lacanche colors??

shortstacksJuly 18, 2014

Well, I think I have finally decided on the Chagny 1400.....but, still thinking on the color.
Armor or Delft Blue?
Would love to hear any thoughts...
Also, what to cook on the Plancha?
Can you really slow cook in the warming side?

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I vote Delft. It's more classic and will be a happier color in all lights. Armor could look great, but will be moodier as the lighting changes. But I think I have a bias for light colored ranges. Unless they're red. :)

Use the plancha for anything you'd make in a griddle or skillet that doesn't have tons of liquid. Standard American fare includes pancakes, breakfast meats, hamburgers, etc. Also steaks, stir fries, hash. You can toast rice, add broth (enough to wet the rice), seasoning and meat. Grill tortillas, tacos, quesadillas, etc. Toast a weighted sandwich (with a grill press or bricks on top).

You can slow cook in any warming drawer/cabinet. It's important to research the temperatures required in your recipe. Old style crockpots were meant to cook for 8-10 hours at very low temperatures while you were at work (or, in the beginning, while you weren't allowed to cook on the Sabbath). That doesn't gibe with food safety liability standards. It's safe. But the companies can get sued if you don't leave it long enough to kill all the pathogens, so the newer ones run hotter and overcook the food if you leave it more than 4-5 hours. Make sure of your recipe, use a thermometer to check the temperature of your warmer, and you're good to go.

Congrats on your new range. :)

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Well, since mine will be Delft Blue I'm obviously partial to it! But the best way to be sure is to get enamel chip samples of both and prop them up vertically in the right spot and see what the light does in your kitchen.

You can definitely cook in the warming oven - I made a tuna & tomato dish when I tested out a Volnay. Pillog is dead-on with regards to the time element in low-temperature cooking. That is a big part of what makes sous vide work, the fact that you hold at temp for a long enough period of time.

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Not knowing the rest of your kitchen choices, I prefer Armor. I slow cooked ribs in my warming oven, and made yogurt. Everyhthing came out great.

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Thanks everyone for the comments.....
I'm excited about the new range so love hearing all of your thoughts...........

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Congratulations on selecting your range! You must be so excited! I think both are beautiful colors and it really depends on the elements that will surround the range and their colors and tones. (Is that a cop out :) ?) Actually I would get samples of both and put them with the other elements (floor, cabinets, countertops) and see which resonates better. I think Armor would go better in a darker kitchen and Delft Blue in a light (white?) kitchen but it really depends.

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Yes, as ChristyMcK mentioned, knowing your palette would help. I am a little partial to the delft blue, though.

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Thanks everyone! I love both the Armor and Delft Blue.....need to decide in a day or two.
I have both samples out viewing.
My cabinets will be creamy white w a light glaze and my center island, 9' long w sink area, will be a painted glazed black.
????? If anyone has a blue Lacanche w these colors please let me know and even if not I would love any thoughts ......
Still deciding on a light granite or marble....
Thanks thanks thanks!

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Presuming the range would be incorporated into the glazed creamy white cabinets, I'd go with Delft Blue.

As for the warming cupboard, we eat a lot of beans so I plan to cook them there and retire my slow cooker. I'm also excited to make yogurt, proof bread, dehydrate fruit and slow roast meats. Of course I'll also keep food warm in there. Our ETA for our Volnay is mid-August....getting close!

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