want is to fill this gap somehow, so I won't have the deep ravine of dirt on my countertop.

Unfortunately he doesn't seem to be willing to do anything, and well - we paid in full already :-(

So my question is - what can we do now to just "cover" this fissure. I don't mind it to be visible, I just want it to stay clean! Maybe use some kind of transparent silicon? Would it work on already sealed stone?

All suggestions are really appreciated!

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Any chance you paid by credit card?

I would not use transparent silicone to fill a crack on a counter top. It has a gummy feel to it. Your installers can mix a resin in a color to match your stone. I do not understand why your installer wouldn't want to come back and fix the counter top to your satisfaction.

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We used a GO remnant for a vanity and it has a small pit. There was no way to template around it, so they filled it with clear epoxy. They said it could pop out in the future.

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Deposit was paid by credit card, the balance - by personal check.
I also don't see why the installer doesn't want to do anything. Maybe he just doesn't know how to do it properly? No idea...

I guess I had to do my homework better and choose better installer, but it's too late now...

Do you think I can find someone else to do the fix? Yes, I will have to pay for it, but it's better than have this ugly line on the beautiful stone.
Is there any way to know in advance if the manufacturer would do it properly? Again, I should ask all these questions before, but well... better late than never.

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Clear epoxy doesn't sound complicated. Can we do it our self?
Just mask the sides of the crack, and clean it immediately after filling?

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You should just be able to epoxy it. Wait until the epoxy sets and then use a razor blade to scrape away the excess.

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Your fabricator really should address this for you....

Barring that, you could do it yourself using epoxy (it's not too difficult to use) or even superglue. I've filled in a few chips this way. You would fill in with the epoxy/superglue, scrape away excess with the side/edge of a razor blade, and then "buff" with fine steel wool. Usually it'll start out dull, but eventually becomes less so as I continue to buff. I also dab a little sealer on it to bring up the shine (the stuff our fabricator used adds shine, too, as it is a polish/sealer???).

If the fissure isn't deep enough, the glue might not stay--I think it needs something to adhere to (eg. unpolished stone edges), but might be worth a try if your guy won't do it.

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The fissure can be filled using cyanoacrylate (ca glue) like cat mom indicated. It is a better repair in most cases than if polyester resin or epoxy is used. If your fabricator can't do this for you find a bonafide stone refinisher who will. It's not a dyi project . It can be tricky as the ca glue is quite strong and if you aren't careful when removing the glue it can chip the stone or make a pock mark.

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Thank you all for your suggestions!
We'll try to find a good stone refinisher to fix it.

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