Please tell me what this countertop edge is called

boone_2009July 14, 2013

It looks like an ogee but not entirely; I love it and would like to have the same edge on my countertop but no one seems to be able to give it a name, saying it 'looks like and ogee, but also like a kind of double radius..' etc.!

I especially like the corners.

This was photographed at a local kitchen shop with the owner's permission to take the picture - I just hope it's okay to *publish* it here ( if not, I'll remove it at once).


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Oops...looks like the picture is not displayed...maybe that's a message to me!!!!!

Sorry about that... I took it on my cellphone and am not too computer savvy.

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Here's a selection of edge styles.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stone counter top edge profiles

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Wow, thanks for that link, sombreuil mongrel. I have some other links for edges but this one is so comprehensive and has edge diagrams that I haven't seen before. Now I am trying to match "my" edge to one of the pics under "laminated edges". Thanks again! I'll try to post the pic again if I can.

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