Show me where you keep your toaster ovens, please

lisa_aJuly 19, 2013

I'm pretty sure there was a thread about toaster ovens on counters or shelves but it was a few years ago and I couldn't find it. My search turned up a gazillion (okay, slight exaggeration) threads and I couldn't find the right search words to narrow it down to what I wanted to find. So I'm hoping you will all bear with me and show me where you store your toaster oven.

I'm considering creating a cubby for one in my new kitchen, lined with tile or some such material so it's heat resistant. Per the instruction manual for my new Breville, it requires 4" on either side but there aren't any specs for back or top clearance. I could leave 4" above it but not behind it because the cabinet I'm considering for that space won't be deeper than the toaster oven itself (~16" deep).

I found this on,

Contemporary Kitchen by Charlotte Kitchen & Bath Designers DCI Home Resource

The above is similar to what I'm considering.

This one shows a vent above the toaster cubby.

Contemporary Kitchen by San Francisco Design-Build Firms Nerland Building & Restoration, Inc.

It doesn't have the required clearance on either side, though. Wonder how they got around that? Has anyone done something similar to this or the above photo? Any wisdom to share?

I also found this cool idea at

Contemporary Kitchen by Montreal Kitchen & Bath Designers The Corner Woodshop / L'Atelier du Coin

Never would have considered putting it on a pull-out. Only issue for me is that the cab will be along one of the main aisles so we'd have to be careful about its use. It is (mostly) just my husband and myself these days so it's not as big a deal as it was when our kids were younger and home.


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Mine is in the least used corner of my U shaped kitchen. I wouldn't find some of those locations convenient because there's no landing space. It's a little awkward to remove hot dishes with potholders from a small opening, so I want to be able to put the dish down quickly. The rack doesn't pull out very far on the Breville.

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Ours ( Black and Decker) was mounted under a cabinet - it came with a mounting plate and we really liked it as the countertop below was the landing place. We had no problems with it and it cleaned easily.

Sorry I cannot post a pic as it's now been dismantled ( demo has just been done).

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Good point about landing space, may_flowers. I should be okay, though, since the island is right across from it (42" away) and that's what I've been using as a landing spot for hot items from the oven for 19 years (right next to where I'll store the toaster oven). That said, I have considered adding a pull-out board, like a cutting board, below the toaster oven for a more convenient landing spot.

Interesting, boone_2009, I didn't know any of the toaster ovens could be mounted below a cabinet. Pity it doesn't come in a larger size and with convection.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Mine is in the corner on top of the place special.

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I have a deep back corner and that is where the toaster oven (also Breville) ended up.

It has the required amount of space around it and there is plenty of landing space for whatever comes out. There are currently the most marvelous Japanese sweet potatoes from the local farmers' market cooking away in there as we speak. While we might prefer to tuck it away as you propose just to clear the decks, we don't have that kind of space. DH resisted leaving it out, but I find I use it all the time, so there it is.

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Oooh my goodness!!! I know that you may not remember but you helped me to layout my kitchen a year ago. It's done! (Well, all but backsplash and window treatments.)

Thank you, thank you, thank you. My kitchen is working great!

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I do remember you, april love! I'm so glad your kitchen is working well for you. You worked so hard on your plan and I'm glad I was able to lend a hand. Did you post your reveal? If so, I missed it and I'm going to have to hunt it down. (it was a very rough year plus and I didn't have much time to visit GW, unfortunately so I missed lots of reveals, dang it.)

What a lovely kitchen, suzannesl! I really like how you took the tile up the wall on the window wall.

My L kitchen lay-out will be similar to yours - at least from what I can see in the photo, except my fridge is where your tall pantry cab is and I have corner windows where you have the toaster oven. I love my corner windows but it does limit how much counter area I have that is up against walls. The coffee maker will fill up one counter area (above the DW) so that only leaves about 20" on each side of the cook top. I could put the toaster oven in one of those locations but I'm feeling very protective of the counter area I'll gain after this remodel so I'm hoping to find another location for the toaster oven. Sigh, If only my kitchen had 2 more feet in either direction.

Japanese sweet potatoes? Yummm!

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We have a Breville too, to the right of the ovens. It does convection, but does not mount. Congratulations on your new kitchen, will look forward to seeing pictures.

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Now that we have a Breville toaster oven that is nice looking, we will probably put it on the counter. For the regular toaster that we won't use as often we are going to try to put it in a pullout from the side of our down to counter height cabinet or a pullout elsewhere.


Traditional Kitchen by Victoria Interior Designers & Decorators The Sky is the Limit Design

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My ideal kitchen would have located adjacent to the refrigerator:

1) a Breville size small smart toaster oven in a backplash-tiled cubbyhole in the low part of upper cabinets
-----sized with enough inches of clearance so that the thermal properties of the cubbyhole are not a fire hazard
-----backsplash-tiled to make it beautiful and look intentional

2) a Sharp microwave drawer under that toaster

I'd bet a time-motion analysis would show those 3 appliances are used the most often when making something to eat in my house.

Ex: My go-to weekly meal of broccoli and salmon with tzatziki involves
- roasting a full bag of that pre-cut broccoli florets onto the Breville oven tray (yes, a small B oven fits 1 bag exactly) with minced garlic and a squeeze of lemon
- browning salmon fillets in a cast iron skillet. Then finishing them in the Breville for 10-12 min. A small could hold 4, maybe 5.

Part of any meal is almost always re-heated in the microwave or small Breville, whether its from making a big batch of roasted veggies in the big oven (i'm on a brussel sprout kick since figuring out how to remove the bitter part) or gently heating up leftover main courses in the micro (re-heating up meats turns out so much better for me when I do it slowly in the micro at 30% power and heat only till they are no more than 115 on the outside surface .

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oldbat2be, is that your kitchen?! Wow, it's gorgeous! I need to find your reveal thread.

You'll have to wait a while for pics of my kitchen. I don't plan to take this remodel on for several months still. What's a few more months when I've been waiting 4 years, right? (-:

OntarioMom, I saw that pic at (love that site). What a great idea! Thanks for the reminder.

MareLuce, thanks so much for sharing the details of what formed your decision for where to store your toaster oven. It's very helpful.

I'm planning my storage following the same logic as you. This will be the set-up in my kitchen (after coming through the hallway doorway and turning right): column of cabs for small appliances, liquor and plastic ware with cubby for toaster oven, one cab over will be the oven and speed oven with large baking pan storage above, then the walk-in pantry (one designer suggested I give this up. I looked at her as if she was crazy!). The fridge is on the adjacent wall, after the doorway to the dining room. Glasses will move to the cabinet next to the left of the fridge. above the DW (which is also moving from the other side of the sink). This lay-out will be so much more efficient than my current set-up.

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