New kitchen island... top ideas please!

mellowd_txJuly 25, 2014

This desk is very sturdy and solid, the top is 2 X 3. I would love to make an island for my kitchen but I think I need to do something with the top... it is covered with plexiglass in this picture. I originally thought of stainless steel but that is $400+ which I'm not willing to pay. I wanted to ask for ideas of how I can treat or what I can cover the wood that would hold up to kitchen usage. Money is a factor and I would like to be able to do it myself. Thanks for any and all ideas.


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A granite or marble remnant (which would have to be cut and the edges finished) would be great on that piece.

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If you're near an ikea, they have very cool laminate counters with a stainless banding along the perimeter. Take a look online. Inexpensive, too.

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From the photo, it looks like the plexiglass is just set inside that framed area. If that's all you want covered with stainless, find a machine shop. I would expect that you can get a piece cut and the edges finished for about $50.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Definitely get another price for stainless, machine shop metal fabricator etc. That is a small piece of stainless should be under $100
Another option that would be inexpensive is under painted glass which can be done in any color. It's a cut to order sheet of glass, type varies, that is painted on the underside. An ikea butcher block top cut to fit your space.
Check link for sheet stainless steel options. Check some of the large size ceramic tile you may find one that would come close to fitting with just minor tweaking.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stainless steel

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I think that desk will make a cute island.
Do you want the work surface to be just within the boundaries of the three raised edges? I think I might make a fourth edge and a center support. That would give you some size flexibility and you could check out remnants at a stone place with more leeway- cause you want something to set on top. I also think rolling dough(which I do a lot of) would be difficult in the confines created by the walls- but that may not be a concern you share.
Also check out Craigslist and Habitat for Humanity restore. They both often have cabinets, stone topped tables, what not that you could take a part and repurpose.

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Great ideas!!! Honestly it never occurred to me for stone. We have a ton here in east Texas... Under painted glass was also a thought I had... honestly I think I might be a little freaky about something getting under the piece and growing... killing everyone in a 12 mile radius.... ;-) Seriously that shouldn't be a huge concern I don't guess... my counters are never flooded with anything... Wow.. I went from what am I going to do with this to having lots of options... THANKS! Melody

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junco East Georgia zone 8a

I think the idea of putting a remnant of stone on top of the edges is a good one, as long as that wouldn't make it too tall to be a comfortable work surface for you. Depending on the material you find, perhaps you wouldn't need any more support in which case you could use the shallow area beneath the stone to store cookie sheets or cutting boards.
I agree that the desk will make a charming island and I'm sure you can find something that will work.

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There is a lip at the bottom that I'm going to cut pieces of 2X4... I have recently cleaned out my parents house and I'm VERY excited I found mother's Pyrex like the pictured in various sizes and shapes. That is what I have planned for the underneath!!!!!

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For future reference that's called "Corningware", not Pyrex, although they are/were both made by Corning Glass. I still have two of the 3-PC set I got when I got engaged in 1973.

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An interesting stone or composite top or cutting board or other wood top set on like this would allow you to store items (cookie sheets? cake pans? whatever) in the space between the top and the drawers. You could make the overhang wider if you want.

You can trim the legs down if you want it lower than this would be. As I think you suggested, a shelf would be easy to install at the bottom rail.

Check out local stone dealers. They often have remnants. You might luck out and find something with finished edges!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

If you have to trim down the leg height you can consider getting some good heavy duty casters to put on the legs to make it easily movable.
I saw those casters in every size imaginable at the Harbour Freight store and great prices.

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