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itsok2smileJuly 11, 2012

I have been lurking on this site for months and now that we are doing some updating on our own kitchen I thought it would be a good time to say Hi. So Hi Everyone!

The kitchen was updated by previous owner 4 years ago so cabinets and granite are in good condition, they just aren't my style. For now the cabinets, countertops (Verde Maritaka), and flooring (honey oak) can't change.

I can however paint the cabinets, change hardware, wall color, and backsplash. We also have plans to change out microwave/oven to stainless. Considering I do have some limitations, I would like updated look that is classic with some modern flair.

I have considered removing the doors with the glass (see picture) and leaving them as open shelving. What do you think? I would like to paint the cabinets white? If I go with white, what backsplash do you suggest?

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I would definitely keep the glass doors, simply because they're different. I like things that aren't cookie cutter. Those are not usually found at my resuse centers!

Your backsplash color thing is nothing anyone can answer. Only you know what colors you like, and with white? well....

Nice kitchen, though. I even think your medallion back there is pretty cool & has good colors in it. But then, I quilt. :)

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What's wrong with it is the clash of the warm vs. cool colors. I'd get rid of that blue paint asap. Barely Beige by BM or something very quiet would work.

I like the idea of removing those glass doors for open shelving and getting rid of the white appliances for stainless.

Honestly, I'd do just those minor $ things and live with it a little while to see if you really want to paint those cabinets or go in a different direction entirely.

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Thanks for the input! I do plan to paint and replace the stove/microwave. The kitchen is open to the family room which is painted BM Edgecomb Gray. It's sort of a warm greige. I can either paint the kitchen the same color or another that coordinates with Edgecomb Gray.

So, here's the thing...I really dislike the medallion over the stove and I don't know how to tone it down, other than to remove and replace which I am open to. The cabinet color doesn't bother me as much as the visible graining, which is why I was thinking of painting.

All together the cabinet color, backsplash, brass hardware, green countertop and bisque appliance reads to country for my more modern taste.

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the island perhaps could be improved.The perimeter is fine with new hardware and new wall's a good transitional style. Lots could be done to change the feel of the whole space with a different's ok but underwhelming as it appears.

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As above suggestions, but I would hold off on painting the cabinets just yet. Repaint the walls, replace the white appliances and, while the glass cabinets are unique, I'm having trouble finding anything that they tie into in the kitchen. (the curves are different than those on the cabinets, the narrow-wood separation pieces don't seem to tie in, the small glass pieces don't tie in, etc).

If you like them, leave them or if you don't like them, take them off and go with the open shelving. I might be tempted to replace the doors with all glass doors.

The backsplash behind the stove is actually nice (I think anyway) and it ties in the counter with the cabinets. If you can save it, I would replace the rest of the backsplash with something not so orangey and that helps to set off the counter and backsplash behind the stove. The piece behind the stove is quite detailed already and so I would consider replacing the rest of the BS with bigger tiles and so fewer grout lines giving you a less busy look.

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If it helps these are the colors in the rest of my home. The kitchen is open to the family room. Mostly greige with chartreuse, teal, and that dark greeny-blue (similar to Benjamin Moore Dragonfly).

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I agree with some of the others - start small. I'd paint the wall, get rid of the backsplash (I'm not a fan either), change out the hardware to stainless or BN, get your stainless appliances in, then see what you think about your cabs. I like them, personally.

Oh, and I kind of like the curved glass too. I think I'd sit on that until you do everything else and then see what you think. Could you remove the wood on the glass making the panes so that it would just be glass? That might be cool. Or, maybe you could get those doors redone for square/rectangluar glass? I'm not a huge fan of open shelving for dusting reasons.

Pretty kitchen. Love the granite! And I like the cabs and floor. But I'd be tweaking a few things also to make it more contemporary.

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Annie Deighnaugh

blue paint definitely got to go.
replace cab hardware..but don't touch that beautful wood. It's gorgeous and while it can read country, it is so classic that it can also read modern.
replace glass front doors with rectangular opening and more modern glass element.

I don't know, but I would investigate painting the backsplash behind the cooktop. I might even leave the small vertical border and just try to deal with the stars. Can you paint just the tile, not the grout? Are there rub on tile decals that you can use? Perhaps adding a frosted glass panel over that area? A stainless panel? Maybe a rectangle of onyx? The rest of the backsplash, the granite, etc actually coordinate nicely with your color palette. I'd be concerned with how they can remove just the backsplash without destroying the adjoining tiles, esp if you don't have any that match.

Onyx backsplash

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I will start with the paint..should I stick with Edgecomb gray (the color in the adjoining room)?

If I decide to keep cabinets and change backsplash...what backsplash (color/material) do you recommend?

What color hardware (BN to match appliances or polished Chrome to match pendants)?

Thanks for all of your input!

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What do you think about this backsplash? I tried to get a pic of counter, cabinet, and potential backsplash tile.

Is there a way to post more than one picture at a time?

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don't see the skinny horizontal pencil tile working so well with the arched theme of the cabs as well as the glass.Something says the area behind the cooktop is the part that is bothering you. For the immediate I would get a chunky wood shelf supported by corbels or shelf supports[position them on the green diamond shapes running down each side] to break it up visually,right across the middle. Lay up bottles/containers/oils/any pottery you have on the shelf.....a visual disguise.The hassle of a removal of the entire backsplash and repair of drywall/potential damage would not be on my list with all the other tasks in a new home.[there are far uglier backsplashes around the millions of US kitchens-this one is actually not that bad]

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I would definitley remove those glass doors. The open shelves will look better with your style, IMHO. And the stainless oven/microwave will look better with the other appliances.

What do you think of the cabinets? Do you like white? Is the wood okay? Or would a light gray be a better fit, with your colors?

I know gray is a popular color and maybe gray cabinets...or gray lowers/white uppers...would be a fun way to change the kitchen. It would look great with your countertops and really nice with that new backsplash tile! You could bring in your other colors, as accents. Hope that helps :)

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@lavender_lass- I don't mind the cabinets. It's just all together I don't like any of it. I'm with you on the door removal, I think I'll have my DH remove them tonight.

I can start with the backsplash and then paint after seeing how it looks with new wall paint, backsplash, and hardware.

Here is another pic of the backsplash/cabinet/granite in different lighting.

I still need wall paint suggestions!

You guys are the best!

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I think the idea of trying a piece of stainless over the mosaic backsplash would work for a while. What about painting just the island? But I don't think white would work, it would have to be a aged cream to go with the color scheme. Amazing what a bit of paint change on the walls will do to make a room change.

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Here is the color I would paint the cabinets (if I decide to paint them ) with the Greecian White subway tile and mosaic glass/stone tile behind stove.

I would paint the walls the color of the lighter gray in the mosaic. And use BN hardware.

How does this sound?

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So it's done! Sorry I have been missing for a while. I have had some health issues but I'm back with my AFTER pics and I couldn't be more pleased.

Just to refresh your memory I had good cabinets, decent layout but just not my style. Most of you all said to leave it alone, but I went against the popular opinion and I couldn't be more pleased.

Check it out, let me know what you think!

***by the way, I still have to replace my white cooktop and ovens to stainless. We are saving our pennies and will upgrade asap.

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Here is the backsplash, subway and granite.

**Remember how green the granite looked in the BEFORE, now it looks dark gray!**

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One last pic from a different view

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Nice job! and the granite does look so much prettier with the cool tones around it!

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Wow. That looks beautiful! I have to admit I liked it before... well, except the BS. But it is gorgeous now! It looks like a whole new kitchen. Great job! What color paint is on the wall over the cabs? I really like that. Very impressive change! And sorry to hear you were having health issues for a bit.

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Itsok2smile ! WOW
So I'm going down the post reading the responces to start small, change knobs etc...all good practical suggestions but I'm thinking she hates it- lose the quilt and paint! So thrilled to see you did it.
The color of the cabs before was fine just NOT modern -yes the overall look was country and you've found what you wanted.
Really like the open shelves and could you share the specifics of your BS. It does help the greens go away!
the ovens don't look so bad in white now
Good Job
Hope your new kitchen helps you feel better

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Here are the details:

Wall Color: Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter
Backsplash Inset: SomerTile Reflections-Mist (Lowes)
Backsplash: MS International "Greecian White" 3x6 (Home Depot)
Hardware: "Strande" (Restoration Hardware)

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Nice job! Looks like a whole new kitchen. Amazing what paint can do to transform a space. Congrats on doing what your instinct was telling you to do.

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So, so, so much better. Well done.

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Great job. Good on you that you had the courage of your convictions. It looks great.

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I LOVE what you did with your kitchen! What an amazing transformation! THere are some really great details on those cabinets (like the wood at the back of the open cabinets and along the side of the fridge) that really bring some extra character to the room!

Also, I was wondering how your granite was going to blend into your more contemporary ideas as it seemed to green, but now it is perfect, just lovely!

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I liked the before, but I like the after more. I agree, the granite does show up better now. You did a great job, it looks wonderful. Congratulations!

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WOW! Awesome job!!!!! I love the white and I LOVE LOVE LOVE what you did with the open cabinet areas. I think I'm going to do that too!!!!

GREAT JOB!! thanks for the "after pics"

Here is a link that might be useful: My Kitchen B&A (oak painted)

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Would you share your method of painting your cabinets? (did you DIY it?) And what color you chose for your cabinets/trim?

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Thank you so much for your kind words.

The plan was to DIY but then I had some health issues that set my DIY plans back. Of course this was AFTER I unloaded all the cabinets and our kitchen and house looked like a hurricane had come through. So, we hired a cabinet guy to paint- they cleaned and painted the cabinet boxes and took the doors to their shop to spray a furniture grade laquer on them.

My plan was to use the ever popular Benjamin Moore "White Dove" but it took on a yellowish cast when put against the backsplash.

After a few more tries and everything looking yellow,taupe, etc. we ended up going to off the shelf white. Benjamin Moore advance white. He colored matched the laquer for the doors to the BM white.

Who knew there where so many whites?! HTH.

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