27-inch sink cabinet okay?

susanuwsJuly 23, 2009

I almost have my design the way I want it. But to facilitate the cabinet placement I want, the designer said I'll have to have a 27" sink cabinet. He said the 27" cabinet will accommodate my sink just fine. As far as I can tell, that's fine with me -- in fact, I think it's great because I'd rather devote less cab space to under the sink. Question is, am I missing something? Why is it that you don't often see 27" sink cabinets? Thanks.

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I actually have a 27 inch sink cabinet. I wanted to find the biggest single sink for it. I debated the D shape, but didn't want the faucet to the side. I went with a 25x19 stainless sink with sink grid and so happy with it. I got mine for $280 from faucet direct. I think the sink grid was $75. I feel like it's a good size sink and can fit sheet pans in it no problem.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kindred estate 25x19 sink

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Thank you! It's good to know that the 27" isn't strange. By any chance, can you post a photo? I searched posts with your name, but the posted photos don't include a view of the sink cab. Thanks.

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Here are some pictures, but the faucet is crooked! The granite guy had to take it out to put in the windowsill and it didn't go back in correctly.Plumber is coming back to reinstall.
The sink fits a lot. There is a full sheet pan with lots of dishes and pots in the last picture. It is fairly deep so you don't see them from the top.

Hope that helps! From April 2009

From April 2009

From April 2009 From April 2009

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Thank you so much! This is a huge help. I am thinking, why would I even need a wider sink cabinet if my sink fits in a 27"?

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I have used as small as 24" for a single bowl and its been ok. Usually the supports in the top of the cabinet need to be trimmed back but this is common. 27" should be fine.

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I thought I wanted a faucet like yours but I also have a window placed just like yours. I was planning to put a pendent light above the sink. Is there enough room? And can you get to your window to open it?

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I have a 27" cabinet, and I got the biggest sink I could fit in there (maybe a little too big - but it fits). There was another thread on this with some good pointers - like making a template of your sink, faucet, etc. (which I hadn't done because I had already ordered the sink!) and info about other things to consider - like if you are having a backsplash or if the sink is under a window (because of the sill) when deciding on the size of the sink bowl.

One thing that I think would have been nice (but would have just cost too much extra) was having a bump out. That would have aleviated any worry about the room for the faucet behind as well as given me some extra room under the sink. Because of my tight space, my bump out would have had to be straight out corners (not the angles), and I would have had to pay extra for it as well as counter top, etc., and I just didn't love the looks enough to do it.


Here is a link that might be useful: 27

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I have a 27" sink base next to an 18" dishwasher. It's fine - I've got a good size sink in it, and the cabinet is big enough for what I put in it (cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, etc.).

Sorry I can't get a head-on picture to show you - my kitchen's too small!!! ;-)

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Why might you need a bigger cabinet? I can answer that. I have no place else in the kitchen to fit: trash, disposal, water filter. You can do that in a 30 if there's no help for it, but a 36 would be better if I had the room for it. 24 inches--forget it. 27--maybe, but really, really shoehorning to get it all in.

The sinks in this thread would be plenty big enough for me: the issue is fitting everything else in the cabinet that needs to go there.

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Thanks, writersblock. I will have a separate broom closet in my kitchen, so I will be keeping most cleaning supplies there. As for the under-sink cabinet, here's what I hope to have down there: water purifier, garbage disposal, and one container of SoftScrub. I've never had a garbage disposal or water purifier before, so I don't know how big they are. Will they fit in the under-sink cab? Thanks so much for everyone's input!

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Did anybody ever find the biggest sink that would fit into a 27" base cabinet? I found an Elkay ELUH231710 online and was wondering if that is the sink posted in the pictures above by positano. Has anybody looked into this particular sink?

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