Please post pics of your organized cabinets and drawers

sanjuangirlJuly 19, 2013

We are almost finished with our kitchen, just need to have the island slab installed (next week) and the new wood floors put in. Unfortunately we're doing this backwards and should have decided on wood first so the demo of our tile could have been done before our kitchen renovation; my DH only decided yesterday that we should add it to our budget.

I've decided to start putting some stuff back so we can begin cooking again. I really want to be organized this time around. It's not in my nature but I'm going to make every effort!

Some of the organizational skills here on GW scare me in their thoughtful thoroughness. I'm hoping some of it rubs off on me as I put all of my things back in place.

I would appreciate photos.


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Here's a cutlery drawer organizer that we had custom made. We saw these from another GWer. You can get them on eBay for $35 plus shipping. Just give them the internal dimensions of your drawer. They also do other types of kitchen organizers.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wood Hollow Cabinets

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My cabinet maker made some dividers that fit in snugly but can be moved with a bit of effort, and I bought some various sized organization bins (I love the wire mesh ones best) to supplement them.

Then I just sort of played with exactly where to position the dividers and how to best arrange the organizational bins as I was putting my stuff away. Having a bunch of different sized bins was key, so I could arrange them to maximize the space utilization and fit my stuff best. Here are a few pics of my drawers:

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Plan your cabinet storage by measuring what you have. I was so tired of stacking bowls, love these (note we have 18" deep uppers):

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I saved an older Gardenweb thread on this same subject that has great pictures. Still working on my kitchen, but love to come back to look at potential ideas.

Drawer organization

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Here's a few of mine:

Vertical utensil storage in pullout:

Ikea spice inserts:

vertical storage made with tension curtain rods:


dog bowls under laundry sink:



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Wows, what great drawers, it's obvious that a lot of thought has gone into these spaces.
Taggie, your kitchen looks beautiful. Can't remember if I've seen a post showing it, I'd love to see it. The combination of the dark and light cabinets look cool. Your drawers are awesome!
Pgraceman, thanks for the link to the drawer dividers
Great bowl storage Oldbat!
Cindy, that link was crazy. I'd never seen he inside of Beagles cabinets! What a kitchen!
Fredanji, your kitchen rocks! Cute pooch!
I'm wishing I had more drawers now. I still have lots of lower cabinets......sigh
Thanks for sharing

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I just had some inserts made by Wood Hollow. They did a fantastic job and I highly recommend them! Here are some pics - my drawers are still overstuffed, but that's not their fault.

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This is a great topic. So many organized GW posters!

Fredanj, I have a question for you. With that pullout that houses the utensils in stand up containers, how do you access the lower two shelves of the pullout? Do you prefer storing the utensils in these stand up containers vs laying flat in drawers? I am intrigued by your design.


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I love all the organized cabinets and drawers that really give me ideas when I am ready to finalize my kitchen after I fix my floor damage everywhere else.

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Wow wow wow! Who wants to come to lovely SoCal and help me organize?????

Such great ideas.

Soibean, I'm going to get some organizers like yours, they're awesome!

I 'm embarrassed to say it here, but I'm going to get some roll out shelves since I still have a lot of lower cabinets! The budget didn't extend far enough and apparently I wanted pretty over function since I spent a lot of $$$ on the backsplash.

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I am SO looking forward to putting things away in my new cabinets and drawers! I have sketched out organization charts for a lot of my drawers. I am a big fan of BB&B wire mesh baskets, and plan to use them in utensil and desk drawers (I already have them for flatware).

I think putting things away and organizing it going to be the most fun part of the whole kitchen remodel process - how fortunate that it is the last step. I suspect unpacking all the boxes after 2 months will feel like Christmas.

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Here's mine!

Mine are also from Wood Hollow and I am very happy with their work.

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I do like the vertical utensil storage. It's easier to find what you need without a jumbled mess in the drawer - even with dividers. On the other hand, if you have lots of shallow drawers for utensils and they can be somewhat spread out, the vertical storage isn't necessary.

The pullout we used has only one stationary shelf - the bottom one. We removed one and moved the others to give enough room for the vertical storage at the top. Yes, it does make the other shelves less accessible. You have to bend to reach them.

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Fredanj, where is the utensil thingy from? I have a 12" pull out going next to my oven, and would love one of those!

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I bought two of these:

Cal Mil 1425-3-60 Bamboo Three Cylinder Display

You have to buy the cylinder inserts separately. They come in stainless steel and many colors.

Here is a link that might be useful: utensil holder

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Thank you very for the info on your pullout, fredanj and for the link as well! I will definitely try to incorporate something like that in the kitchen I am designing.


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I've been lurking here a long time so I'm happy that I finally have something to share.

This is my spice drawer. I found the jars at Crate & Barrel online. It's so nice to open that drawer and instantly spot what I'm looking for versus my old routine of tearing apart half my cupboard to locate a spice.

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mis 1999,

That is a nice spice drawer! Judging from the pic, it looks like the spice containers are just placed inside the drawer with no other divider. (which reduces costs) is that correct? Can you please tell us the dimensions of your drawer?


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Thanks! You're correct, there are no other dividers in there. I will say, the rows do occasionally slide toward the back of the drawer. However, it's simple enough to just push the row back toward the front of the drawer.

This is a 24" drawer. It was pure luck for me... this drawer was my first choice and the jars just happened to fit perfectly.

Here's a better pic...


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Thanks mis1999 for the extra info and picture. Can I trouble you to measure how deep (tall) the drawer is from the interior?


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Thanks very much for the additional photo. The symmetry of this system is so appealing!

I'm not sure I would have the discipline to decant spices from their original bottles into these matching containers, but I guess it doesn't have to happen very often. Does that ever bother you? Do you have an additional spot where you keep the original bottles for future refills?


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Thank you both so much!

I cook a good bit and haven't had to do much refilling. The jars aren't big but they hold a good bit considering I'm normally only taking teaspoons at a time. I store all my spare spices in a Rubbermaid box in a downstairs cupboard. What I really like about these jars is that it's so easy at a quick glace exactly how much I have of each spice. When I was setting the jars up, I realized that I had 2-3 jars of some spices - my old cabinet was such a mess that I'd sometimes overlook a spice and purchase another jar.

Carol - no problem at all! I'm at work now but I'll take precise measurements for you this evening.

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Here are a few of mine that I didn't show in my reveal
My baking drawer

Food storage and lunchbox prep

Dish Drawer

Cutting boards and baking trays

Knife drawer

Here is a link that might be useful: Creamy white and stainless reveal

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Carol - as promised, here are those measurements...

To the wood edge in the drawer is exactly 3". From the base of the drawer to the tip of the metal on the jar is 2 7/8". I have about 1/4" clearance from jar to drawer opening. 3 rows of jars = 12.5" total. 4 rows = 16.25".

Hope all those measurements help. Let me know if there's anything else I can check.

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Those measurements are very helpful. I want to do what you have done with the spices. Thanks for sharing, and for taking the time to answer all my questions!


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Some great ideas - I might have to add them to what I have already done. It is amazing - if you organize it, it tends to stay organized!
A bit late as I was traveling

Here is my Spice Stack

Closed up spices - I have more in my baking area - but this allows me to use standard bottle for most of my general spices.

Dish Drawer - still working on the final resolution - I know longer have the 8 lb peg board in it.

My baking cabinet - extra flour is in the pantry - but I think I have about 8 varieties...

Blind corner - I used these cheap Copco lazy susan units until I get energetic to make something better. i only use on the top 2 shelves.

Above oven - similar to others

How do you say OCD - LOL :-) The insert is Rev-a-shelf for the silver and just plain knife block from the local vacuum store. I think it is a Wustoff.

Vertical drawer dividers so I don't have to unstack most items - but loved the idea of tension curtain rods...

More vertical storage

Over the top - organized towels!!

More baking dishes and wraps as well - wish I made this one a 4 stack but didn't want to have too many wierd lines

My bread machine drawer \- it now houses my Vitamix attachments as well. I also have a container drawer \- love having the plastic in drawers so no more avalanches!! My "jig saw" drawer \- these are bins by Made Smart and I literally sat at BBB and put them together to figure out what worked \- I have modified a few of the bins \- they probably think I am nuts \- I keep taking things back and getting different ones.

Have fun!

PS - Love to come to So Cal to help organize!!

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2 Gemini, you've out done yourself with an amazing amount of drawers, dividers and good ideas!

Come spread your good ideas At my house!

Here's my beginning attempt at organizing! Now what do I put in there?

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SJG - Thanks! Great start - What types of items go in the left drawer? Your divider drawer looks like you can pick and choose the set-up.

GrumpyDave's suggestion - put your "like" items together in bins - even though someone might question chop sticks in my baking drawer - I use the square part to level off the measuring cups..

I think I was in your neighborhood just recently - I was in the PNW on a consulting job for 2 weeks. Maybe next time - but by then, you will have it all figured out.

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Can I add my fridge organizers? They just got these "binz" at Costco!

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Dilly, I just saw those next to the organizer I just bought! Wondered what to put in them since we don't drink soda. Perfect for yogurt!

Gemini, I will experiment once I get back into my kitchen, they are demo-Ing my tile floors today so were out for while again......I'm in I Orange County, Ca, in san juan capistrano. I do love the San juan islands though.


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Can't wait to see what you do!
I sometimes make it the silicone valley but that is as far south as I have been.

The key is to put all of the items together and figure out the best size and shape of bins.

I keep modifying mine

Have fun!

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Great old thread I found while googling. Thanks to everyone.

Question for fredanj (or anyone who knows) can you tell me about your under sink organization? Is that a tension rod and random hanging basket? Or is that a 'thing'? Very cool.

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