Have you seen these glasses anywhere?

oldbat2beJuly 20, 2014

Back in 2007, I purchased a few sets of these wonderful glasses from the Source Perrier company (Desiree Bubble Tumblers). We've been using them as our everyday glass, and I love them still.

They have bubbles etched onto the sides:

(This is sitting on top of another glass).

I'd like very much to add a few additional sets (due to the occasional breakage). When I googled them, the only reference I found was Replacements. (They have none in stock but I've signed up anyway in case they get any in the future).

If you can suggest a source, I'd be grateful!

While searching today, I came across this fun glass. Any ideas where I could find this one? Thanks!!

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I have not seen those exact ones, but I did see some of the same shape but in colors at Home Goods recently.

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Home Goods came to my mind also. Unfortunately, you have to catch them when they have them and no way to check availability or get them shipped from out of your area. I seem to have a knack for finding the last 4, 6 or 8 of a certain glass and not being able to find more. Six is minimal for us, and 8 is better, but 12 would have been better for the set I have now. So I have 2 different glasses.

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try googling , bubble in bottom of glass and then check images

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It is out of stock on this website. The cucumber bev was inspiring!

Here is a link that might be useful: the glass

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We've got some 'bubble in bottom of glass' glasses from Crate and Barrel. But I checked and none are that cool shape.

Here is a link that might be useful: C and B direction glasses

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Annac54, thank you for the Home Goods suggestion.

lascatx - I know exactly what you mean! Oh why don't they keep making the same glass.... Have you looked at Replacements for either of your sets? You might find one or both :)

carolmka - Thanks, I did try, but couldn't find the same one.

Onedogedie - Thank you so much!! I have signed up to be alerted when they get back in stock. I too was inspired by the cucumber recipe (I'll track down and post next, from the Perrier website). I'd like to have some non-alcoholic fun drinks in my repertoire.

Hi cal_quail - I like those! I'm still hoping for just one set.

I need to bite the bullet and actually contact (gasp) the company from whom I bought them in the first place!!

Perrier Cucumber Drink Recipe follows (linked with pictures, too). I didn't quite understand the reference to gelatin, would that be the knox gelatin I haven't used in years?

For this, a straw, a knife, a little imagination and lots of Perrier bubbles are enough to create a flavour-enhancing technique, with the addition of a few ingredients for an overall balance of flavour.


Step 1:
Remove the ends of the cucumber and stand it vertically, holding it steady on a chopping board. A mini cucumber is easier to manipulate.

Run a test tube along the centre of the cucumber and push through the whole length to remove seeds. Discard the center which can be used to make other cocktails.

Step 2:
This technique will allow you to create a cucumber spiral using the blade of a knife. Reposition the test tube in the hollow formed in the centre of the cucumber. Carefully cut the cucumber around the test tube by turning the cucumber in the hand without moving the blade of the knife. Cut steadily to obtain a lovely cucumber coil.
Step 3:
Place the cucumber coil vertically at the bottom of a tumbler glass and stick it down with a few drops of gelatin. Sticking it to the gelatin is important as it will prevent the powerful Perrier bubbles from causing the coil to float in the glass.

Step 4:
Delicately uncoil the cucumber spiral inside the glass ensuring the bottom of the structure does not become unstuck. Hold the coil in place using a pick stuck into a cucumber ball fixed to the top of the glass.

Step 5:
In a mixing glass, place a lemon zest, a lime zest and an orange zest. Add the cold green tea and stir with a spoon for 15 seconds. Add the chilled Perrier and stir again for 5 seconds. Filter the mixture pouring directly onto the cucumber coil. Place a straw in the middle of the spiral and present with the Perrier bottle.

Here is a link that might be useful: Perrier D-Tox

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If you really want to drop some cash...

Here is a link that might be useful: Celestial glass from Simon Pearce glass blowers

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I haven't seen any like yours, but these are fun:

Here is a link that might be useful: Etched Fish Stemless Wine Tumblers

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OB2B, The Source Perrier catalog business was sold off in 2009, but the guy who bought it was their landlord or something. You might try getting in touch with them (now called The Source Collection) and see if they can at least tell you who the maker was.

Unfortunately, with fashion goods, they do often do one run, or one year, and move on, and because of the current inventory taxes, remainders get dumped at outlets. If you knew the maker, however, you could find out if they're still being made. It's possible that they're still selling them as reorders, and they can point you to a store that has them.

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