narrow open cabinet to hang damp dish towels

coteheleJuly 14, 2009

I know I've seen a narrow open cabinet next to the sink to hang damp dish towels. I have one built with a 9 1/2'' opening, stained inside. The metal towel rack inside looks really bad (according to the cabinetmaker-I haven't seen it). mnhockeymom has hooks in the wide open cab. Does anyone have one of these cabinets? How do your towels hang?



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I had an old quality custom kitchen display years ago (mid-1980s!) and we had a pull out towel bar installed in to an open 9" base. The manufacturer used a wooden rod with a ball on the end....then somehow attached quides to it. I wish I had a photo of that's been so long, I can't recall the details.

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I have 2 of these cabinets. I love them. Here's some photos:

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ooooh I love those! Wish I had thought about putting a drawer in the bottom. A basket or little box should work.

Kompy, towel cubbies are a classic :) My cabinet is 12 3/4'' with ID of 9 1/2''

What do you think of these Whitehaus towel rods and short rod (toilet paper holder). They are kinda pricey, but they coordinate nicely with the white apron front sinks.

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Monkeyjac what color is the paint on the far wall? I love it.

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Thanks! The color is BM Audubon Russet.

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A form of those towel rods used to be a feature in just about every kitchen.

Wooden ones used to be a common "gift for mom" project in shop class, I'm told.

I own a couple of wooden ones. I display vintage embroidered aprons, tea towels and other items on them.

I have seen them in wood, enamel, rubber coated, chrome, in a variety of sizes and designs, mostly old, but some newer.

I think you might be on a good track with bath accessories. It's the kind of thing people might put towels on these days. Maybe try some of the high end European bath places -- Czech & Speake, Barbour & Wilson etc. And that's the size you'd want, with the bar about a foot long, not 4-5 inches.

Also some of the traditional British products places, Labour & Wait, Pedlars, Broughtons of Leicester or Holloways of Ludlow. They have a lot of stuff. You might find something useful. At least I think you'll find it entertaining.

The sources are almost ALL in the UK, but my feeling is once you can figure out what you're looking for, you may be able to backtrack a source, or you may have a friend going there who can have it shipped to their hotel, etc.

I am providing the link to the sources/advertisers page for Period Living magazine. It's a great English magazine, available at many Borders, and probably other bookstores, that features people restoring and living in old houses. They provide clickable links.

Have fun!

Here is a link that might be useful: Period Living sources

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I want one of these too. Not sure if I'll have room with everything else, but I'm going to try. I know already I'd prefer hooks or knobs that catch the towels easily, and hold them there.
I have an over the door towel hanger bar from BB&B I picked up this weekend and I hate it already. The towels are constantly falling off of it. I need to cover it in some of that rug skid stuff.
So, I continue hanging my towels from the door knobs. As much as I hate those knobs, they are an elongated, flat, filligree design, and do hold the towels great. Maybe I'll paint them black and re-use them in a towel cubby.

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So if you went with the towel rod idea - where would you put it? Would it go inside an open cabinet? Seems too pretty to hide!

My sink is in an island... I had thought about mounting a regular bath towel bar to the fake panel at the front of the sink. I was talked out of it here because it would protrude too much, damp towels might damage the wood, etc. (All good reasons!)

I still have not come up with a better idea to solve the "where to hang the towels" problem... any thoughts?

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geez, sometimes I think I need to stay away from this forum. I have never heard of this before, and now I am convinced I MUST have it!!!

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So, I have a stupid question. When you hang a wet cloth (rung out even) wouldn't you have to worry about the moisture dripping down and ruining the bottom of the cabinet? Or even the wall next to where it hangs? I love the idea, but I don't want to ruin my cabinets.
I still haven't figured out where mine are going to go, but at the rate I am going it will be next year before I have to worry about it!

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Silverraven, I'll be using mine for the towels that are damp, not really wet. By hanging them on the door knob, not all folded up, they dry really quick. A rod would do the same thing - but as I mentioned earlier, they'd have to be rubberized for me to appreciate them as mine usually fall off.
The only ones that get really wet are when I empty the DW. Usually I air dry pots and pans. The wet ones I lay out to dry flat over the cooktop or counter.

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growlery, thanks for the many possible sources. I looked at a few that have beautiful designs. If I found one I'd like, it would be on my list for our next holiday in England. (It will be quite a while until we can afford to go.) The short rod would be for a dish rag. One towel rod doesn't seem like enough. I have a towel bar at the end of the island that has dish towel, hand towel, cooking towel and dish rag.

southernstitcher, dirtymartini-browsing GW is dangerous :)

Inside an open cabinet is a good compromise for me. Towels at the end of the island are always sliding off the towel bar and onto the floor, or the dog brushes against them. I asked the KD about mounting the towel bar on something that slides out a bit so it is easier to reach. She's thinking. If not a towel bar, hooks could be mounted on the slide out. No doubt cheaper than the vintage towel bar. Maybe that one should go in the bakery.

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I can't remember who it was... but I loved the idea another GW used for dish towels: I used an 8" handle on my trash pull-out cabinet and the dishtowel lives there. It is handy to my prep area for drying hands while cooking, and also keeps the handle to the trash bin clean. I replace it most days with a fresh one. But if its REALLY wet, I dry it on the oven handle first....

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