Silgranit Performa Cascade - do you love it?

Lisa71July 9, 2013

I'm trying to pick a Silgranit sink for my kitchen remodel. I thought I wanted the Performa 1-3/4 Medium Bowl, but then I realized that I would lose space in the cabinet underneath because of the location of the drains.

Now I'm considering the Performa Cascade. Do those of you who have a Silgranit Cascade model like it? What do you use the ledge for? Would you buy it again?

My other options are the Precis Super Single (which is about the same size as the Performa Cascade) or the Diamond Super Single (which is larger).

I currently have a 50/50 split Kohler cast iron and I know for sure I don't want that again! Thanks for any advice.

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I forgot to mention that I have no prep sink. So this would be the only sink in the kitchen.

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I have the Performa cascade and I love it! It can hold a jelly pan with room to spare which made it so easy to wash the pan. Like you, I had the 50/50 sink before my cascade & I hated doing any hand washing.

Since I didn't install a soap dispenser on my countertop, I use basket that came with the sink for my soap dispenser & scrubbing pad & set the basket on the ledge.

The Precis is a tad smaller than the Cascade. Hope this helps!

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Thanks frugal. That makes me think of another question. If I do have a soap dispenser - where do I put it?

I was thinking about putting the ledge on the right because that's closest to the prep area. Currently the soap dispenser is on the right (I'm right handed).

The new kitchen will have the same basic layout: dishwasher on the left. 40" of prep area on the right of the sink and then the range. If my ledge is on the right, would it be okay to also put the soap dispenser in the right corner? I'm envisioning using it to drain strainers of fruit/vegetables, but I don't know for sure? So would it make more sense for the soap to be on the left away from the ledge?

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I also have my dishwasher on the left and my cooktop to the right & am right handed as well.

I have never really given much thought about the prep area - but thinking about it now, I do prep on either side but mostly do it on the right side. The basket & soap dispenser being on the right is not a big factor for me since it sits low. It's easy enough to work over it.

The pic was taken just after it was installed.

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I don't have one yet, but am definitely planning on getting this model after everything I have read, and knowing how I like to use my sink.

One question (sorry if I'm hijacking), I notice some say the basket is included, but on some sites, it doesn't seem like it is. Is the basket usually standard, or does it depend on on what you pay for the sink and/or where you buy it?

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This particular basket comes with the sink.

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We have one and we love it. The raised ledge allows you to set small items aside, and the lip means that you can stand a cookie sheet (for example) off to the side while you wash something else.

It's large (and deep) enough to wash a 35 lb dog. ;)

It's quiet. There's no metallic clang like some SS sinks.

We're remodeling the kitchen in our new home, and I'll buy another. :)

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PaintAnything - Do you have a soap dispenser? If so, where is it? Thanks.

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We have instant hot water on the right of the faucet and a soap dispenser on the left.

Here's a photo. Sorry the lighting is so bad -- I took the photo just a few minutes ago, and my phone's camera made it grainy and yellow. :/



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I have this sink and love it. I use the basket for many things. Mostly rinsing fruits and veggies.
I never put my good silverware in the dishwasher and find the basket helpful to put all the silverware in and rinse in there before washing.
My biggest mistake was putting the soap dispenser on the right side behind the basket. Invariably there is some produce in the basket and I need to wash my hands. It's just awkward. I should have placed the soap dispenser on the Lt side.

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Thank you PaintAnything and peonybush. I was inclined to put the soap on the right (which is where the ledge will be) because that's what I'm used to. I didn't even think about washing hands. I guess I will have to get used to it on the left. I was going to stick it on the corner, but I see that it looks fine halfway over from the faucet.

It's so good to hear that you all like the sink so much. I haven't heard of anyone not liking it.

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