Which color pulls?

Kathy RiveraJuly 22, 2013

I'm trying to decide on pull color. It will either be ORB or "brushed nickel" (meaning - something silvery and pretty matte,not ness. nickel). I picked up two super cheapies at HD to compare. The problem of course - I like the ORB on the stained cabs and the metal on the painted. I think I don't like the ORB on the cream cabs b/c it sticks out too much. I had originally planned on all pulls, but now wonder if I should do ORB b/c I think I prefer it more, but do knobs on the painted uppers? OR, maybe I'm preferring the ORB b/c it's more traditional than the silver one I got and I'm actually being drawn to the style and not the color?

So, any thoughts for me? I'll go with a stainless/brushed metal faucet either way and a stainless sink. I also have stainless appliances if that factors in your opinions at all. And below is a picture of what likely will be my counter (going tomorrow to confirm!).

Lastly, the bronzish one is what's on my cabs right now. I like the tone, actually, but the bronze ones I find are all out of the cheap range I'm looking to stay in for pulls (already way over budget...) So bronze is out.

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Your stained cabs are a lot like mine, and I have similar ORB pulls on the drawers and round knobs on the doors. Mine are from Berenson, from the Adagio collection, and I've attached the link. I do think ORB knobs might work on the painted doors.

Alternatively, is it possible to use the bronze ones from your existing cabs and just get more if you need them?

Here is a link that might be useful: Berenson ORB hardware

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IMHO, the pull on the left looks the best with both the painted and stained finishes. I agree you should try a sample of a more traditional pull in the nickel finish to get a better idea.

Top Knobs has a finish called "antique pewter" that might work well with your combo of painted and stained cabinets ... it's really pretty ... silvery, but not too bright. You can order a sample on their website for $5.00.

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I agree with Jellytoast - I like the one on the left but also think the one she suggested would look great.

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