Slide in 30 " range

mmargo78July 22, 2014

Hi all, first time poster here. I apologize if this has been covered in previous questions, but I'm a bit overwhelmed by choosing a new range. For many years I was convinced that I wanted a dual-fuel range, however lately I have been hearing negative things about gas cooktops. In particular I am concerned about the gases emitted and safety issues (I have two toddlers). The other choice for cooktop would be induction as I don't like electric. And then there's the oven - I've heard differing opinions on gas vs electric.

I checked out Electrolux but I don't like the IQ and wave touch panels - I'm hands on and just know that I would accidentally turn the oven off during thanksgiving dinner.

So long question short: opinions on gas vs induction? Any particular recommendations? Thank you!

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I have an Electrolux slide in gas range, which is almost a year old. Functionally I cannot complain, but I have a few issues with it. The control panel is flat (on the same plane as the cook top), not sloped down as in some slide-ins, which means that the surface is easily spattered when cooking and the knobs are easily turned on while cleaning them. I have accidently turned them on several times, which scares me. The second irritation is that the knobs have lost their printing which tells me "on," "off" etc. While I can still tell the off position, it is cheap that the printed labels have worn off already. The other complaint about the cooktop design, is that because the flat control panel takes up so much room at the front of the range, the back burners are wayyyyyyyyy back, almost to the point that I have trouble seeing what is in a pot back there.

Other than that, I have no problem baking with the gas oven, and I love the gas cook tops. It is easy to clean too.

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You'll get lots of specific info on the Appliances Forum, see link on the Kitchens page. Everyone seems to be going induction except a few diehard gas lovers with uber-ranges. Especially in a 30" you'll want induction, I should think. The Elux has some rave reviews. Post at AF, and specify if you need slide-in or freestanding. Bosch just released their first i-range in the US. Slide in only, IIRC.

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One problem with slide-in ranges is that little kids can easily get at the knobs which are almost always at the front. Unfortunately, I know this from experience. We have the electrolux 30" slide in with gas cooktop and electric convection oven. It's fine. We haven't had any problems with it. It heats our food as expected. But, I'm kind of sick of gas and all the worries that go along with it. I'm secretly hoping our stove dies and I can justify replacing it with induction.

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Gas, gas, gas.
I had gas, I was planning on duel fuel but didn't like the price difference. I was glad I got the all gas range I did.
I currently have a glass range..Hate it..hate every thing about it.
Thankfully there is gas right behind my range wall..I hope my Thanksgiving meal will be baked/cooked with gas.

I can not justify induction pricing.

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rantontoo my 30 inch induction range! Even iif a burner gets turned on, nothing will happen unless a pan is on the hob.

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rantontoo my 30 inch induction range! Even iif a burner gets turned on, nothing will happen unless a pan is on the hob.

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I love my slide in GE Profile induction range. I've had it for close to a year now. I love the responsiveness of it and the fact that the glass cooktop blends almost seamlessly into the countertop for more space when I am not cooking on it. It is so easy to clean. The oven is convection/standard baking-your choice and both seem to work very well. The controls are similar to the Electrolux but slightly sloped. I do get a few splatters but it wipes off easily and what I like about induction also is that I can put a piece of paper towel or the dish cloth over the panel if something is spattering a lot. No risk of fire since the burner isn't heating up and no open flame. I did a lot of research and the GE had good reviews at the time. I have no complaints so far. Electrolux was up there on my list too but some complained of the control panel trim coming apart slightly and the oven was slightly smaller than the GE so I went with GE. Also some of the cooling fans on some models vent near the front control panel so you get that when standing there cooking and the GE vents at the back, away from you.

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No risk of fire

Small risk of fire, but definitely not none. I would not walk away from a pan on the induction cooktop on top of a paper towel -- I (and others on here) have seen them scorch from the heat transferred back from the bottom of the pan.

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Thank you all for your responses. After continuing my (endless) research, the plot has thickened - or thinned, really. I was decided on doing induction. I'm in Toronto, Canada and we are somewhat limited in terms of what's available. I'm even more limited by having that little strip of counter in the back - apparently that eliminates GE, which was my first choice. So apparently, my only option is Bosch (I already nixed electrolux) and I can't find a single review! This whole thing is making me now consider the alternatives, and I'm back to being all over the place!

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Bridget Helm

Loved my glass cooktop slide in range kitchen aid architect series that we had in house we last lived in.

Trying out the gas 30" slide in pro line by kitchenaid in the house we are renovating

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