marti8a---build out of range hood you requested--pix

annschJuly 13, 2012

hi Marti8a---On one of my posts you asked to see how they build out the hood. We started with a plywood frame as below with VENT-A-HOOD insert installed inside:

Today, they first put up the corbels, which were ordered from place in Sacramento. They are made of plaster and the architect and I picked out the design. The GC and crew mounted the corbels on plywood with brackets before putting on the hood frame. Once those were up the crew is now surrounding the hood with wire mesh that will be covered with plaster (apparently a 3 step process). Pix of work going on as we speak:

A close up of wire mesh:

Will take more pix and update once the first coat of plaster is up! :)

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I am super interested to see your range hood progress too.

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Thanks annsch! You posted that first picture once before and I showed it to dh. We visited a house being built the other day and they had a wood hood but no vent insert in it yet. And I didn't have my camera!

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I believe they are supposed to put the first two coats on today. The first coat is just a thinset and should dry quickly. They haven't started yet. Keep you all posted!!

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This is the first coat being applied:

This is after the second coat of plaster, ONE MORE TO GO (on Monday):

Right now there is a rough texture but it will have a smooth final texture when it's done. We are not sure if we are going to paint it or not, regardless of paint the hood will have to have a sealer applied to the plaster when it's all done. THANKS FOR LOOKING!!

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Wow! So pretty!

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I agree, very pretty! Thanks for showing the step by step pictures. Did the workers pose for you? lol

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