Refrigerator Color help

kathy6421July 16, 2014

We are remodeling our kitchen and living room(will be informal dining room) and are uncovering the hand hewn log walls.
Our house is an old log home built in 1842. We are trying to keep with the style of the house and also redoing the original wood floors.

I know I want a 25 cu ft French door refrigerator which will just fit in a 45 inch opening next to the exterior wall. I don't think stainless will go with the our style(very rustic old 1800's log home with touches of Tuscan feel added). Black which I thought I wanted, only comes in the shiny black which I don't like the look of, it spots like stainless and scratches easily.

Our fridge now is textured white which is great for hardly showing any dirt, easy to wipe clean and doesn't show fingerprints. I don't know about white because it stands out so much against the cabinets.

I haven't found the black or white in a textured finish either which I know people say is outdated, but I like it best since everything else spots or scratches.

I don't care if some say a certain color is outdated and don't care about resale. We will be here for a very long time and are doing what we like for our style.

What color would you go with and can anyone suggest a brand of French door you've had for awhile with no problems? I was told Kitchenaid, but I'd have to go with shiny black or stainless.

I'd love an antique looking French door like Heartland or Elmira, but way out of our budget(unless someone knows where I could find one).

Thanks in advance for any suggestions! :) Kathy

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Have you looked at the new style stainless steel? Its supposed to resist streaks and fingerprints.

The internet says SS are going out of style (lolz really?), in which case I'd probably go with black but that's a personal taste thing. Plus I'd have a heck of a time keeping anything white clean.

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Smudgeproof

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I would love to see pictures of your house! Sounds incredible!

GE makes a slate French door fridge and Samsung makes one that is called "silver" which looks different than stainless steel. Maybe one of those colors would work for you.

(found them both on a quick search that took me to

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I've heard that the faux stainless such as the Frigidaire one or GE slate can scratch since it's not real stainless(just a coating?).
We just had the demo done a couple weeks ago, so I'll post pix when I get a chance of what it looks like with the logs showing now(They were hidden by drywall). :)

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I'll watch for your new thread but please shamelessly bump it til I see it! :)

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This is looking from outside entrance in. The door in the now living room, which will be the informal dining room, will be changed and goes out to a 4 ft by 25 ft porch(length of kitchen and living room). The half of it by the kitchen will be turned into a walk in pantry. My husband will be refinishing all the logs and putting perma-chink between them.

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Another photo of more of the kitchen.

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The other wall of the living room(entrance from mudroom).

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This is upstairs above the kitchen. There are 2 windows(hard to see-turned out too bright). Yes, the ceiling/upstairs floor is gone on this side of the house, above kitchen and living room. My husband will be doing a T&G pine ceiling above the beams, which will be the floor upstairs(under carpet).

Anymore suggestions of what fridge to get would be appreciated. I think I'd like a textured fridge, but can't find one. :)

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Does anyone know of a reliable French door fridge that comes in textured black?

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I have a KA counter depth in white. Its not textured. I find it does not show fingerprints. Its not super shiny so maybe that is why. What color are you cabinets?

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I haven't picked the cabinet color yet, but it will be a medium maybe a two toned color(mix of light and dark-stained with a glaze). Does the shiny white scratch like the shiny black?

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Any other ideas of the color that would look best and won't scratch and best brand?

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Marc Johnson

Black was always my favorite ... have to use stainless in my current remodel with all of the grey and light tones, but the last 2 sets of appliances were black ... and textured black for the fridge (Kenmore). It's a classic and looks sooo nice with warm wood tones - and even light wood tones! This was our last kitchen -- we were quite pleased with how it came out 16 years ago (and still doesn't look too dated!). The new owners really liked it - it was one of the main selling features of the house :)

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marcojohnson, the black looks really good. I'll have to see if Kenmore makes a French door refrigerator in the textured black.

Does anyone have a black textured Kenmore fridge? If so, any problems with it? :)

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Correction...Does anyone have a Kenmore black textured French door fridge?

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Bosch panel ready French door. Counter depth for 3000.00 incl. shipping and free extended warranty, no sales tax, unless you're in CA?

Same deal here, but it sounds like 10 year warranty.

This one is 2.4K KitchenAid KFCO22EVBL Architect II 21.8 Cu. Ft. Custom Panel Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

Here is a link that might be useful: Bosch fridge

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Marc Johnson

22cu ft :(

There must be something wrong with us or we entertain way too much ... we need a minimum of 25. The 19 that I have is killing me, I have to keep a separate beverage fridge for sodas and all my wines are in a split cellar fridge.

I'm counting the MINUTES until my 28cu ft arrives this afternoon :)

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Yes, definitely something wrong unless you have 6 kids, including a bunch of teenage boys :)

Your wines shouldn't be in your fridge to begin with.

Seriously, I find that I use only about the front half of my fridge. The back is like an archeological dig. Also, way too many spreads, sauces, salad dressings, etc.

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Ok, if anyone has a FD fridge that you have had for awhile and are very happy with, what brand and color is it?

I know it's a gamble with any brand, as there are good and bad reviews on every brand.

Kitchenaid has the best warranty and I was told it's one of the best in mid price range, although I only see an average of a 3 star rating for it.
Also, I don't like that the interior seems "cheap". If it has the best warranty, I may end up going with it, although with KA, I'd end up with either stainless(can't stand that it spots and may not look right for my style) or the shiny black which spots and scratches easily.

Also, the two appliance stores near me have excellent service and would be out quickly to repair if something happened, unlike Sears or some others.

The only textured black I know of are Kenmore and Amana. Sears(Kenmore) service sucks and Amana is not all that good(from what I've heard).

Happy with your FD fridge and had more than a year? What brand and color?

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We have a KA french door for 3 years now. We got the taller 72" one. We love it. It's counter depth and I don't find that I lost any space at all. It's stainless, so it does show fingerprints...but i wipe it down once a week and it's fine.

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Debbi Branka

I have the JennAir (exactly the same as KA) in white. Have had it almost 3 years. Love it! Also 72" tall and I love the water dispenser on the inside.

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Any thoughts about the reliability of an LG french door?

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Marc Johnson

Can't say anything yet ... only 3 days with mine... but it was packed extremely well, cooled within a few hours, and is quieter than my smaller wine fridge!

CR and all the other ratings I could find seem to like LG. I'll chime in if any problems!

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Thanks marcojohnson! Good luck with it.

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I have a GE, and after about 1 1/2 years, it has had cracked bins, trays, pieces of the rail have broken off, not to mention that the tempered glass shelf literally exploded in my face while it was lying on the counter top and I touched it with a lukewarm sponge. Other than that, it still works.

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I agree about GE with cheap inside. My husband's brother and wife have a GE Profile and within a little over a year two bins cracked. I've heard a lot about LG shelves/bins breaking/cracking also.

I really don't care for stainless and don't think white would look right. Shiny black scratches.
Anyone have(or know someone that has) a textured black FD fridge?

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Wow! Nice project you have going, Kathy. My best wishes for you.

You both sound pretty hands on, so have you thought about powder coating an existing fridge. You can have any color you want. Probably expensive and you would have to disassemble the parts you wanted coated.

I've recently been exploring this possibility myself or even painting applicances. Not yet sure if it's feasable, but I thought I would throw it out as something to consider.

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It's not in our budget to have the appliances painted. Plus, if possible, I would like the fridge to be magnetic(probably won't be, but it would be nice). That's why I'd like a black textured fridge, if I can find one. :)

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To the person who asked about LG--Don't do it! Our FD is about 7-8 years old, and the interior is extremely poorly made. We've had cracks and splits, broken parts, things off track, the gaskets had to be replaced, drawers aren't built to withstand weight in them, the open door alarm no longer works, and on and on.

Kathy--I have a more vintage styled 1920s kitchen with wood cabinets and floors. I too hated the idea of stainless but am now feeling better about it. A year and a half ago we put in a Wolf stainless range and range hood (all old appliances are white), and it didn't seem too bad because it was on a wall with no other appliances. Now we just had to replace our dishwasher and had a hard time finding the features we wanted. White ones looked pretty tacky, so I'd thought about getting panel ready. That had been my plan until I found a super deal on an ASKO floor model in stainless. Now that it is in, it looks more matte charcoal grey than shiny stainless and really blends in with the color of my soapstone countertops. There are no fingerprints on it because ASKO has a special kind of stainless that resists fingerprints. So, I thought I'd just offer this up as a suggestion from someone who really is not a big fan of stainless either.

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Sorry to hear the bad news about GE fridges, because they do make a textured French door refrigerator in black, model # GNE22GGEBB.

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I know I won't be going with a GE or LG. I'm afraid I'd hate stainless with all the fingerprints. Still trying to find a good one in textured black. :)

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When we remodeled our kitchen recently we left the appliances, since all are working fine. As they die, we'll replace them. But, they are the color bisque, which although its considered dated, I really love the color. My kitchen is warm tones, light stained maple cabinets, beige walls, beige tones in the backsplash and floor. (Dark countertop for contrast) I think the bisque appliances are just a warmer look with the colors I have, I like it, dated or not. If I could buy replacement bisque I would. But I think I'll have to choose between stainless, white or black when the time comes. To me, the stainless looks very modern, which the original poster, having a rustic look, with log walls, seems to me the white would be the better choice. She doesn't say what color her cabinets are going to be though, I think that would help to determine the appliance color.

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The cabinets will probably be a two-toned color(stained with a glaze that makes the grooves look darker) for a sort of worn look.

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Why not get a panel ready refer to go with your rustic cabinets?

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I don't think the textured black is available anymore except that some stainless models use it on their sides. Supposedly in response to customer demand? What I did learn in my extensive search for textured black was that there is a smooth black and a glossy black available these days. Not really that much difference between the two as the smooth black (which I ended up with) is quite shiney. And yes it does fingerprint but not as bad as SS or the shiney (glossy) black. I ended up with the KA KSC23C8EYB. I know it's not what you are looking for but it does have the most beautiful interior of the cheap to midrange models out there.

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I had a black alligator skin Frigidaire and I hated it. It clucked like a chicken and the finish looked really cheap and plasticky.

I have a cheap Samsung now. I am really happy with the function. Complaints are: the SS is really fingerprinty - and small dents have appeared in the door mysteriously.

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OK, here's my $.02 on this topic.

11 years ago I bought a Jenn Air FD fridge - first among my friends to adopt this style. Paid 2300 for counter depth (like 10,000 in today's money - heh heh). It was nice and did not show prints. The doors were thick stainless, but something once fell out of the fridge and dented the top edge of the freezer drawer and I was pissed about that. Functionally, I love the style, and I would never buy any other type now.

2 years ago I bought a full depth FD for a new build. Paid about 1400 because it was not counter depth, and was not Jenn Air. The metal is much much much thinner. There is a dent on the bottom drawer face, I don't know how it got there, and it streaks like crazy, takes metal polish to get it clean. It is a POS as far as the exterior goes.

My advice is go to Sears Outlet store and get the cheapest one you can find that will fit, then get some skins made up and live with it that way. My Mom got a Kitchen Aid counter depth fridge with a dent in the front bottom for her mud room fridge for 1100 at the outlet.

I linked one such company, but just google "fridge skins"

Here is a link that might be useful: Fridge skins

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Ok, I'm back....We were just in the planning stages back in July and now we need to pick our fridge ASAP!!! The cabinet guy is coming for what I think are the final measurements in a couple days!...Yikes!! I still don't have a clue which fridge to go with! :(

I know a few brands were recommended and I know GE and LG are not good.

We thought we were getting a full size fridge(25 cu ft), but now we are not sure if we should get a CD since the standard size would stick so far out into the room in a fairly small kitchen and 30 inch deep cabinets around it might not look good(not sure). We have an extra fridge in the garage, but I'm worried about how much less space there would be in a CD.

The fridge will be between the 2 long windows, so it will be by itself with narrow cabinet on either side(too look built in). It's the only place that makes sense for it in order to have the max counter and cabinets, and we can't recess it in any of the walls.

After seeing so many mixed reviews on KA FD fridges(quite a lot of really negative reviews), I don't know what to do. They have the best warranty and easiest to get serviced, but if it has bad reliability????? Plus, I've heard the newest model is a thinner SS that, although it can hold magnets now, I've heard it can rust, dent easily and is horrible to clean fingerprints off. The black of course shows some fingerprints also and supposedly scratches badly(can't use magnets, even though magnetic, since magnets scratch on the new shiny black).

I know about all the different brands, pros and cons, all the faux stainless(that I've heard can scratch) etc.

For those of you that know about some of the newer models in different brands, I need to know which brand and finish you think I should get.

I don't need to know negatives about any brands, or why I shouldn't get a certain brand, just tell me the brand, CD or standard 25 cu ft and what finish I should get.

Please don't recommend something if you've only had it for a couple months or less. I need to know of ones that perform well with best finish that actually get a lot of use from families.

Thanks in advance!

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I have had the Electrolux stainless counter depth french door with water and ice for a year and a half (will be 2 years in Jan). I love it. I think it's 23 cf. The deli drawer holds so much stuff! It has 2 ice makers if you need.

I have a 4 year old and we're kind of messy sometimes when we cook, I find it's not hard to clean, I just use a microfiber cloth and water, most of the fingerprints come off nicely.

I think stainless is timeless and is a neutral that looks good in any space.

Here is a link that might be useful: Elux cd fd

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I have a CD FD Electrolux. It will be three years old in February and has been problem-free. I felt there was a big difference in the quality of the materials and stainless when we compared fridges side by side. It's very quiet and cleans easily.

I think CD fridges will be tight for a family with kids, but I would chose it over a FD in your layout, which I well remember. We don't have ice and water on the door. I'm not sure how much shelf space that takes away, but I need every bit of door space. We don't go overboard on condiments and buy a gallon of milk a week. There is a soda shelf on both sides at the bottom. If you buy a lot of produce, the bins will be tight. That's my only complaint. The deli drawer with its separate thermostat is very roomy. We have it set at 34 degrees and it keeps our meats and cheeses fresh longer. I don't use much frozen food so can't really evaluate the space for you.

There are some bad reviews out there because they had a problem with the ice makers initially. It was redesigned before we bought ours and it's been fine.

FD fridges work best when there's a landing zone in front of it so you don't need to work around the open door. We gave serious consideration to the Fisher and Paykel CD bottom freezer and would recommend you look at it. I can't remember any of the specs, but they use the space very efficiently. They were a respected Australian or NZ company at the time we were fridge shopping, but I think they've sold it or changed production location.

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The Slate looks pretty, I have seen two in displays and they both had scratches on the\m. That changed my mind on it, it is pretty but nor\t if it scratches.

Following this too since a fridge is our next stop, along with wall oven and range

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I bought the KitchenAid Architect II series FD full depth. I am getting ready to do a full renovation, but the refrigerator required immediate attention.

I am really happy with it. It has plenty of room. What an improvement over the side by side I sent to the junkyard. Works as advertised. I know it's stainless and you didn't want that. But, your house will tend to be dark with all of the wood. The stainless will reflect light. You may need that in such a dark space.

I like the black appliances, too. But, the times seem to have passed us by. Stainless is about all you will find unless you go with a panel ready refrigerator.

Go to the store and open one up. You have to open it up to see what I mean. The grey interior with LED lighting is so cool. I smile every time I open it. I am as happy with this fridge as I would have been with a Sub-zero or Lieherr. I used to own a Sub-zero, so I know what I am talking about. Check out the KitchenAid Architect II series.

I ordered the Bosch and canceled it. I was scared away by the reviews. I think I made a good decision.

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I've read that the Electrolux has poor temperature consistency in fridge and freezer. I've also read that there are all different problems with the KA including very thin layer of stainless(that's why it's magnetic) and some say it rusts, among other problems.

I know some of you haven't had any problems with either brand, but has anyone had any problems with the newest CD or 25 cu ft(no ice in door) of either brand?

Any other recommendations?

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