Miele Icemaker problem after filter replaced

jimbob67xJuly 19, 2014

Hi, all,
We have a 2-year old Miele F1411Vi freezer with built-in ice maker/water dispenser. I decided to change the water filter yesterday. The new one went in fine. No problems. Only thing---now the water barely trickles out when you push the water button. I'm not sure but it doesn't seem to be making much ice, either! I thought maybe the new filter was plugged somehow so I re-installed the old one. Same problem! Does anyone have any ideas?
Thanks very much!

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Did you reset the filter alert?

I don't have the dispenser, but I used to have a hard time resetting the alert, and the people at Miele were very nice and patient talking me through it, and gave me a different way to do it, as well. My problem there was small fingers and a warm kitchen. :)

Anyway, call the 800 number on the back of the book and they're sure to either talk you through it or send someone to fix it.

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