Filtration faucet ( pre-emptive) dilemma

boone_2009July 7, 2013

Hi everyone!

We may want to install a filtration system under the sink at a future date ( budget considerations) but since we are putting in a new countertop ( Silestone) with an undermount sink, and having a faucet, sink dispenser and air gap installed on the countertop, should I ask for another hole to be drilled now, for where a filtration faucet for hot/cold water could go?

My dilemma is that we have no idea at this time of what brand of filtration system we may buy later ; we only know it won't be reverse osmosis.

If we don't buy any system at all, we thought the pre-drilled hole would come in useful for future buyers of our home ( tentative plan is to sell this home within the next 5 years).

Aren't filtration faucets of varying dimensions, though? If so, could I get away with having a particular diameter hole drilled now and could I get it capped by the installer?

Our faucet, air gap and soap dispenser are all by Moen.

I don't know if it would be wise ( or doable) to drill a hole later, in the countertop and for now, do nothing about this.

Please advise! Thanks!

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Does your code require an air gap? Many only require the drain line loop up high inside of the sink cabinet.. You could then use that hole for the filtered water faucet.

Our filtered water faucet could have gone in a smaller diameter hole, but it worked in the standard hole size (1-3/8"). That was good, since that was the only size hole cutter that our granite installer had.

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Hi, gpraceman! Yes, an air gap is required here ( Southern California).
Do you think I should put in the standard hole size? If so, how do I cover it so it's watertight?
Thanks for responding :-)!

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The faucet that we installed in our new kitchen has a rubber o-ring to seal it on the counter top side. Our old faucet had a rubber base to it that provided the seal. So, it might vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but I'm pretty sure that they would provide some means to seal them and for them to mount in a standard size hole.

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If you do drill now, you could possibly put a 2nd soap dispenser there. One for dish soap and one for hand soap.

Though, some filtered water systems are not that expensive, so you may want to squeeze it in. We've been happy with our dual stage GE filter system from Home Depot, which is only $127. We had one in our last home and put on in this home when we moved in last year. Replacement filters are not cheap, but that seems to be the case with these systems.

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gpraceman: Thank you for being so kind and so generous with your time. Your input is very helpful to me.

Yes, the filtered water systems themselves are not that expensive - it is the cost of the replacement filters that put us off. I looked in Lowes but haven't been to HD yet. It's good to know that your experience with GE has been positive thus far. Do you have a dispenser for hot and cold water?

We drink a lot of tea and it would be great to have instant, hot filtered water in our cups instead of boiling it in a kettle or heating water in the microwave.

I also looked at the Insinkerator SS tank and filtration faucets, but unfortunately they had so many bad reviews on Amazon ( which seems to have the best prices).

What is your ( or anyone else's) opinion about the following advice from Consumer Reports - " Save money by installing an undersink filter and connecting it to the fridge's water supply - bypassing the refrigerator's own filter ( be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions)." ?

Of course, we wouldn't get hot water this way but at least we'd still have filtered water. However, this method would probably involve some structural modifications to the plumbing, right?

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We only have the filtered cold water.

We lived with the faucet provide with the filter unit for awhile, but it is chrome and when we started our reno we wanted something that would match the ORB sink faucet we were going to put in. I found a faucet that matched close enough on Amazon, manufactured by Kingston.

We do have a tee off of the filter outlet line. One line goes to the filtered water faucet and the other goes under the floor, over to the refrigerator and up to the water connection wall box for the ice maker. There is a valve on each end of that line, if we need to isolate it. We don't need to worry about a filter for the refrigerator anymore. Our refrigerator manufacturer provides a cap to use in place of the filter, if no filter is to be used.

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Thanks again, gpraceman!
So when Consumer Reports says one 'could save money' are they referring to the cost of replacement filters for the undersink system or cost of fridge filter?

With gratitude for putting up with my ignorance,

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I don't have one of these gadgets. But it seems to me that if you expect to have hot-enough-for-tea instant hot water you'll need to think about what fuel (probably electricity) is used to create water that hot in an instant. That may also require a 220V line, which would be easier (and probably cheaper) to install pre-emptively, now.



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Well, you would only need to buy filters for the under sink filter system. Of course, you would use up those filters quicker, since they are doing double duty, so I'm not sure you'd be saving much money. I just find it more convenient to only have to deal with one set of filters than two.

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Good point, Liriodendron. Thank you!
Gpraceman: I get it now :-). Thanks for all your help!

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We planned on adding an RO system at a later date. I purchased a tri-flow faucet, so only one hole was needed. It has 2 handles, one for hot/cold and the other for the RO water. We have our system hooked up in the basement and the tube runs up to the faucet.

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beekeeperswife: Thank you! I didn't even *know* what a tri-flow faucet was until you posted; then I looked it up and came across last year's thread in which you had posted pics of your two faucets. Lovely!

Wish I had thought of this before purchasing our Moen faucet. However, we didn't want RO; I console myself that that's why I missed seeing and learning about this faucet during my online faucet search, lol. Excuses, excuses....

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