boxerpups, how DO you do it.?

honorbiltkitJuly 4, 2011

hi boxerpups --

In helping maxiepines, you have once again stunned me with your ability to provide a huge array of relevant inspirations with shocking alacrity.

Putting aside your unfailing generosity and kindness, how do you manage to pull up so many appropriate photos for even the most arcane question? Do you have an archive indexed to the edge of the Milky Way? A photographic memory? A benign form of demonic possession?

Just curious. Cheers and many, many, many thanks. hbk

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I am not boxerpups, but she always amazes me also.

She has helped so many of us here on the forum and I want to echo my thanks to her also.

So here's to you, Boxerpups! :-)

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Thank you. Very sweet indeed.

I just love kitchens and truly understand how sometimes
a picture can really help one to figure out their own
space. I do have a PB account and I guess I remember
kitchens like some people remember faces.

GW gives me an escape. Some people play video games, others
shop on line, golf, play tennis, run, walk their dogs,
cook, garden, read.... I love Gardenweb. It is my little
indulgence. Kind of like Chocolate.

Thank you again.

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you are such an asset to this community. Without you, it wouldn't be the same here.

Thanks for all you do, Boxer.


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Right back at you Bee.

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Whenever I see a post by Boxerpups, I read it like a little poem!

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I've often wondered this, too. If nothing else, just from a logistical standpoint!

Joy^3, you mentioned poems. In recognition of Boxer's contributions, here is a little ditty in terza rima. (I find that doggerel looks least like doggerel if done in terza rima!)

Here is an ode to boxerpups
who delights us all with her pix
that serve as kitchen pick-me-ups

when our inspiration needs a fix.
Slack-jawed, we read and wonder
how she conjures from her bag of tricks:

The desired image comes quick as thunder
after the blinding lighting flash.
Before I'd know what tag to look under

she has posted a relevant cache
of shots with ranges by Bosch, coffee by Krupps,
with counters of soapstone and cabinets of ash!

So let us all raise our cups
and join in the ode to boxerpups.

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Sometimes I just have to shake my head in wonderment at the array of talents bandied about here. Like, wow.

Happy Fourth of Giberthington's Washday.

Three Cheers for BP! (the other one; she tries harder).

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Circus Peanut

Hear hear! And not only is she a generous pictorial genius, she's truly one of the kindest souls I've met in two decades online. Hurrah for Boxer and all her pups, real and virtual! :-)

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Nice job Angie!!

Yes, I am amazed by Boxerpups ability to pull the kind of pics wanted by a poster. I know I was the grateful recipient of such a request!

So to BP I raise my coffee cup!

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Ya,Al made my day! Truth be told each one of you and so
may others on GW are kind humans helping others with
kitchens. I just get noticed because of the Kitchen eye
candy. Me a poet?. My mother the poet would laugh.
Thank you again.

Circuspeanut, You are too kind. In fact a long time ago
I was short with you on a post. It was about frameless
cabs. (I was wrong but stubborn about it)
I am beyond thankful you have forgiven me. You
probably did not even realize I was being a grumpy poster
but I was. It was a bad day at work, no excuses really,
and I took it out on GW. And yet here you say I am the
kindest in decades. Moi???? Have you looked in the mirror
my dear? Promise you will look in the mirror
and see how truly kind you are to everyone on GW.

You rock Circus with your creativity, generosity and
sweetness to all. I have seen such inspiring and
encouraging posts from you to newbies, people worried
about copper, anxiety about a corner sink, questions about
paint (finish painter), yellow and the drawings you
provide for all.

I honestly think this post should be



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Circus Peanut

Oh nononono. This thread is for YOU, Boxer! Although your generous response is exactly what we're talking about. :-)

(I can't remember any snark over frameless cabinets at all! I do rather vividly recall Roger Teixeira calling me a moron, and a bunch of kitchen designers leaping on me when I backed up davidro's quest for Euro-style fridge cabinet hinges. But no grump from you, my dear. Not that you're not perfectly entitled to a good occasional grump, just like everyone else.)

I'm inspired by AnglieDIY: let's make some bad haiku for Boxerpups Day:

always listening
she gifts us with grace and fur
gentle visuals

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Bad haiku is the only poetry I'm capable of, especially if it's nonsensical.

photos of kitchens
boxerpups has e.s.p.
where are my car keys

There. An entirely lame haiku just for Boxerpups! :o)

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Haiku? Oh, boy, I don't have to find rhymes!

Kitchen images
float through the inky ether
from Boxer to us.

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Circus Peanut

Convex heptagon
For my island please?
Sure: here are sixteen.

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We clamor for pix
unperturbed, Boxer complies.
"Glad I can help you."

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I'll chirp up here because boxerpups has posted MANY pics that have not only inspired - but has saved me from costly, functional, and visual mistakes. So here's to you!

BP has helped all
We post, she answers sagely
Pups saves our kitchens

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You are all so creative!! And helpful, and I am amazed by the sheer number of photos boxer pups has! Thank you!

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I too am thanking you. I was a "lurker" for quite some time and have read and reread much of the good advise offered. I consider my kitchen "finished" except for a panel in one of my box beams (opens to a sky lite ). I hope to share my kitchen pictures in the future. I would have had so many regrets had I not read many of the tips you have shared with others.

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My thanks to you, as well, Boxerpups! I am still unsure of exactly what I'm going to do with my kitchen, but my favorite possibilities so far have been inspired by photos you've posted :)

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If I could write haiku
Boxerpups I would honor
For blessing my eyes.

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Boxer, you rock! Not just for the wonderful eye candy you post to help people, but for your unending willingness to help people through their kitchen (and sometimes life) dilemmas. I've learned so much on layouts, granite, and many other topics from you. Thank you!

On a day when rudeness seemed rampant, this thread has reaffirmed my faith that good people still reside in this world. Not only Boxer, but honorbiltkit for starting this post to express her gratitude, and the many others who have chimed in--and so poetically! Thank you all! You've made me smile again. :)

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Boxerpups! You and your generous PB albums are more than an always...Thank you for sharing your "hobby"......and the rest of you are so very clever with your haikus...not to mention terza rima... I am just happy to be able to visit here from time to time...Cheers to Boxerpups and all of the poetic muses here!

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Mistress of google
Midwife of inspiration
Master of kindness


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