Faucet - front lever high arc traditional pull -down

cookingbuffJuly 29, 2013

I will be installing my 36" whitehaven farmhouse sink and am looking for a faucet recommendation. I want the lever to be in the front-have it now and all the drips go in the sink. The sink is wide so I need a large faucet spout distance. Any recommendations? Anyone love /dislike the faucet they have now? Thanks.

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I love my Moen pulldown. You can install it with the handle front, side, or angled, as mine is. The traditional style is the Brantford, I think. It does not have a particularly wide arc, though. It does work great, it retracts reliably, and it has spray hold, which is a really useful feature.

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I would get a faucet with a spray hold if you can. I've had both and I like the function much better. I also like a faucet that flows a bit forward, to the center of the sink. I had a faucet that flowed down in the back 1/3 of the sink, and I was always getting the water on the back counter when using water, even when I had my handle facing into the sink.

I have a Hansgrohe faucet now and the only thing I don't like is spray function button. You have to keep a hold of the button during use for the spray. Otherwise it works very well. If you get a Hansgrohe be sure to get the model that rotates 360degrees. The line that rotates 150degrees doesn't allow the handle to be faced forward and still have full rotation from side to side in the sink. Though there is a solution that I discovered. I have a 150 degree faucet that I bought on Ebay, assuming it was a 360. I took the faucet apart and saw where the stop was located and asked my plumber to saw it off. Easy and effective. Now I have it mounted with handle in the front and full rotation.

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I have the Grohe Bridgeford, which swivels 360* so the handle can be mounted anywhere. The faucet is large compared to what we had before, but seems to be the norm now. The reach is about 8 1/2" which is plenty, but our sink is 30". Only thing I don't like, is that the spray has to be held on with the button, it would be nice to be able to use two hands under it with the spray on. Can't understand why they don't know this would be a desirable feature, seems like a no brainer to me! Oh well other than that, love the faucet...

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Take a look at Poohpup's Waterstone faucet. I have a Waterstone also but more of a contemporary look. Love having the handle in the front. Even DH can't drip on the counter...
I bought the standard version but think I would go with the extended reach to bring it further forward.

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What model is that Waterstone? Can you get the spray to stay on w/o having to keep pressing the button?

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Thanks for the suggestions. I will see if I can find them in a local plumbing store so I can "try" them. Anyone else--positive or negative reviews?

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Holly- Kay

Love my Waterstone too. I was worried about splashing down the front of my Whitehaven but it hasn't been an issue at all.

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Holly- Kay

Attaching a pic.

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Holly- Kay

Not a good pic. I was trying to show the front of the sink. I will try again.

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This head does latch on. Waterstone did have some issues with drooling when faucet was on (a small amount of water leaked around the buttons) with this model.
They are re-designing the head.
The head above latches on and the replacement head will also latch on.
Currently, I have a different head on mine(will have to take a picture) which is a contemporary version of Holly-Kaye's. the temporary head does not latch on. Not all of the heads drool and others were not having the issue.
I will try to snag a picture.
Ok- I am avoiding the model as I am blanking on the numbers but I think it is the PLP 5400.

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I would look at the Grohe Ladylux Pro. Those are engineered to be installed with the controls in any of the 3 obvious positions and it has all the features including spray lock. Here are photos of a kitchen with the Grohe LLP installed facing front.

Here is a link that might be useful: Grohe LadyLux Pro

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The arc of the faucet in pic looks really forward. Seems like it would really splash.

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Granjan - there is a great article on spoosh - if I find it, I will attach it.
Basically - what causes splash is the stream hitting uneven surfaces such as the edge of the drain or the flappers from the GD.
Mine hits a couple inches in front of the drain - no splash from hitting the bottom - but if I am rinsing things that I am holding in my hand and not careful - I can splash - my DH is an expert at doing this....

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