quality of Home Depot subway tiles

PierrepontJuly 2, 2013

We would like to use white ceramic subway tiles as a back splash for our kitchen. Home Depot has them and they are so cheap that I'm worried that I'm missing something. Does anyone have any quality issues using them? And what color grout did you choose when applying the tiles (we are debating between white and light grey). Thank you!

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My subway tile is from HD and only available on line. Astral Luna tile with black pencil line. Affordable and it worked out fine. White unsanded grout. Pencil line is actually from Lowes. Did not used spacers as the tile had built in ones. DH did all this and said the tile was easy to work with.

Range was not pushed it all the way so it looks askew.

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I did not like the looks of the body of the in-stock subways at HD, (it was beige) so I bought Amer. Olean from Lowe's which had a pure white body. At the cuts the body shows a little, and the beige line would be unsightly to me. By now HD might be selling something entirely different, the name on the cartons in 08 was none I recognized, and the fired-on barcode was odd to me.

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Thanks Casey,
We picked up a couple which are glazed and very white - but thank you for mentioning it, they do not have a white body... can I ask what color you used for the grout with your Lowe's tiles?

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I once asked my tile installer......should I be concerned about lower priced tile? His answer was, on backsplash installations, NO.....but for floor tile, he thought it was important to get name brand.

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I've used Lowes subway tiles on a couple of renos and never had a problem with them. They are easy to work with and look great. And they're extremely cheap.

Here they are in a bathroom with gray grout:

And a kitchen backsplash also with gray grout:

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We used Home Depot white subways for the kitchen backsplash in the rental we just did, and also used their rounded-edge 2x6 subways and black stripe tile for the border on the shower tile. No problems, contractors liked them, everything looks great. They were super cheap, which enabled us to jazz up the kitchen backsplash with a line of colored glass tiles. We used Delorean Gray grout and it looks fantastic.

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I used gray grout, too, but bathroom not backsplash.

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It should be fine for a backsplash. We used the similar one's from Lowes with Warm Gray grout by Mapei. It is holding up fine after a year. We sorta thought the HD tiles color was a little off at the time. If we weren't holding it next to the lowes tile, maybe wouldn't have noticed. All the best.

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Elraes Miller

There seems to be a slight pink to HD tiles. I finally got "white" from Restore. Took a while, but they now match the tub area being tiled. White is just not really white, the variations of shade tends to be very broad. I actually took along a sheet of printer paper to match, it matched my tub.

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We used Home Depot subway tiles for our guest bathroom in the house we sold last year. I loved the clean appearance of the white grout with the white tiles. I purposely chose a neutral palette as this was for resale. Also, this is sort of a weird angle shot, but you get the idea.

We bought much of our reno supplies at HD (including travertine 3x6 & 6 x 6 tiles for the master bath). Overall, no complaints and our house sold in 12 days. Very pleased!

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