Cambria vs. Other Quartz Manufacturers for Countertops

price138July 2, 2010

Hi all,

I'm a recent fan and would like some assistance before buying our countertops - last part of our kitchen remodel. Does anyone have experience with Cambria? I LOVE the Cambrian Black color and haven't found anything close in another manufacturer's palette. Also, I appreciate that they're the only quartz tops manufactured in the US.

Can anyone share their experience on this issue?



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I can't speak to Cambria, but I just had Caesarstone installed and like you, I was drawn to this brand because of the unique color that nobody else had (chocolate truffle). Is there a difference between manufacturing and fabrication? Because mine was fabricated here in the US. Countertops were our biggest splurge, and worth every penny. I hope you'll be equally thrilled.

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Hi Jackie,

welcome to the kitchen forum!

I don't have personal experience with Cambria, but I can tell you that I did not find much to distinguish Cambria from Caesarstone or Hanstone when I was doing the research for my countertop. There are isolated complaints about each manufacturer, but no consistent pattern that I could find that would suggest that one manufacturer is better than another. In my area, I found much less information about other brands (Pental, Dupont Zodiaq, and the brand from LG whose name escapes me) but I think that's just because in my area, the three I named have the biggest market share.

Like chocolatetruffle, I went with Caesarstone because they had the color we liked the best for our kitchen. Caesarstone is manufactured in Israel, so the slabs have to be transported across the ocean, which is less environmentally friendly.

Fabrication is always done locally. It involves cutting the slabs of material into the optimal number of pieces to cover your specific layout of countertops, seaming them together, putting edge treatments on the front (which often involves seaming as well), and installing the countertop (and sink, if you're doing an undermount).

The skill of the fabricator is really important, so once you know which company you want to go with, you should still check references on the fabricator.

There are several old threads about quartz countertops in general, and about Cambria in particular. I've put a link to the search results for Cambria below. You can do a similar search for quartz if you want. Make sure you use the search form at the bottom of the main kitchen forum page because the one at the top does not work well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen Forum search results for

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Hi Jackie,
I have Cambria Cranbrook . I choose quartz for many reasons.
Quartz is stain resistant and does not require sealers. I love my Cambria and had no problems with pooling. I had excellent installers here in northeast Ohio.( Where is Lebron gonna go) Sorry I got off track. LOL. I like Cambria because I felt the pattern looked natural and really wish I had gone with Cambrian Black as it would be more neutral with wall colors. I am very happy with my counters and the best part is MADE IN USA..

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I recently looked at Silestone, Caesarstone, Cambria, and Zodiaq and was impressed with the look of each of them. For me it will come down to the best color for me.. I think they'd all be great surfaces. I dont know much, and havent dug real hard into all of the pros and cons.. but I think i remember reading (on here maybe) that Caesarstone has excellent "green" manufacuring process.. And Silestone has some checmical in it that some people arent comfortable with.. Zodiaq is only 93% quartz.. Im not sure how the other ones rate.

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sammi06: Where is he going to go.... oh, wait, here's my questions. Who was your fabricator? We may be considering Cambria...

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I'm seriously considering Ceasarstone for my kitchen in the honed finish - color is Jerusalem Sand. I was surprised to find myself even considering this material as I'm pretty much opposed to anything remotely even partially man-made for countertops, however, the look of it really feels correct for my situation. I did not, like any of the other manufacturers at all, just the Ceasarstone. Some of them had a "plastic" look to me, others the colors were unappealing, some just too shiny or whatever. The Ceasarstone when hones, has a really nice matte, calm appearance. Honing does void the warranty which concerns me but so far everyone that has done this has had no problems so, I'm not going to worry to much about it. I always use a cutting board, and I'm good at wiping up spills fast (I should buy stock in Bounty paper towels lol).

I'm currently waiting on a quote from my KD on how much it will cost. I'm hoping it will be in my price range, as everything else has gone way over budget thus far (and I haven't picked anything out of bounds, it's just that I'm also doing other construction in the house and it's an old home which requires a lot of updating).

I love the black colors too, but it won't work in my kitchen (dark cabinets, and not very good natural light). All in all, I was trying to find something which looked either like marble, soapstone or limestone without the issues these have (whether of cost, color, upkeep, etc.). I'm hoping this will turn out to be the right choice. I'm still keeping my options open if I can find a very quiet granite in the same tone (I had granite in my old kitchen and loved it, found it very easy to upkeep personally) or even one of Wilsonarts laminates new patterns if it turns out price becomes a too much of a factor.

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We put in Cambria and love it. To be fair, we never seriously looked at other companies or even other countertop materials. Out KD brought out Cambria samples and we found a pattern we loved and since my husband had already decided on quartz we stopped looking.

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I looked at the Caesarstone Jerusalem Sand too. It's very pretty. I ended up with Silestone Yellow Nile in the leather finish because I wanted a little more warmth. It's probably most similar to Jerusalem Gold Limestone, which is the look I loved, but I could not deal with the maintenance issues. I really love my new counters!

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Here in my store, Cambria runs $22 more per square foot...over Zodiaq, Hanstone and LG Viatera. Caesarstone is somewhere in between.

Myself personally, could find a black that I could live with for that price difference. Depending on the size of your tops, that could be $1000 to $2000 extra! But maybe pricing is different from your fabricators.

The one nice thing that Cambria does, is offer you any color and any edge at the same price. However, my fabricator now offers 6 edge profiles at the same cost for granite and other quartz brands, so this is not such a big factor anymore.


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Cancoi, I wish I knew where Lebron was going!! I hope not CHICAGO!!!lol.Okay I am back.. I am not sure of our fabricator but I could look it up if you need. They were excellant.Beyond excellant..
Skydog, What Cambria pattern do you have? I have Cranbrook. We looked at ALL of the other companies and Cambria just looked more natural to us.
Gotta say my neighbors are having a 4th of July party and I am sitting on my deck. They are doing karaoke and I am thinking of calling the law!!LOL. Bad singing at its best..How many people think they can sing " Paradise by the dashboard lights" Meatloaf..Whoa funny

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Doonie, how much did the Silestone run you in comparison to the Ceasarstone? I took another look at it on their website and there were a couple of colors I probably should take a second look at, including the Yellow Nile.

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I will have to dig up my paperwork on the Silestone. I don't remember the price and we had some changes to my inital order.

I really love the Yellow Nile. It is a very soft light yellowy beige. I was able to see it initially at a Home Depot. I went with a local fabricator who works with the 3 cm thickness. Home Depot only has the 2 cm thickness.

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Thank you all for your feedback. eastbaymom, thanks for the link to the Cambria search. I did try the search at the top of the page and didn't find anything relevant, so your link was very helpful.

sammi06, like you, I'm very interested in a product made in the USA, hence the attraction to Cambria - the only quartz product made here. My original surface guy told me the company was 'diametrically opposed' to the Cambria business model, but I've come to realize that's their business issue, not my purchasing issue. I'm willing to pay a little bit more for Cambrian Black vs. a Silestone or Caesarstone product. I also like the Cambrian Black best of all.

For anyone interested, Hallmark in the Chicago area is doing the fabrication work. I saw their work in the kitchen shop that sells the Cambria. I couldn't even see the seam!

FYI to joyjoyjoy, Cambria is 93% quartz as well. Based on what I've read, I believe any product needs to contain 93% quartz to be considered a quartz countertop and have the desired properties of quartz.

And, yes, I have spent more time on this countertop than any other feature in this kitchen. We just got a big surprise when our contractor called to say the cabinets are being delivered this Saturday. Yikes! Time to pack the kitchen and prepare for demo.

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Good luck with packing up, Price138! I hope that all the big things go smoothly with your kitchen install.

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Decisions! Decisions!
It's hard to pick a color let alone a company.

Where do you look at samples?
Can't seem to find a store on Long Island that sells Quartz.
I want quartz in my bathroom instead of granite.

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I chose Cambria because they had a light color that matched the other products we were putting in. Very natural. Been there about 3 years and no problems. We live in Washington State and the fabricator/installer was excellent. Knew all the tricks to make the install of our stainless steel sink go so smoothly. Good Luck.

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I am a fabricator.

Regarding the various quartz brands; ALL are made on the same machines purchased from a company in Italy so from brand to brand there is VERY little difference in the actual material. Much more important is the expertise and professionalism of your fabricator.

Specifically regarding Cambria; Cambria markets their product as a "premium". It is often $15 - $30 per sq. ft. more then quartz alternates so IMHO the only time it's worth the substantial premium is when one of Cambria's more unique colors is your one and only choice.

A note regarding the Cambria more exotic colors with some movement: if you choose one of these make sure you layout your kitchen parts on the slabs. Some of the slabs of new colors include areas which have very little color or inclusions. To my eye they are totally unacceptable but are not considered a defect by Cambria.

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oldryder makes a very good point re: looking at the Cambria slabs. We did this with the fabricator (at their suggestion) because the quartz we chose, Cambria Canterbury, had alot of color variation and we were going to need 2 pieces seamed together for the length of our kitchen counter. We were able to find 2 slabs that were very similar in color and movement ( we wanted it with the black less dominant). The fabricator did a great job with the match and seams.

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I instantly loved Cambria's Torquay and even though it was more expensive, I decided to go for it. Ohhh what a huge mistake.

It was delayed for Months and the communication was terrible. It was always coming in 'next week'. 3 months later (after not having a functional kitchen) it was finally installed. Looked really good and pretty for a few days. But after 2 CRACKED on the corner!!! I immediately contacted the installer and Cambria to get them to fix it and they refused. Now, 3 months later I have noticed little holes/pits/inclusions on the counter (they are now darker because they filled with dirt). You can see the crack and the dark holes in the attached pic.

My advice, stay away from Cambria my parents went the LG (it looks really really good) and my in-laws went with Ceaserstone (they LOVE it), both are happy with the product and both cost less then my Cambria.

If only I could turn back the clock I would have for sure gone with another manufacture, probably with Caesarstone's Misty Carrera

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You need to get a copy of the Cambria Fabrication Manual. I can tell you right now your top cracked from fabricator error; the radius in the corner must be 3/8" minimum. I can tell from the photograph it's much less. That's from the Ceasarstone specs, but they're all the same.

Lay a level across the "L"; it must be on plane even if it isn't perfectly level.

They can't argue with their own documents.


Check out the radii in the pictures in this thread as compared to yours:

Here is a link that might be useful: Specs

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