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sdegraff77July 11, 2013

Hi there! I was hoping to get some help with my kitchen lay out. This is just the drawing from the architect but I want to have a good idea what i want when we go see the kitchen people.

We are a family of 6. (kids ages 0,2,5 and 18yrs old) I am a SAHM. We live in our kitchen and the kids like to help with dinner and meal prep and my oldest loves to bake.

We are fairly casual people, we like to watch TV when we eat sometimes. We have a large family and christmas dinners are often 12-25 people.

I envision that most of our meals we be at the island. I also imagine that the island will be used for crafts, coloring and helping to cook as well with the little ones. We arent tied to this shape of island but werent sure what would work best.

I would like as big of a fridge as possible, I am leaning towards a gas range as well as a wall oven/microwave combo. I would really like to get the main sink out of the island if possible so that we dont have to look over the sink when eating......

We would also like to use as few upper cabinet as possible.

My thought was to put the range in the corner (where the wall oven is shown now) the sink where the range is shown, a prep sink in the island and then do the wall oven/microwave on the wall by the door to the mud room.

WOuld love to hear any thoughts or suggestions!

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Well, my main thoughts are on the island. That so much family life will take place there to me means that making it great needs to be a top priority. I'd decide it first, then arrange the kitchen around it.

So far you're not facing each other nearly enough for conversation. Instead of each other, you all have unobstructed views of what would be messy cleanup and work areas, no matter how arranged.

I haven't given much thought to family islands, but, just to kick off, I'm imagining a rectangle paralleling the current stove wall, perhaps 4' in depth, with stools around the dining end, prep sink in the other end. This way most of you would be looking at each other, not out across the kitchen. Perhaps the shape of the seating end could be massaged further toward a circle, which is a wonderful shape for interaction, an ellipse, or...?

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We have a very similar layout in our kitchen (built in 1988, finishes updated 2002 by prior owner). It's not the greatest looking kitchen but it really functions well. Embarrassed to admit that we eat about 95% of our meals at the bar; it's just soooooo easy for serving and clean-up (family of 4, kids are 7 and 10). I do agree that looking over the sink while eating is one downside to the design. Everyone congregates at the bar when we entertain; I like it because people are close but they are OUT of the kitchen. If you could add a second dishwasher it would help to keep the sink clear. I'll link to a related post about our kitchen and an album of pics.

My Post About our Kitchen:

Here is a link that might be useful: Album of Kitchen Pics

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I am old fashioned, I guess. When our children were young, we always tried to eat our meals together at a table. Conversations flow better when you see each other. What about making part of your island more like a table at the far end with 2, 2 and 2 or 3 and 3 seating arrangement. Make the island rectangular . Here is one option, although not large enough.

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What is planned for the long wall on the south side of the kitchen space? (To the right of a person coming in from the mud room.)

It is kind of hard for me to relate, because we never ate at the island, and in my new kitchen I ditched it for a peninsula without seating. However, that island shape doesn't seem conducive to being used as a prep space and you are correct that the sink is unappealing if your primary goal for the island is eating and entertaining.

I think the first thing I'd try is fridge down at the end of the long wall, and oven/mw where fridge is now shown. If you can put the range in the corner, put the sink where the range is currently shown. And try a rectangular island. But . . . it still seems jammed to me. It is hard to help without full accurate measurements of the space.

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Is this a new build? I can't help but point out that this layout gives utility space (mudroom and pantry) the joy of windows and natural light, leaving your kitchen windowless. Also, your playroom is so far from the kitchen and that's a room you are really going to use for the next 10 years.

As for the island, since you have the space, I would not want all the chicks lined up in a row for reasons stated above.

Good luck!

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Yes it is a new build. We tried several other options to give the kitchen windows but they all ended up causing other issues that we just couldn't live with. I was just thrilled to get a playroom on the main floor!!!

I definitely want a one level island. I do really like a rectangular island. I might play around and see if we could fit one in with seating on 3 sides to facilitate better conversations.

We do eat every dinner at our table now. We might do the same but at least i would think that breakfast and lunch will be at the island......

I had thought about putting the microwave and wall oven along the long wall by the mudroom/garage along with a desk type area/or buffet type area.

Rosie - love your ideas! I am going to google family islands and see if I can get some more ideas!

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Great. Hope you're having fun. Fortunately you have some really great space to work with.

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I tried a few layouts using an online planner. It's not perfect but what about this layout?

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Here is the wall by the mudroom/garage.

The island isn't perfect but I only had so many options for mock up with this planner.

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