outlet covers for a glass tile backsplash?

sydmad2010July 1, 2010

If you used a glass tile backsplash, what material outlet covers did you use? do they make glass outlet covers?

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Arnev.com makes beveled clear glass switchplates, or they used to. They are larger than some of the others (I think). I spray painted the one I'd purchased as my "sample" with white paint (Krylon?). Turned out nicely, but the finished switchplate had a much greener hue than the tile and we didn't like how it looked against our backsplash. We stuck with the switchplates included with the Lutron Architect receptacles.

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We ordered glass outlet covers to match our glass tile backsplash from a company I found on-line. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend that company--we had many problems with the order. All they did was paint the back of clear glass outlet covers to match the tile sample I sent them. I will say that while I was not happy with the customer service from that company, I am fairly happy with the finished products. If I had to do it over, I would get clear glass outlet covers myself and go to a craft store to find paint to match. That approach would be cheaper, and the quality of the finished product would be better than the covers we ended up with. Good luck.

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Have stainless switchplates over the blue glass mosaic tiles.

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What about doing outlet strips that mount up under your cabinets? That's what we plan to do. Then the only cuts in our backsplash is the light switch.

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brittu - how difficult is that to do? do you just cover up the old oulets under the new backsplash?

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You cannot cover up old outlets!! You can move them, never cover them. Code differs from state to state, but I'm fairly certain that one is universal. Please check that out.

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