cabinet rec. similar in to henrybuilt?

rockybirdJuly 25, 2010

I am considering henrybuilt cabs. in a mid century modern home. They are actually more than I would like to spend, but beautiful. I have looked at kerf and I am also considering Viola Park, the cheaper line of hb. Are there other cabs. I should consider as well that are at or below the hb price range and would work in a mcm home?

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I would suggest you give an idea of pricing per foot or some other rule of thumb when you ask what alternatives are their to the brands you mention. I would guess not many people know the base price to search their own history of expierence to suggest something with relevance.

I personally am not familar with Henrybuilt. I found their website a little less intuitive to get a quick feeling of what they sell.

Anyhow I can tell you that North American Cabinets in Canada (go figure!)has an endless product line that is compareable in style to Henrybuilt. I sell their products. Lifetime warranty and most kitchens are $400 per foot and up high side is close to $1,000 per foot for stand alone furniture. Keep in mind that in the kitchen and bath industry when you compare linear foot prices you do not seperate upper and lower a 10x10 kitchen is 20 linear feet not 40. I have not personall priced the modern door styles in a full kitchen to get a true idea on where they stand.

Here is a link that might be useful: NAC website

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I am installing Henrybuilt. They are in but the countertop is not.
I looked at many European cabinets. They were beautiful. But in the end, I wanted to have the workmanship that HB offers that Euro cabinets just quite did have. The price for European cabinets were in the similar ballpark of HB. Some did not have the quality of workmanship, others did not offer the kind of veneer that I liked, etc etc.

Here are a few I looked at
Siematic, Pedini, Arclinea, Bulthaup, Snaidero, Tomassi (Sp?)

ViolaPark in walnut is very beautiful, if you that fits your house. That is one other thing that I looked at quite seriously. I wanted to have slab doors and Viola Park offers walnut in shaker style. VP uses particleboard (even though they call it something else), so it is not the same level of quality as plywood that HB offers.

I actually looked at Ikea seriously. Ikea has really wonderful esthetic. But I just did not want to do particle board construction. This is completely irrational on my part. But my previous cabinets were particle board melamine frameless. They were falling a part after 20 years of use. I wanted to upgrade. Been there and done that!

I wanted cabinets that felt more substantial than Ikea. So I did not do Ikea. However, I also had the budget for HB and it was a big splurge for me.

One of the things that HB does it that the edges of veneer doors are solid wood 1/4 inch thick, I think. This will be an upgrade on most cabinets. Most slab veneer doors do veneer edge banding. If not done well, the edges will chip and look terrible in a short period of time.

HB offers Blum stainless tandembox drawers with 3/4 inch plywood as their base model. Often when you upgrade other brand/custom cabinets to that level, the price difference is minimal. I thought of going custom and having the custom company upgrade to everything that HB offers as their baseline. But I was not confident that the custom companies would "get the esthetics" of what makes HB work....

If you are in Seattle, try this. They started the company after HB and they are direct competetion to HB.

I found this company after I ordered my cabinets from HB so I did not price it out.

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thank you for the replies!

David, those are beautiful cabs. I dont know what the hb price per sq. foot is. I just have an idea of what I can afford to spend. HB is working on a plan and I may have to order it in two phases if I go that route. Thank you for your suggestions.

Kaismom. Wow, your cabs sound beautiful! Do you have pics? From what I have heard, Bulthaup and Snaidero are more $$$ than HB. Is this what you found? I have IKEA in my current home, and they look great. This new home I bought is in an expensive neighborhood and I dont know if IKEA would be a good idea. For instance, a house one door down is for sale for 4.4 million. An architect I might hire is suggesting IKEA, but I just dont know. I am afraid I may take them out in a couple years and it will be wasted money.

I was thinking VP might be a good alternative and compromise on price. I do want slab. I may want walnut, but def. dont want shaker style. HB is a huge splurge for me, and it may end up over my budget, but I have loved their cabs. for years. I will look into the other brands that you suggest. Thank you for the info. as to the construction. That is a huge help!

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If everyone would discuss the numbers the relevance of the GW would go way up for educational purposes. Taking a total cost and dividing it by the linear feet of the project gives context to money spent. Then you will get relevant answers to what was the cost of a brand name. Brand name alone does not equate to more or less cost. Door style and options drive things up and down. If everyone would put cost divided by feet you would learn much more about your comparisons for the benifit of everyone. this should be a point of regular discussion when indivduals are trying to compare prices and costs to see what products they want to seriously compare.

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Unfortunately, I do not have an estimate from them so I do not know the price per sq. foot. I just sent them the kitchen dimensions this weekend. Hence my question as to other similarly priced cabinets (or preferably) cheaper that others who considered HB also looked at. I agree with you on the price per sq. foot. It would be great to see a published list of pp sq ft ranges for cab. makers. This could save time for those looking for cabinets and those selling cabinets.

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10 years ago, I thought of doing the kitchen. At that time, I also looked at Neff and Downsview. I can't remember what else. Plain and Fancy, Crystal, Ruff, Smallbone are some of the other companies that I looked at the time... I did not do the kitchen then. Then I walked into HB showroom the first year they opened in Seattle and I have been lusting these cabinets ever since. So I have finally ordered from them. I also have the budget for these cabs. They are definitely expensive. But similar in price point for similar quality cabinets.

They are building my powder room vanity, fireplace storage cabinetry and a small desk area in my kitchen. These will be installed in Sept. All in all, I am paying a small fortune.

I wanted a certain esthetic and quality of cabinets in my house. I wanted to emulate European sensibility, look, quality in the cabinets. I wanted a heft to the drawers when they open. I remember opening drawers in an open house about 10 years ago and seeing Blum Tandembox Intivo with glasses for dividers in drawers. I had never seen anything like that and I was just blown away how "cool" that was. I was recently at a relative's house in Germany and they had Blum servo drive for their garbage drawer. Again, it is amazing form and function to behold.

I wanted that type of esthetic, form and function for my cabinets. This meant that I could not do standard US cabinets with dove tailed hardwood drawers. So my options were Euro cabinets and sompanies like HB, Downsview and Neff....

The special projects division more or less copied HB. The esthetics are nearly identical, ie continuous SS pulls etc. But if it prices out okay... Oh well. If I had found the company before I ordered the cabs from HB, I would definitely have looked at them seriously for price comparison.

I ended up getting VG Fir because my house has alot of fir for trim and moulding. I wanted the house to feel a part of Pacific NW. The house is somewhat reminscent of PNW modern with transitional flair.

For example, Pedini and some Euro cabs were cheaper but no VG Fir option. Once you have some ideas of cabinet layout, then you can have the companies give you a reasonable estimate. In the end, you are buying the design service and the esthetics of certain look at that price point.

I wish you the best.

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Kaismom - I would be very interested to hear about your experience working with Henrybuilt. We just received our quote and I am wondering how much negotiating room there is in the price. If you want to email me just go to my member page and click on the link!


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Henrybuilt walnut kitchens were a major inspiration for me, as were some other European cabinet makers (my tastes run rather like kaismom's). I have walnut slab cabs, but I ended up going custom. I know it seems counter-intuitive that custom could be cheaper, but you never know. I would at least try to get quotes from a couple of small, recommended local cabinet-makers. Custom is often competitive, esp. with higher-end cabinet companies like HB. And a talented cabinet maker can deliver a very high end cabinet.

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Rockybird - we were also inspired by Henrybuilt, knew we couldn't afford it, and looked into Viola Park but ultimately went with custom and are estatic. We never received firm quotes from Viola Park but my calculations (on their website if I recall) came out with a number that at the time was more than I thought we should spend ($20k), which led me to just go our own way. Our cabinetmaker was absolutely fabulous (recommended by GC), and although he'd never done anything as "modern", his skills enabled him to match the quality of HB (we think!)

What can I say about costs, we have 33 linear feet of cabinetry, but 13' x 3' of that is a custom island, including a curve which we splurged on. So there's no way to really compare apples to apples with another kitchen but we paid $25,000 for labor/materials on our cabinetry (NOT including 15% for GC, and the 9% sales tax we have the joy of paying in the state of Washington). It's interesting that we paid more than my original Viola Park estimate, but at some point in the process (read: curve) we just went for it.

Materials are also obviously a factor in the budget. Our materials were partial laminate (sourced the exact same product as Henrybuilt uses), and riftcut white oak, all over Europly. We have the Blum Tandem undermount with Blu-motion on all drawers.

I've never posted a photo on GW, but here goes with one, and if this works and you're interested I'm happy to try and post more (of the island). My bottom line comment is that custom might be the best route, depending on where you are and if you can find someone you like. For us it just worked out marvelously -- we had a great GC, he had a great rapport/relationship with the cabinetmaker, we were able to get everything we wanted exactly as we wanted, and everyone was totally pleased in the end. I have no doubt Henrybuilt would be fabulous to work with; their work is just stunning. But there are options.

Good luck!

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Hi Rockybird,

Did you end up doing your kitchen with VP? We are considering it, but we don't have too many actual reviews.

It would be great to talk with someone who did ir.


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Hi Rockybird,

Did you end up doing your kitchen with VP? We are considering it, but we don't have too many actual reviews.

It would be great to talk with someone who did ir.


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I love the Viola Park look, and the Hansen kitchen look.

But, budget says IKEA with custom doors for me. I'm sure Henrybuilt, VP, and Hansen are all worth it though, for the swoon-factor :) .

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I ended up having the cabinets custom made. They turned out terrific and were much cheaper. If you do choose VP, will you post how you like them and pics as I also had trouble finding reviews. Here's a pic of my custom built cabs. I really recommend this route.

You can see how pretty the wood is:

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oops! double post

This post was edited by rockybird on Fri, Feb 28, 14 at 8:49

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Rockybird - stunning!

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Thank you so much! :)

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Hey @Rockybird, are you in the NY area? Can you share your cabinet makers URL?

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Hi Waxon, I'm in AZ. I dont think the cabinet maker has a url. He is local.

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I've done a few Henerybuilt style kitchens. They do put out a nice product. High quality materials and a high price. Not impossible to copy. I did an Architects whole office in that style. Made the same handles as well. Not the best photos though.

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