Floating or Non-stationary Kitchen Island

ijensenJuly 9, 2013

I have seen several kitchens where the island is on wheels - barely noticeable unless you are really looking. I am considering this option in a kitchen remodel and wondered if any of you have had any experience with this. The one issue I may have is not having electrical outlets in the island.

Any opinion or advice would be appreciated. Thanks!!

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My sister has a 30" x 54" roller with a knee-hole desk space in it for a bar stool. She rolls it near the sink for chopping. By the windows for bill paying or coupon-clipping. Pushes it near the ovens if she's taking out a lot of small things. She can roll it into the dining room (open concept) if she's doing an informal buffet. It works for her, and it looks beautiful. I think I would miss the outlet, but she says she never has.

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I just had a house built (in Canada) and was told it had to be fixed to meet code. It also had to have an electrical outlet and also one on the breakfast bar. Our building codes are fairly strict I think.

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Fori is not pleased

If it's a code issue, you install it after inspection. I love the idea of a mobile island, but the outlet issue could stop me. Guess if you know you won't need outlets...

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Holly- Kay

I have an island that can be moved slightly. I wanted to be able to easily move large items through if needed. I still have electric so I can only move it so far before I run out of cable.

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Thanks so much for the replies. I appreciate it. I was wondering if a floor outlet would allow the use of a "multi-bar" type outlet on the island for electrical purposes. I plan to have a raised counter area and could obscure a multi-bar in that area. Then I could unplug it if I wanted to move it to a different area. So many decisions....:)

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We have a stationary island and a floating peninsula (search my username for pictures.) Our island would be too heavy to move...it's got all my pots in it. We had one of those "work table" type islands in there before and I hated it. Work on there and the food detritus would fall down onto the open shelf below, which was also perfect height for the dog to sniff and required dusting. Just awful.

We have an outlet in the floor below my island, which we never use. It's on a GFCI, but even so I put in a marine-grade outlet cover with a rubber gasket to keep mop water out. I probably should have just removed it in the reno, but then again, that wasn't an expense I could justify.

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I have a non-electrified kitchen island that I move aside for big parties, lining it up with the end of a run of countertop to create a peninsula. Moving the island opens the kitchen up and gives people room to congregate and move around freely. The flexibility has come in very handy!

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"If it's a code issue, you install it after inspection. "

Since code is in place for safety reasons, I would heed the warnings (even if it's not required locally).

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youngdeb.....searched you but didn't find anything. Also went to your clippings and didn't see a kitchen/island post. Liked your other clippings I saw...:)

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I don't use the outlets on my island much. Occasional use of electric can opener, mini chopper, electric mixer, or electric knife. I could use a counter outlet for any of those if I needed too. I keep my blender on the counter.

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This is my kitchen...

Here is a link that might be useful: Houzz KOW

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Fori is not pleased

Snookums, why is a non-electrified movable cabinet more dangerous than let's say a table? Common sense should always apply. But thanks for the shout out. :)

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Fori, I thought the suggestion was to install an outlet on the movable island after inspection, if code does not allow. So my suggestion is always to follow code :)

I think you're supposed to have outlets available in all work areas so cords aren't being dragged across. A work island isn't quite the same as a kitchen table. I would also think the moving work space would factor into code, too, as far as having an outlet there.

I'd just check the NEC and follow it. They have the most experience and our best interests at heart.

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